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You know that feeling when a piece of artwork speaks to you. You know, your browsing your local museum and you see all of these people starring at a piece of art and you can't understand why. Then you walk closer, you get a better look and then find yourself in that same state... standing there just starring. That's how I felt when I came across Galerie de Illuminata. Artist Mikel Robinson is a self trained artist from North Carolina who specializes in mixed media art.


There is just something about these trees that I love. This particular one is called Red Tree Landscape. I adore the clouds in this piece of art, and the vintage feel that each piece has.


How about this one, called Evening. Isn't it gorgeous and the warm hues of golds and the details of the birds. It reminds me of late night summers on the farm growing up.

There is so much more to view of Mikel's work you can visit his website and online gallery & you can also visit him on Etsy. What a great opportunity to support and indie artist all while filling your home with gorgeous art.

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These are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Jen Lownie

The trees are beautiful! Something about this time of year, maybe - makes them even more precious. Thank you for sharing - and for having this cool place to promote vintage indie. I love finding new uses for goodies!

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