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The Daily Swank Fall Fashion Week - Indie Accessories are a MUST

The Daily Swank Fall Fashion Week - Leafy Accessories

Don't you just love it when the leaves start changing colors and make everything seem so warm and cozy in the fall. I sure do! Today's Daily Swank highlights some super swanky leafy accessories, I think you'll agree.

First up, I couldn't have said it better than what the shop owner from Vintage Musings said. "Let the beauty of autumn dangle from your ears" My thoughts exactly for these October Gold Vintage Leaf Earrings.


Also from the gorgeous collection at Vintage Musings is this Silver du jour Vintage Leaf and Pearl Necklace for all of your silver lovers.


Lastly from Vintage Musings is this lovely Autumn Verdigris Romance Vintage Treasures Charm Necklace. This features a 24karat gold dipped leaf, a cream white glass bead and a brass bead cap with a verdigris patina.

I hope you've enjoyed these leafy accessories just in time for fall. Gorgeous for highlighting one of autumns best features.

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