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VI Headliner - Update Artful Cuisine & Sally Jean Event at FOUND

This weekend marks the last two days to purchase your tickets for the Artful Cuisine & Sally Jean Dinner event at FOUND. If your are planning to attend the fabulous Trunk Show on Sunday, you won't want to miss out on this  mazing dinner. Sally Jean promises to bring a host of surprises and a show-n-tell that offers a inside look into her inspiring creativity.  Artful_cusine_sally_jean_at_found_2

    Dinner will be hosted by our very own sponsor FOUND  Sunday, Sept. 9th   5:30 - 8:00 at everyday cook*,  just down the hall from FOUND.  407 North Fourth Avenue in the Kerrytown Market & Shops,  Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. This delicious dinner will host a Mediterranean-inspired menu with  wine pairings.

Not only that, but designer Sally Jean will be bringing  amazing prizes to be raffled off including a gorgeous............. TIARA!
All you have to do to be entered to win is, purchase tickets for this amazing event at the lovely FOUND website or call the store and attend the dinner.

Head over to FOUND now for more details!   

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VI Headliner - Back Home Again


Go Back Home Again with today's sponsor headliner. Back Home again from our Etsy business directory brings you amazing hand sewn & pieced items from vintage fabrics as well as vintage collectibles.


Just in time for Shabby Chic Week, is this darling Chatham Arch  Bag from the Back Home Again shop. I love the way designer LuAnn brings life to vintage table cloths and nothing goes to waste.

During Vintage Indie's Green Week, I asked Vintage Indie Group members how they use Vintage Materials in their work, as a form of "Vintage" Green living. This is what LuAnn had to say,

"I like to use damaged vintage textiles and recycle them in to something useful. Usually a tote bag, but I also make lots of pillows, sachets and I'm working on some kitchen accessories... I have found that to use the vintage textile alone is a little risky. Often times, they aren't of the best quality in terms of durability. For example, I never use a damaged tablecloth to make a large tote bag handle because they will rip off every time. So what I've learned to do is use them as embellishments and coordinate them with reproduction vintage fabric such as Amy Butler or Sis Boom. I especially love to rescue vintage hand embroidered work. I often find embroidered pillow cases and scarves that are damaged in some way but still have a lot of life left in them. Cut around the holes and the stains and, voila, you have a beautiful embellishment for a bag or pillow. I have to say that rescuing damaged vintage textiles is really what Back Home Again is all about..."

Check out the Back Home again shop on Etsy for more of these gorgeous hand bags and fabulous vintage collectibles.


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The Daily Swank - Shabby Pink Goodness

I don't know about you, but this weeks pink has me feeling ultra girly! There are many ways to add a little shabby chic pink to each one of your rooms. Today's Daily swank features a little bit of Shabby Pink Goodness for each one.

For your kitchen is this great find, a Pink Canister Set. With a touch of retro and a splash of pink these will bring life to any counter top. On sale now for only $20.00 at The Shabby Suite. Hurry over to The Shabby Suite as these won't last long!

For your powder room, how about this Original Painting by Natasha Burns.Specifically this Floral 50's Dress framed gorgeously in this unusual hexagon frame. If you haven't been over to Natasha's website you must visit soon. Her collection of Original Paintings, embellished vintage items and faux sweet treats will have you squealing with shabby chic delight.


For your darling daughters room, how about these adorable Nesting Fabric Boxes for holding diapers, blankies and necessities. They would also make great storage for an adult bedroom or home office.  Find these at Fabrications by Lindsay on Etsy. 

I'll be back soon for more of Shabby Chic Pink week!  Also, watch your mailbox for the first VI newsletter and an update with this months Swanky Swag Giveaway!

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The Daily Swank - Shabby Pink Week

Despite a little newsletter mishap, Shabby Chic Pink Week must go on! That means, this week I'll reveal the Swanky Swag Goody Box properly named Shabby Chic Pink and send out the official final drafted newsletter.
While you are waiting for all that goodness why don't you check out Today's Daily Swank featuring some super shabby chic pink!

First up, organize your wardrobe in style with these Shabby Pink Fleur de Lis Coat Hangers. Each one hand embellished and distressed by the designer at Faded Rose Cottage. Not only do they offer these fabulous hangers, but many other wonderful Shabby Chic items. If your an Etsy shopper you are in luck they also have an Etsy shop!


Just in time for the upcoming Vintage Indie Teacup Swap (Details to come soon) is this handmade Old Buttons and Roses Coaster. Hand made from pink terry cloth, vintage buttons and fabric. Add something a little special to that vessel you drink out of and protect your table at the same time. Find this one and others like it at Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage!

How about adding some Shabby Chic Pink to your office with this fantastic Teapots, Teacups and Roses Mousepad from Casual Cottage. I love the idea of adding this special touch to your desktop. Head over to Casual Cottage's online website as well as their Etsy shop for more mouse pad designs.

I'll be back soon with more Shabby Chic Pink!

Thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn for the beautiful graphics, now being used to beautify Vintage Indie. Tag Created from the SMJ Little Miss Green Thumb Kit.

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Vintage Indie Newsletter - MISTAKE!

Hi everyone,

AHHHH........If you've just received the August Newsletter Please delete.  This is a very rough draft and wasn't supposed to go out. The email program used, skipped a step. Please disregard that newsletter and stay tuned for the final draft with correct spelling, actual content and thorough details and of course the 3 paragraph of randomness.

Oh well.. things happen.


The Daily Swank Vintage Green - Tips & Treasures

Hey everyone! Today's Daily Swank is all about "Green" Living. Tips for how you can do your part for keeping things clean and green. For those of you who love a good treasure, I'm sharing a few beauties. All of these treasures were created from gorgeous old materials and brought to life in a new form.

Tips - Suggestions from VI reader J. Berry
1.) Recycle any plastic bags you may get and donate them to your local good will or antique shop.
2.) Take apart vintage jewelry and reuse the beads. I think these are the best kind!
3.) "I shred all of my junk mail for packing materials. I then print off little labels on my computer (on recycled paper), stating that "I recycle & pack with shredded paper, so careful when opening to avoid a mess!) and tape them on to each box.

The first treasure also comes from Jes Berry who happens to be the owner and creator behind Junque Revival. She has a whole category devoted to Revived Relics.

The first treasure is this gorgeous Sister Maria Necklace. Created from many vintage components including vintage paper from a Shakespeare book, a found cross and other wonderful items to complete the look.


I absolutely love how Jes transformed this old hardware into something so beautiful. I think the copper patina goes so wonderfully with the green beads in this Inspire necklace.


Lastly is this "Yellow Sands" piece featuring a small portion of a painting from artist Charles Condor it's hung beautifully from a vintage rosary chain.

My Tips:
1.) When I don't take a tote to the grocery with me (when I have a lot of shopping to do) I always ask for paper. Paper bags make great shipping material to wrap glass items. You can also alter them any way you like to make the packaging more appealing.
2.) I love to include vintage hankies or napkins in packages with a special note attached.

I'm sure there are a million more! If you have some great ways on reusing vintage, please feel free to send me your submissions!


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The Daily Swank - Shop for Vintage Green in Person!

May_december_store If you happen to live in Sebringville, Ontario or close to it, you are in luck. Today's Daily Swank brings you a fabulous "Vintage Green " store. May December Home.

This little slice of vintage heaven gives new life to
Second-Hand Home Furnishings. I was so excited when I found this store and couldn't wait to bring it to your attention during Vintage Green Week.

This shops whole purpose is to bring life to other peoples cast offs. The amazing owner and creator Barb McMahon  has many great ideas of reusing vintage. I'm just amazed at the way she thinks. Not only does she work hard to create things for you for you to purchase but, she teaches you on her May December Blog how to turn things you may already have on hand into a new something new.


One of my favorites from her blog are these Silver Spoon Hooks  The ones in the picture are mounted on old molding with a touch of new paint and of course the vintage spoons.

Talk about a cool idea, I know you've seen those old windows in second hand shops and some of those great flea markets you attend. How about turning it into something useful  like this "wipe off window". Head over to Barb's blog for instructions. This a great idea, I'll be using very soon.

I admit, since I'm in the U.S. I'm taking notes and I'll be checking out May December Home blog often. I wanted to show you this one last thing. "Almost -Instant Shelving" This carpenter carryall purchased from an auction, is turned on it's side and becomes and instant shelf. This is a fabulous idea!

I hope you enjoyed today's "Vintage Green" feature and I also hope you will stop by the May December Home Store in Canada. Please visit Barb's website for an address and more information.

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The Daily Swank - Vintage Green

Vintage_green_edited1 Vintage Green, that's a nice thought isn't it. This week's Daily Swank gives you a different perspective on how you vision the term "Going Green". The featured items are created to be new items using vintage elements. I like the thought that the "vintage style community" is using vintage elements, things once old and thought of as no good, to bring something brand new. Keeping the life of the element living and not going into a landfill is something I appreciate.

The first item is this Maeve Necklace. From Etsy Shop (Into) the Fray. What once was a vintage broach now shows a new elegance and style as a necklace. I love the simplicity of the design and the accent beads. This one won't last long.


Talk about chic! I love this handmade ruffled eyelet clutch from Ramona West. Made from vintage white cotton eyelet. Also from Romona West is this adorable hearts pleated clutch. Also, created from recycled vintage fabric. Head over Romona west for more clutches and vintage goodies.


Stay tuned for tomorrow's Daily Swank for an awesome shop that's totally Vintage Green!


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VI Behind The Scenes - Rockin' Girl Bloggers

Do you ever just wake up on a Monday morning, yes I said Monday.... and LOVE what you do?  This morning is an overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy. I absolutely love bringing the world Vintage Indie, my readers and all of the fantastic people out there who make my job so much fun. I was happy to find out that I've recently been tagged with an award. Rockingirlblogger_2
The Rockin' Girl Blogger Award by Angelia* A Style. What does that mean to you? Well, I'm going to pass on this wonderful little surprise to five blogs that I heart. My list is actually much, much larger than five, but these are ones I'm diggin' right now... in no particular order.

Simply June

My Little Life

The Apronista


Sadie Olive

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Vintage Indie in MF Magazine! Featuring The Daily Swank & Etsy Shop

A few weeks ago, very late at night Vintage Indie was given the opportunity to be in MF Magazine Music+Fashion. MF is a really cool indie magazine covering amazing Indie Bands, artists and rockin' fashion. This opportunity wouldn't have been possible with out the help of two complete strangers who answered a girls need at midnight. A special thanks to Dawn the owner behind Lady of Luxury and her friend Michael from Tigerlily Arts Web Design, who performed amazing graphic skills! Please stop by Dawn's shop and thank her with a purchase from her wonderful hand made soaps.

Each Etsy shop involved was chosen at random for their photos from previous features on VI. The magazine ad was the black and white print.

Vi_mf_mag_ad_color Check out these fabulous ROCKIN'  Vintage Indie shops featured in the ad!

Top Left
Pink and Red Box of Vintage Sweet Treats by Sweet Things and Coffee Beans from The Daily Swanky - Crafty Vintage Bliss

Bottom Left Czech glass beads bracelet by Jewlery by Letitiah from the July 3rd Daily Swank.

Middle Left Keyhole Door Hanger Pillow by  Sunshine Designs Etc from VI Headliner - Sunshine Designs Etc.

Top right  Vintage Victor Costa Party Dress by Salvage Life from  The Daily Swank  - 4th of July Style!

Middle Right Sweetheart vintage ephemera collage kit by Crow and Iris from The Daily Swank Vintage Paper Crafts 

Bottom Right Eat Me Drink Me handbag by  Helen Rochfort from The Daily Swank  - Cupcake Couture

Actual Printed Ad is Black and White like the one to the left.


A special thanks to Erik Schultz the Editor in Chief of MF magazine for the opportunity. To Purchase this issue follow this link for online sales

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VI Headliner - UPDATE Sally Jean Trunk Show at FOUND

Found The Sally Jean Trunk show is Buzzing and the workshops are almost completely sold out. If you missed out on our last VI Headliner with all of the details you'll want to follow this link for more information. Below is the available slots left to participate in this wonderful opportunity to learn soldering.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 6th 9-4:30  - Soldering for Virgins: The Whole Sha-Bang $150 Sold Out
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 9-4:30 - Soldering for Virgins: The Whole Sha-Bang $150  Sold Out
SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8th 9-4:30 - Mr.Rogers Neighborhood $160.00 Sold Out

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10TH 9-4:30 - Little 3-D "Light" House $155 HURRY only 2 SPACES LEFT!

For Directions and Location Click Here.

Trunk Show Info -  If you can't attend the workshops, you'll want to schedule some time during the day Sunday September 9th 11a.m. - 5 p.m. . Sally Jean will be at FOUND for a fantastic trunk show that's FREE to attend. She will be brining new "one of a kind" items never seen before and offering up special fun things for customers as well.

After the Trunk Show  - There are still tickets left for this event.
An Artful Evening, with Mediterranean-inspired food & wine pairings the evening of September 9th This includes a spectacular show and tell from Sally Jean. Wine Food & Fun from 5:30-8:00. Tickets are $48 a person. You'll want to purchase early as this special event is going to fill up fast.

Vintage Indie is excited to bring this wonderful event to our readers and hope that you will share your experience with us. Please let us know if you are attending the Sally Jean Trunk show or tell them you found about it from Vintage Indie!


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The Daily Swank - Old School is So Cool

Teachers love to be organized throughout the year and so do I. These vintage style items would make a perfect gift or addition your your home office. Enjoy these fantastic indie shops and handmade creations for today's Daily Swank.


You'll never go back to a plain old manila folder again once you lay your eyes on these. These Miniature Folders feature vintage papers and maps. Perfect for keeping all of the little details in one place. Find these office additions and more at Donovan's.


Need to pin up a note? Check out these cute Vintage adding machine key push pins. Recreated by hand from shop Distant Dreams for that perfect vintage touch for are your little notes. Check out this shop for more vintage and old school recreated items.


How about sharing these School Altered Rolodex Cards with a special teacher or daycare provider. A great way to stay organized with important child contacts, and a change from those boring white cards! Head over to Just Us Girlz for this adorable set and more.

Have fun shopping Today's Daily swank and supporting indie designers & shops!


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The Daily Swank - Back To School...."Old School "

It seems as if back to school means, end of summer nesting and organizing. It also means sweet things for teachers, things to get you organized and plain old vintage fun for Vintage Indie. Check out the latest Daily Swank finds! Janesapron2

First up is this Vintage Sewing Pattern Altered Lunch Box from Etsy shop Janes Apron. Decoupaged with a vintage sewing pattern counter book and other vintage papers. This adorable box would make a great storage bin for sewing bits, office supplies and many other wonderful possibilities.

Also at Jane's Apron, you will love the collages and the other Vintage Sewing Pattern treasures!




How about sending your little one on the first day of school with something a little special for the teacher. This vintage inspired altered composition journal from Half Tied Ribbons is just perfect. It's adorable saying "I will enjoy this day" will surly put a smile on her/his face!



Planning a 1st year of school scrapbook for your child? You will love what Copper Pot Graphics has to offer. These adorable Vintage Back To School Tags are just what you need to get started. At Copper Pot Graphics attention to detail is shown within their work. Head over to their website for a large selection of handmade supplies.



Stay tuned for tomorrow's Daily Swank as we take it back to school.. with "old school"


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VI Headliner Sponsor Spectacular Gallimaufry

Shopping is made easy on Vintage Indie with our Sponsor Spectaculars. They include Special offers and gifts from our wonderful indie sponsors.



Today's Sponsor Special is from Gallimaufry Arts.


In addition to their August sale - 10% off any chain maille item, Vintage Indie readers will get FREE first class shipping with your purchase or FREE First class shipping with any item purchased from their shop! How do you get the FREE first class shipping? Easy, send them a short conversation through Etsy or email and tell them you heard about the sale through Vintage Indie!



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Shop Vintage - August 18th & 19th Madison-Bouckville Antique Show New York

Looking for somewhere to shop this week? Vintage Indie reader and Swanky Swag contributor Emily from Crazy Cakes wants you to check out the Madison-Bouckville Outdoor Antique Show.


Emily will be there with her corner antiques booth # T-13. While you are there, don't forget to check out her Crazy Cakes table. These adorable  chenille creations will have you giggly with delight. 

WHAT: Madison-Bouckville Outdoor Antique Show
WHERE: Bouckville, New York
WHEN: This week August 18th & 19th 
EVENT BACKGROUND: Over 1,000 pre-screened dealers from across the US and Canada spread across 90 acres. If you want to shop for larger pieces,
porters are available to take your purchases directly to your car.They also have an Appraiser Alley where you can take up to two of your wares for an appraisal.

For Show hours, admission and details follow this link!

NOTE: If you attend the event we'd love to see some of your photos and what you bought! Send submissions here.  

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VI Headliner - Crow and Iris

Crowandiris88to97_2 Vintage Indie would like to welcome our readers to check out our latest sponsor. Crow and Iris.
Collaborating with Vintage & Modern design you will find something to love in their Etsy shop!


One of my favorites is this Sun Cloud Bracelet. A perfect example of modern meets vintage. Comprised of vintage greasy blue and read heart seed beads along with a large fresh water pearl and more.

If it's paper you love, you'll be happy to find a category at Crow and Iris devoted to paper and Vintage Ephemera. This Kit is just one of them, (each kit will be different) it includes 150-200 pieces of vintage and new papers, fibers, stamps, polymer clay charms, plenty of card stock and different colored paper, ribbons, baggy of mixed beads and more.

They also offer handmade items including these STAMP Push Pins. Crafted from colorful vintage stamps and glass stones. Great for pinning up your notes, ideas and more to your craft board.

Head over to Crow and Iris for a fabulous selection of vintage goodies, handmade specialties and more.

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VI Headliner Sponsor Spectacular Care to Bead


Hey everyone! Head over to our fabulous sponsor Care to Bead! Their offering some super great specials for our readers!

Friday Special, 08/10/07..SUPER SPECIAL

Buy any Trinket necklace and receive a free pair of Antique brass earring's. Earring's must be under $14.00 Here are a few choices. Lot's more listed. Applies only to listed items. No other discounts or coupon's will apply.

No. 124 Trinket's

No.121 Trinket's
No.113 Trinket's.

FREE with purchase of one of my Trinket necklaces. Your Choice. Many more to choose from.

Hammered brass ring's and Dragonflies
Etched Innocent's


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The Daily Swank - Fashion Week SHOPPING

I couldn't possibly feature all of the wonderful vintage, and vintage style shops out there, so in efforts to bring you more places to spend your loot, today is a semi-shopping directory. I'll be back with another fashion week a little closer to fall for some fabulous fall fashions! Until then, support these fantastic indie shops, stores and more!

Vintage Clothing & More

Magpie  - Adornments for You and Your Home

caroLina bLeu  - LoVeLY little things made bY hANd...

Blue Velvet - The creative alternative to contemporary fashion

Vintage Clothing Reproductions & Original Designs

Louise Black Designs

Lorimarsha  - wear. smile. repeat.

Wildewear - ~creative eco~friendly clothes and bags of fun 


1ofmyKind  - Channeling the past...for the modern Goddess!!!

D Brown Designs  - Contemporary, Classic, and Vintage Style Jewelry

Tryst Jewlery  - A rendezvous with vintage

Buzz Jewelery - Recycled Vintage

Don't forget our wonderful sponsors to the right of your screen and our Etsy Business Directory!

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The Daily Swank - Vintage Accessories Featuring 1ofmykind

You can't have Vintage Fashion Week with out one of the most important parts the accessories. Today, I'm featuring one of my favorites 1ofmykind. I would love to have one of everything from this shop.


Jody the artist behind 1ofmykind has an amazing line of jewlery and continually adding new pieces. Using an age old tradition of filigree. Her work is completely done by her own two hands and her many pairs of pliers. 

Pictured Left Peacock Tales.


Getting to Know Jodi of 1ofmykind  - The Interview

1ofmykind10_2 1. What's the inspiration that drives your artistry?

Besides feeding my 3 kids... LOL...I'd have to say simply sharing a gift. This is a difficult subject to brooch(pun intended:) without sounding snooty but let me explain it like this. I believe it is an obligation to the Universe to express love and beauty through the gifts we've been given. For example I have a cousin, Mary. She sings like an angel. She told me she wouldn't sing in church because people stared. "What?", I said to her, "If your not going to share your gift (especially in church) then what's the point of having it?" I believe we are given talents to use.

Beyond that I can't really explain...it's just what I do to. Maybe it's my Croatian, Irish and Cherokee ancestors channeling themselves randomly through me. It certainly doesn't involve thinking or planning. I dunno.

1ofmykind7 2. How does "vintage" play a role in your work?

I've been a scrounge hound since day one. Preferring "rummage" sales, as my Grandma calls them, and dumpsters to mall shopping. Eventually this addiction led to dealing in antiques and vintage jewelry. Well, I couldn't let those odds and ends go to waste! So I started re-designing vintage pieces into hep wearable art. Within a week I'd been placed in a local boutique. Done deal.

I was always especially drawn to the "CZECHO" pieces which have heavily influence my designs today. Once the internet dawned I was exposed to the plethora of raw Czech stones and French filigree I use today. That's where I found Cher (moondancer.etsy.com) and Cindy and several other fabulous woman online who sold genuine antique filigree. I bought Cindy out. I'm still workin' on Cher . We exchange goodies and laughs often as fellow filigreeoholics. I traveled to hoard as much as I could. Now my studio bows with a ton (literally) of antique Czechoslovakian jewels, rare original French butterfly wing filigree, and the left overs of my years of stashing broken odds and ends. Yes, the Trashion line is on it's way! Today I incorporate vintage tooled filigree that is still produced today. I hand temper it and it becomes the perfect match for my vintage chaining and antique filigree.

1ofmykind1_3 3. What makes your style of jewelry unique?

I do something entirely new with materials that have been around for over a century. Setting the stone within the Art Nouveau era filigree without the use of solder, glue, prong settings, or plating began right here.( I have the giant thumb muscles as proof:) It all started with coveting Victorian filigree belts. I'd take them apart and wrap the links around stones to make pendants. I still have a few although most were sold in the 90's when I started.

If you look on the back of an old Czech necklace or brooch you will see that the filigree was produced to accept solder and prong-settings to accept stones. When I started re-designing many times I would hang the pendant backwards because I preferred the filigree to the stone. I sort of look at what I do today as an homage to the incredibly talented, long past, French filigree, artisans who created these intricate toolings only to have them be forgotten under a stone or behind a pendant. Hey maybe they are the ones helping me from the other side? Or perhaps I WAS one of them in a past life! God only knows...because I can't figure it out.

I relish in making pristine museum quality jewels. I love adding my personal touch like hammering my earwires and making nearly everything adjustable or evolutionary in some manner. I have heard countless stories of how my jewels affected peoples lives in amazing ways. I am eternally grateful for receiving and sharing these gifts.

Thank you to Jody for sharing her amazing gift with us and her stories. Don't forget to check out her daughters line KATITUDE as she's following amazingly in her mothers footsteps with a very nice line of jewelry. 


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The Daily Swank - Dreamy Vintage, Remnants of the Past


Don't you just love it when the remnants of the past come up in movies. You'll see a georgeous dress, a reminder of what it must have been like in that era. Do you sometimes dream of being able to go back in time? Today's Daily Swank offers you a gander in the past, brought to life with a designer of the present.


Louise Black, an artist and sewer of many wonderful designs for the movie star at heart.

Go back in time with this Marie Antoinette Pink Lace Rococo Party Dress. Once a flapper dress brought back to life with hand-dyed Victorian lace satin and many other wonderful elements that make this dress a dream come true.


If you love to be the envy of all, you love the Louise Black shop. Her line of limited edition and one of a kinds styles make her shop unique and extremely attractive.

This original design, can be custom made to fit your measurements (see shop for details). The original comes from a 1920's flapper negligee, that has been transformed by hand into this Burgundy Bordeaux Silk Rose Camisole Top.


If you need glimmer with your glamour this Antique Art Deco Glass Beaded Crystal Flapper Choker will give you just that. I love this piece. It's been carefully created from a turn of the century ball-gown trim and a georgeous 1920's brooch as well as other fine details. This necklace can also be altered for a more perfect fit.

Please take the time to feast your eyes on Louise Black Designs. Another wonderful shop from Etsy. If you have any questions about the changes and alters mentioned, please inquire with the shop for more information.

Thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn for the beautiful graphics, now being used to beautify Vintage Indie

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The Daily Swank Reconstructed (Take 2)


Today's Daily Swank is offering you a special Take 2 on our topic of Reconstructed Vintage. Highlighting the work of Lorimarsha, where their motto is wear. smile. repeat. Isn't that a fun idea.

Lorimarsha shop focuses on recycled materials and turns each element into a beautiful reborn fashion. After an acquaintance of mine introduced me to Lorimarsha I've fallen in love with the free spirit sense of style in their pieces.


You will fall in love with the designs from lorimarsha. This Midnight in the Garden- Redesigned Vintage Corset is absolutly stunning and so feminine. The 100% cotton base piece is incredibly detailed circa late 40s, early 50s with fourteen buttons.


This beautiful Kiwi & Coral reconstructed dress is from the lorimarsha store front. Check out their previous sold items for an amazing gallery.

At lorimarsha the designs are always recyled, and one of a kind. Stop by their online store front and their Etsy Shop for current line of clothing, accessories and more.

Thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn for the beautiful graphics, now being used to beautify Vintage Indie

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The Daily Swank - Vintage Reconstructed WILDEWEAR

Today's Daily Swank is the art of reconstructed fashion. Combining old and vintage elements with new. 


I recently interviewed  Tricia the designer behind WILDEWEAR. I asked her, What is your vision for your clothing?
Tricia: I create clothes that have interesting combinations of color and texture. I love to mix things up in unusual ways; combining old and new. I love to play with making things balance by using opposite extremes.

VI: How does your clothing relate to vintage?

Tricia: I love to use vintage fabrics and recycled clothes with modern design elements and create a completely different look. I get bored with ordinary designs and so I am always changing and creating new looks to inspire thinking outside the box and being creative in the ways we dress, live and think. I want to inspire others to be more mindful and less wasteful. I love to honor old things, fabrics and clothes ,and people. There is so much to learn from the past.

My favorite part of this interview was when Tricia left me with this.

I love to buy old vintage clothes and salvage what once was and create a new modern look. Combining fashion in this way creates synergy and this new energy in fashion is so much more exciting to me, both visually and conceptually.

This is just a sample of Tricia's work. This is her HOME GROWN LOVE shirt. It includes combinations of new and recycled fabrics & clothing. This one has sold, but Tricia welcomes custom orders for her clothing.




While your at WILDEWEAR check out the huge dress selection. This one Fancy Field of Cornflakes is one of my favorites. I love the bold colors and soothing color combos.


I'll be back soon with a second Daily Swank special today!


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The Daily Swank - Fashion Week (Vintage Couture)

Couture:The making, designing or selling highly fashionable clothing that's usually custom made.

Vintage Couture makes me think of movie stars and high fashion as in Audry Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy. They were classy, stylish, sophisticated and considered fashion icons. Today's Daily Swank brings you some "vintage couture" to fulfill your urge to be your own fashion icon.

My first pick is from one of my favorite shops caroLina bLeu. I love this raw silk pretty in pink cocktail dress. This is from designer Sandra Sage and includes a light petticoat that could easily be removed. Find the matching pea coat in the shop as well.

Stay classy even when you sleep with this vintage embroidered silk nightgown. Pair this with some pink slippers and a fancy tea cup and you have the perfect morning outfit.

Head over to Carolina Bleu for more vintage couture and beautiful hand made vintage aprons.

We'll be back again soon with more of Vintage Indie Fashion week!

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VI Headliner FASHION WEEK SPONSOR Magpie on Main

Fashion Week is about vintage, fashion and the best part SHOPPING for it! This week  Vintage Indie sponsor Magpie Vintage is showing off some of their favorite vintage fashions from their shop. Head over to their online website if you can't purchase in person.  If you can make it over to their shop, you will be lucky enough to browse from the FIVE rooms they have at their shop in Carbondale PA.


Check out this swanky dress! I'm lovin' the old school color combo!


A bright yellow long jacket is calling your name.

Talk about different, these purses are very unique and old school.

Magpie Vintage has a huge selection of vintage ladies purses.

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Magpie Vintage
67 N. Main Street   
Carbondale, PA.   18407

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