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Shop Vintage - August 18th & 19th Madison-Bouckville Antique Show New York

Looking for somewhere to shop this week? Vintage Indie reader and Swanky Swag contributor Emily from Crazy Cakes wants you to check out the Madison-Bouckville Outdoor Antique Show.


Emily will be there with her corner antiques booth # T-13. While you are there, don't forget to check out her Crazy Cakes table. These adorable  chenille creations will have you giggly with delight. 

WHAT: Madison-Bouckville Outdoor Antique Show
WHERE: Bouckville, New York
WHEN: This week August 18th & 19th 
EVENT BACKGROUND: Over 1,000 pre-screened dealers from across the US and Canada spread across 90 acres. If you want to shop for larger pieces,
porters are available to take your purchases directly to your car.They also have an Appraiser Alley where you can take up to two of your wares for an appraisal.

For Show hours, admission and details follow this link!

NOTE: If you attend the event we'd love to see some of your photos and what you bought! Send submissions here.  

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Sounds absolutely great fun!

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