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The Daily Swank - A Spot of Tea Please

Showing some Etsy love today in The Daily Swank as I bring you tiny treasures for a "spot of tea".


One of my most favorite Etsy shop finds is this ceramic teacup necklace AND saucer. Adorable isn't it! It's from Beadymonkey who also offers a whole bunch of jewelry with vintage and antique pieces.


Who would of thought there would be tiny tea treasures for your ears too! Check out these precious little vintage Teacup Earrings from Glittersniffer's shop! You can also find other minis there for your ears like records, soda, hamburgers & more!

Thanks for sharing a spot of tea with me!

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The Daily Swank - Tea Time at SBS Teas

Looking to get your hands on more fall tea flavors? Today's Daily Swank offers a collection of delicious fall tea blends and a special offer for Vintage Indie readers!

Woman and Indie founded company SBS Teas offers an amazing line of up teas, cocoa, accessories, gifts and more. Committed to providing you a magical tea experience while staying conscious to environmental issues and your personal well being. I'm excited to show you some fabulous fall flavors they offer, for our Fall Flavors and Vintage Teacup Swap!


First up is their Spiced Apple Cider Tea. This blend includes one of my favorite spices for fall cinnamon, as well as apple, clove, orange peel and more. Included with each tea blend is a handy tool at the bottom of their page for brewing hot tea and iced tea to!


Talk about tantalizing to your taste buds. Mexican Cocoa Tisane
screams out gotta have this after one glance at the ingredients. Chocolate bits, vanilla, rooibos, cardamom, clove and more. Seriously, you had me at Chocolate bits!

Lastly, how about a Limited Edition Almond Delight. A perfectly nutty tea with apple pieces, chipped almonds & more.

This is only a tiny look into the selection at SBS Teas. Head over to SBS Teas for their huge selection and for Vintage Indie Readers save 15% off your total when mentioning code vintage15 during the checkout process! Be sure to visit SBS often as they will be unveiling a whole new fall line up the middle of next month! 


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The Daily Swank - Tea Time Gifts

Looking for a gift to get your Teacup Swap partner? Today's Daily Swank offers an adorable creation from Pincushion Alley. Home of the teacup pincushion. One glance at these cuties and you'll have to have on for your sewing & craft rooms!

How adorable is this set. This Vintage Pine Teacup Pincushion comes with a magnetized saucer to keep all of your pins tidy and in place. I love the combo of an older piece the vintage teacup mixed with the gorgeous color combos of the Asian inspired fabrics used here.


Go vintage with this melamine teacup. This Afternoon Cafe Teacup Pincushion, features a wonderful imported Japanese fabric!

Get inspired, sew something new with these wonderful creations! Head over to Pincushion Alley for these original designs and many more vintage teacups to choose from!



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The Daily Swank - Tea Time at Tea Noir

Does the Teacup Swap have your taste buds drooling for fall flavors? If that's the case Today's Daily Swank is all about tea. While I'm matching all of the swappers up with their partners I'll be bringing you tea time delights all week. Including some not so vintage, but definately indie companies to create the perfect swap package and to throw your own tea party!

Not knowing a thing about loose teas, artisan blends or the like, I sat out to find out for myself what it's all about. Kate, the lovely owner of Tea Noir a hand blended artisan tea company sent over a great article to share with Vintage Indie readers, which I've included below. I've also included a delicious loose tea blend from their fall line.

Mmmm, go Backwoods Vermont that is, with this luscious fall tea blend. Sweet maple and bold walnuts give this tea a ultra fall feel. Kate suggests a drizzle of maple syrup right in your cup for an added burst of sweetness.


A Brief Introduction to Tea

   So you've probably had a few cups of tea in your time – after all, it is the world's second most popular beverage, behind only water – and you think you know your stuff. Then, one day, someone comes along bearing a little canister full of dried leaves. You open it up and wow! What a scent! "What is this magical stuff," you ask, wondering if it's some sort of trendy new potpourri.  "Tea," is the answer.

      How can that be? Tea comes in anonymous little bags and makes a bitter, if refreshing, black brew. Or maybe a pale yellow-green one. Maybe you're a little more adventurous – maybe you've dabbled in the mysterious alchemy that is herbal infusions, or perhaps you've gotten your hands on one of the gourmet teabags that's started to hit the market.  Still, this canister full of deliciously fragrant leaves, herbs, and spices isn't what you've become accustomed to when you think of tea.

      You've just got to try it. But how?

      Fortunately, brewing loose leaf tea is easy! Sure, there's a couple rules and a few more steps involved than just dunking a bag into a cup of hot water, but you'll appreciate the results.

      First things first. You're going to need a teapot and a kettle. No, they aren't the same thing. A kettle is put on the stove and used to heat water; a teapot is where the now-hot water gets introduced to the leaves. You should always warm your teapot before brewing – just pour some hot water in, slosh it around, and dump it out.  Now, while the kettle is coming back to a boil, we can contemplate the leaves.

      There's a few different kinds of tea out there: the most common are black, green, and the newly popular white. There are also tisanes, which are infusions made with the leaves of a plant other than Camellia sinensis, the proper tea plant. We'll tackle those later – for now, let's just focus on black and green.

      Black tea is what you get when leaves from Camellia sinensis are plucked and dried, then allowed to oxidize, a process sometimes called fermentation. The leaves wither and become black; they're then heated to stop the oxidation process, packaged, and shipped out to tea blenders across the world where they're turned into the delicious brews you know and love.

      Green tea, on the other hand, isn't oxidized – it's just dried out and fired, and sometimes curled into tiny balls to create a variant called gunpowder green. Because it skips the oxidation step, green tea retains a lighter flavour and a lighter colour in the cup.

      Black and green tea have to be treated differently when brewing. Black tea responds best to boiling water and a short steeping time; green tea likes a gentler heat and an even shorter steep.

      So how do you steep loose tea? Well, there's a couple ways.  If you're at home and have your teapot and kettle ready, it's very simple. After warming up the pot, drop in a few teaspoonfuls of tea – the rule of thumb is that you use one heaping teaspoonful (and yes, we're talking silverware, not measuring spoons) of tea per cup, plus an extra for the pot. Then pour in the water – and the temperature matters. For black tea, "walk the pot to the kettle" – you want the water to be at a full boil when you pour it into the pot.  For green tea (and for herbals), "walk the kettle to the pot" – you want the water to be just off boiling, somewhere between 190-200F. By walking the kettle from the stove over to where your teapot is, you give the water a chance to cool down.

      Now that the water's in there, how long do you wait?  For green tea, a 1-2min steeping time is usually good. For black tea, 3-5 minutes produces a good cup. As you get used to brewing loose leaf tea, you can tinker with the steeping time to produce your perfect cup.

      After steeping, pour the tea into your cup. It's as simple as that. You can pour over a strainer to catch any wayward leaves, but they tend to stay near the bottom of the pot – and a few leaves in your cup never hurt anyone.

      Cream and sugar? Traditionally, cream is put in the cup before the tea is poured and sugar is added afterwards; this order protected fine white china from being stained by the dark tea. Realistically, though, the order doesn't matter. Just add cream and sugar to taste!

      So what about those herbals, you say? Easy!  You prepare herbal infusions, also called tisanes, the same way you prepare "real" tea – the only difference is in steeping time. Rooibos, made from the reddish, needle-like leaves of a South African bush, is naturally caffeine-free and has a very pleasant, slightly sweet flavor. It likes to be steeped in water just off the boil for 5-7 minutes.

      Yerba mate, the cut and dried leaves of a South American plant, contains caffeine but provides a gentler buzz than coffee. It can be green or toasted; green yerba mate tastes similar to green tea, but without the potential bitterness, while toasted yerba mate has a delicious roasty flavor similar to coffee. Mate is steeped in boiling water for 7-9 minutes, and can even be re steeped later.

      Herbal infusions are made from the leaves and flowers of various plants, often with fruit and spices added. Chamomile and peppermint "teas" are some of the most popular herbal infusions. To brew an herbal tisane, use water just off the boil and steep for a minimum of 7 minutes – 10-15 wouldn't go amiss.

      This is just a very brief introduction to the wonderful world of premium loose leaf tea. After you get used to dealing with the loose stuff, you may want to try out other infusion techniques – strainers, tea balls, mesh spoons and more – but remember that tea will always taste best brewed loose in a pot. Tea leaves, like all of us, like to have room to grow and play!

      You'll also probably get addicted to the choice. Loose leaf tea comes in an infinite number of varieties – and blenders are always adding more flavored choices to the lineup! You can experiment with different regional varieties, different types, different flavors – the possibilities are literally endless.

      One of the great things about tea is that you can always find something new to try, and something new to learn. Try reading up on tea history, on the sorting and grading process (just what does orange pekoe mean, anyway?), and trying out weird new varieties, like aged pu'ehr or  smoky lapsang souchong. There's something out there for every taste!

Copyright 2007 Tea Noir All rights reserved.

Head over to Tea Noir on Etsy for their hand blended teas. Please tell them you found them on Vintage Indie!

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VI Headliner - Magpie on Main

Magpieonmain_2 Did you know our sponsor Magpie On Main has an eBay store! Yep, that's right you can shop online from their fabulous line of vintage clothing, accessories, shoes and even collectibles. Today's VI Headliner features their eBay shop ,under eBay user id pinkflamingo57 . Check out these latest finds from their swanky vintage clothing! 


Check out this 1960's Mod Puritan Dress. Completely adorable and just perfect for fall. Pair with your favorite flats and you are set to go. Dress it up with some great vintage heels and look fabulous at work!


Ok, so I can't help it I'm a sucker for Nautical themes. I just love the combo of navy and white.... I think it's ok don't you. In fact I think this outfit is totally rockin' This Vintage 70's Bayberry Anchor Pocket Dress won't last long at the Magpie eBay shop!

I hope you'll head over to Magpie's shop on eBay! They have a positive feedback rating and over 2,000 transactions! Please tell them you found them on Vintage Indie!

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The Daily Swank - Fall Nesting Laundry #2

I consider Laundry to be a big part of this Fall Nesting Series, because laundry plays such a huge role in every day home keeping. Your keeping your family clean, organized and refreshed every day with laundry. Preparing summer clothes for storage and renewing winter clothes for the cold seasons ahead. Some days when  the laundry isn't piled to the ceiling, I feel a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation folding, pressing and completing this task. Maybe I'm not the norm, but I love it when the dryer smells of fresh linens and the house feels like home. Today's Daily Swank features one of my all time favorite Vintage Shops Sadie Olive.

The owner Sara has been hard at work on the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide. I can't wait for it's debut in November, it's gorgeous!


Set the stage in your laundry room with this fabulous Vintage Style Laundry Sign. I love it's old school look of an older chalk board and the vintage style linens.


Also new at Sadie Olive is these adorable cotton Clothes Peg Bags. Keeping things nice and tidy in your laundry room, this sweet bag would look fabulous on an old hook.


Lastly for today's Daily Swank is this perfect little Enamel Tray. Perfect for holding your buttons and threads, this cutie will come handy for quick fixes in the laundry room!

I hope you've enjoyed part 2 of the Fall Nesting Series on Laundry!Head over to Sadie Olive Now for these fabulous goodies and be sure to tell Sara you found her on Vintage Indie!


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Updates - Teacup Swap & More


Good morning! Just a quick updated this morning before I bring out today's Daily Swank & VI Headliner.

Yesterday, just in time for our vintage teacup swap. I was surprised to see my little Etsy shop The Vintage Kitchen featured on the front page of Etsy! My Vintage Dogwood Teacup and Snack Sets was among many other tea themed items.

Some of you have been contacting me as to when you will be getting your partners information for the Vintage Teacup Swap. The deadline is September 24th. Once all entries are in, It will take me a couple of days to pair everyone up and send out your information. Be sure that you've emailed me your info and not just left a comment.

The layout is created from the new Cherrywood Farm Scrapbook kit from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs. Thanks SMJ for all of the beautiful things you offer that are now being used to beautify Vintage Indie.

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Shop Vintage/Antique - Fall Nesting at Period Features

Good morning lovelies! Continuing with the Fall Nesting series I have and old fashioned shop just for good old fashion cleaning, organizing and doing things the old school way. I think you'll enjoy using some of these items, that are just timeless in home keeping.


Today's Shop Vintage is from a really neat store in Staffordshire UK.


If you are lucky enough to shop in person you'll want to head to    17 Broad Street Leek
    Staffordshire ST13 5NR.

There you will find a mix of old fashioned period products. Sourcing items for period homes and the old school lover at heart.  This indie shop opened it's doors in 2001 mainly selling hardware and heritage paints. Now they offer a select mix of period items.


For those of us who can't shop in person,  Period Features offers an on line shop hosting a lot of the same products they offer in store. Like this Mangles Mops and Feather Brushes Book.  Offering tips of "spring cleaning" or fall nesting for us, in an old fashioned way. First published in 1893.


Period Features also offers a mix of Waxes and Polishes for caring for your antique furniture, silverware and even marble like this Marble Wax. I've never seen anything like this, but I love the idea of waxing marble counter tops artificial and real as well as tiles this way.


For those of you who are Fall Nesting in your craft rooms, how about this really neat Victorian Style String Dispenser. Great for your craft room or for  your kitchen twine. Keeping things nice and tidy without chasing around a ball of string!

I hope you'll take a trip to Period Features on line shop or in person for some good ole' fashioned items for Fall Nesting. If shipping outside the UK, they offer shipping at cost.

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The Daily Swank - Fall Nesting Series Retro Organization

Today's Daily Swank takes a turn to vintage retro land for a couple of great finds for retro styled organizing.




When I think about records I often think retro too. How about a little mail organization with these super cool re purposed Vinyl record mail holders from Off The Record. A great way to add character to your home office or kitchen while getting organized!



How about this cute little find from Anam Cara on etsy! Totally retro this 70's Desk Caddy Organizer is super cute and hosts a lot of compartments for paper clips, sewing supplies and a ton of other uses!


I'm a momma of a 1st grader and a little guy who love to decorate the refrigerator with lovely art projects, school work and every other possible scrap piece of paper that they can find. Now don't get me wrong I love all of these decorations, but it's nice to have them all tidy  and organized in some sort of fashion. 

How about using a set of these adorable Retro Cartoons Magnets from  Shop Mod Cloth. I think they could do just the trick and the designs are so cute!  You'll love it over there! With a mix of Mod Retro Indie  clothing for women and men as well as vintage apartment accessories I'm sure you'll find something totally cool to love!

I hope you've enjoyed today's Daily Swank with a retro look at organizing!

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Shop Vintage - Fall Nesting at The Vintage Nest

That title couldn't have worked out any better for my next feature on the series of Fall Nesting. I love it when I come across a sweet little shop like The Vintage Nest.

Organizing also means finding places to store things and create order. I love the idea of using vintage boxes like this Sweet Romantic Vintage Roses Friendship Box for storage. I say, why not give new life to an old object. This would make a great box for storing your beloved stationary.

How about this fabulous find. This Cottage Charm Best Old Shabby Floral Suitcase it's a great shade of blue and holds a special charm with the hand painted flowers. Great for storing all of your vintage sewing notions or use for display. I'm sure there is also a ton of other ways to use it!

Last but  not least from The Vintage Nest is my favorite item of all from their shop. I love the unusual features of  Rustique at it's Best Aqua Box. This tool box is adorable and the best part it's lined (see the website for a looksie)! Looks like someone had the same idea and used it as an alternative purpose lining it with a pretty pink vintage wallpaper. Don't you just wish you knew what they used it for!
Rustique At It's Best  Vintage Aqua  Box

Head over to The Vintage Nest for a huge assortment of wonderful vintage goodness like these boxes, among the many other categories they have.

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The Daily Swank - Organizing Bits & Pieces

Happy Monday morning lovelies! You know after the  last couple of years I've really come to love Mondays. The start of a new week,  new meals to plan and create for my family. The daily homework and when it's fall I just don't seem to mind it all. I'm back this Monday with more on my Fall Nesting series. Today's Daily Swank is a feature on a different look of organizing those little things around the house that seem  to wind up in a junk drawer or stashed somewhere.


Cute enough for your craft room or kitchen this gorgeous Magnet Frame is a perfect way to tidy up your notes and thoughts for the day. Created by hand from The Corner Boutique it features a lovely "vintage style" Amy Butler fabric in the center and a faux vintage finished frame.


Check this out! This is the The Tony Booklet - Cocoa blues, CD or DVD book. What a fabulous idea! Hand sewn from shop Cipolla. Each pocket of the (12) is carefully created from vintage fabrics to hold your DVD's or CD's. If you have one of those portable car DVD players, wouldn't this be great to store in your car!

I'll be back later today with a new place to shop for more Fall Nesting!

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The Daily Swank - A "Vintage Birthday" The Necessities

As far as I'm concerned you can't have the perfect birthday without a few necessities.. vintage necessities that is. Today's Daily Swank features some of the must haves for your next "vintage birthday party" planning and decor.


First you need invitations right? How about these Piece of Cake Party Invitations from Clementine Boutique. Hand crafted from vintage re pro fabric,  laced up with vintage rick rack and sewn to sturdy textured paper. What a cute way to invite friends to your next vintage party!


How about a vintage Birthday Candle that lasts and last for 16 whole years! That's right this rare find is from Etsy shop Nice. Nice offers this "vintage" candle and many other great treasures. If you love this you'll want to snatch it up quick as it's the only one in their shop!


I don't know about you but I love the look of vintage children's greeting cards. This Vintage Birthday card specifically for a three year old comes from Lolly's Attic Treasures and a treasure it is. This adorable card is just one of the many great paper finds in their shop.

This week's Vintage Birthday finds have been so much fun! I hope you've enjoyed them too!

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VI Headliner - FEATURED SPONSOR Precious Objects

Vintage Indie is proud to bring you a special interview from our Featured Sponsor Precious Objects. Gorgeous jewelery fit for a Queen, you fall in love with the details in each piece of Wendy's artwork.

This piece from her collection is one of my favorites. The Vintage Czech Luster Necklace with Gilded Teardrop Focal features a pendant from the 1920S.

Q&A with designer Wendy Humphreys of Precious Objects:

Q. What inspires your work?
A. I love ther thrill of the hunt ,looking for that treasure someone had no use for and taking it to recreate a new beautiful piece of jewerly and bring it back to life.

Q.How does vintage play a role in your designs?
A. I love to surround myself with beautiful things- Things that inspire me could be a color an old button, becomes a focal pendant for a necklace, I love soft colors, pinks, peach, and blues.

Q.Can you tell me a little more about your gemstone knowledge. What are your favorites?
A. I adore gemstones they facinate me. When a gemstone come straight from the ground in rough for then is trasfered into something that's faceted and shines it pure magic. My favorite gemstone is Tanzanite from Africa, it is no longer being mined today. The mine are closed down. A company has taken over the stone like DeBeers has taken over the diamond industry. Tanzanites are graded just like a diamond for color.  The color is dark blue with flashes of red. Tanzanite were indtroduced by Tiffany and Co. in the 1960's.My other favorite is a Morganite named after J.P. Morgan.  It is a soft pink to soft peach in color.

Head over Precious Objects for some of these rare gems paired with gorgeous vintage findings. I think you'll really enjoy the uniqueness of Wendy's work and style. Don't forget to tell her you found her on Vintage Indie!

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Vintage Indie Fall Flavors Teacup Swap


There are so many things about fall that I love. The gorgeous warm colors. The delicious smell of baked goods and spicy aromas. The need for cuddling and comfort. Almost daily in the fall you find a mixture of yummy flavors brewing on my stove.Whether it's apples, cinnamon, clove, oranges or even store bought cider, it doesn't matter. I hope you will join us for this years Vintage Fall Teacup Swap, Flavors of Fall.

Your swap package must include at least one vintage teacup and additional goodies of your favorite fall flavors. Whether it be a mulling spices, a fall tea, fall candle etc. The swap value is up to you( with a minimum of $15.00). This creates flexibility for you and your partner because you may score a really great vintage teacup for cheaper and able to add extra goodies or you may find a really great teacup closer to that price you just can't pass up, either way you'll want your partner to have fun too.

  If you are interested in participating the rules are simple, but must be followed so that everyone can enjoy in the fun.

1.) Post a Comment on this thread that you are interested in joining the swap. Sign ups are closed.

2.) Send me an email with your Full Name, Mailing Address, Email & your partner preference (domestic, international or doesn't matter)

*3.) I'll be sending your partner info Thursday!! Begin to gather your swap partners info (email them for likes, dislikes, color preferences etc.

4.) Compose your Swap package and Mail out by October 18, 2007 if you can't make this date, please don't sign up.

5.) IMPORTANT - I want everyone to have fun, receive a package and join us again for more vintage swaps so please, if for some reason you can't mail your package let me know right away.

Have fun and let the sign ups begin!


The gorgeous teacup and vintage artwork posted in the swap poster is the work of Kathi from Out on a Whim. This artwork will be included in the Swanky Swag Giveaway for October! Thanks Kathi!

The layout is created from the new Cherrywood Farm Scrapbook kit from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs. Thanks SMJ for all of the beautiful things you offer that are now being used to beautify Vintage Indie.

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The Daily Swank - A "Vintage Birthday" fit for a princess!

Fall in love with today's dreamy vintage birthday goodies. Fit for a princess or a queen. Today's Daily Swank features a whimsical and fairy tale feel.


You simply can't have a birthday party for a princess without giving her a crown. This Vintage Blue Birthday Fairy Crown is perfect for princess young or old. Handmade from "VeryFairy"by Tamar. I love the way this crown has a vintage garden feel with the gorgeous pink roses and little butterfly. All of the crowns offered in their shop are available made to order to fit any size.


Your guests won't have to feel left out once you put on your fairy crown. You can order them each a Chenille Birthday Party Hat! How adorable are these cu-ties from Tutu Cute & Moore. Each one can be personalized with letter beads too! 


You simply can't forget the cake! This gorgeous centerpiece Let them eat cake is a gorgeous ensemble of vintage tinsel, vintage candles, German glass glitter and more. Each  "slice" opens up to place a perfect little surprise inside. Find this darling cake at Moth to a Flame Studio and many more vintage style treasures.   

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VI Headliner Sponsor Spectacular Elm Studio Designs

  Shopping is made easy on Vintage Indie with our Sponsor Spectaculars. They include Special offers and gifts from our wonderful indie sponsors.

Elm_studio_designsToday's Sponsor Spectacular is from our lovely sponsor Elm Studio Designs. Check out their full feature here

Elmstudiodesigns2Elm Studios is offering Vintage Indie readers 10% off your purchase. Just tell them you found them on Vintage Indie and they'll send you an updated invoice! Head over to the Elm Studio Designs on Etsy to shop now!

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The Daily Swank - A Vintage Birthday

In honor of my sweet little boy's sixth birthday this week's Daily Swank will be all about Vintage Birthday goodies. I'll return next week to the Fall Nesting Series. I think you'll love all of the wonderful vintage goodness that I have for this week, all in honor of birthdays. There are so many great ways to make a loved one feel special or to throw a fantastic vintage birthday party.


Talk about a really swanky idea! How about a Birthday Sash from Stitch Mouth. These fun sashes are made with yummy satin and adorned with embroidery, lace and topped of with colorful vintage buttons. I think they would also make a perfect gift, you can order them with custom names too!


It's all in the details right? How about adding these Vintage Embossed Birthday Seals to ensure a perfect package or affixing them to vintage inspired invitations. Wouldn't that be fun? You can find these little details at  A Friends Garden on Etsy!

I'll be back more this week with Vintage Birthday specialties and goodies! I'll also be doing some updating to Vintage Indie this week, it seems as if The Daily Swank category is getting quite large so I'll be putting together subcategories for easier shopping.

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Vintage Indie Newsletter Archive - August


Editor's Letter
Vintage Indie combines two things that I'm passionate about. Vintage and Independent design and business. After recently owning my own business and then becoming the Beautify Me column writer for Wickedly Chic, I thought it was time to write about what keeps me going. The first two months have taken off with quite a bang and I'm so excited to see the level of readership climbing every day.

I'm a momma of two boys and married to a wonderful husband. Life is good and we are living our journey day to day. My husband and I both love vintage and antiques and you'll find us browsing local flea markets and shows quite often, toting our two boys in the wagon.

I hope you'll stop by Vintage Indie often as I envision being the voice of vintage, vintage style and the world of indie. I love your emails, and submissions for the cool places you visit and the neat stuff you buy. Feel free to send them over to me at any time.


To those of you who may have received my first newsletter, I have to apologize. That newsletter was a very rough draft and the email program used to send those out to you skipped a step, and went directly out to you. Please delete that one and use this one as your reference. Thank you!

Swanky Swag Giveaways
What's Swanky Swag?

Swanky  - imposingly fashionable and elegant

Swag - common term for promotional items, a souvenir of a special event.

The Vintage Indie Swanky Swag Giveaway is a rockin' monthly drawing for a box full of indie goodies. Including indie designed items with vintage components, vintage specialties, antiques & collectibles.

By siging up for the Vintage Indie Newsletter in August you were automatically entered in the drawing for the Shabby Chic Pink box of goodies. Stay tuned to Friday 8-31 when I announce the winner on Vintage Indie. Each month I'll be taking indie sponsored donations and will be giving away a great goody box. Some months may require you to comment on a Vintage Indie post, others may require something different. If you like to have a little fun while you are browsing Vintage Indie, you'll want to stop by often as the goodies are ever changing.

Vintage Teacup Swap
Love Swaps? Love Tea? If so you'll want to be apart of the Vintage Indie Teacup Swap. The Rules are simple, but must be followed so that everyone gets a package. Stay Tuned next week, when I announce the rules and details on VI.

Shop Vintage - The Vintage Kitchen

Avartar2 As most of you know I LOVE vintage... I know that may come to you as a surprise but I do, I really do. Not only do I love it but, so does my hubby . We share the responsibility of our Etsy shop The Vintage Kitchen... well kinda.

Lately, the shop has been filling up with some ultra delicious vintage dishes, teacups and girly things. I for one am super excited becuase I get to share with you the things I love the most. Him on the other hand well, he's more of a furniture guy. Either way, I thought it would be nice to The_vintage_kitchen_teacup_bone_chioffer all of Vintage Indie's fabulous readers 10% off anything in the shop any time.Pinkgooseberrypyrex250quart All you need to do is tell us in the notes to seller that you found us on Vintage Indie and we'll send you a revised invoice! Easy as PIE! Sound like fun?

Have a super fabulous day & I'll be back with today's Daily Swank later on!

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The Daily Swank - Fall Nesting Series #1 The Laundry

In a previous post I mentioned a little blurb about fall nesting. In essence fall nesting to me means, organizing, preparing the wardrobe for the colder seasons ahead and "fall cleaning" similar to the fun concept of ... spring cleaning.  Fall is by far my favorite season for many reasons. I love hay rides and trips to the pumpkin patch. I love the fall harvest, it symbolizes so much to me and an important celebration of so many things to be thankful for.

Today's Daily Swank is a sweet shop from the UK called The Laundry. Please be sure to take a moment to read the blurb on their front page. I hope today's shop gets you in the mood to prepare for the harvest and to enjoy fall nesting starting with the laundry.

From The Laundry shop is this adorable and perfectly useful Vintage Bucket Bag. Perfect for laundry days, these are made from various vintage fabrics and rick rack. I love the versatility of these bags, but doing things like laundry is much more fun when you have something this pretty to strap on your shoulder while working.

These aren't vintage, but I couldn't pass them up. These are Bird Clothes Pegs on a Card. What creative way to add a little fun to laundry day!

At the moment The Laundry's website isn't set up to ship outside of the UK, but they will do so if you contact them for arrangements.

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Shop Vintage - Featuring Glitter Workshop


If you love vintage & vintage-inspired kitsch, you're sure to love Glitter Workshop . I've been meaning to go & visit Naomi and the gang up in Madison, WI (about 2 hours from me) but have not made it there so far this summer. I'm hopeful for the fall. Don't worry if you aren't close to Madison as you can simply do your shopping online.

Glitter I think one of the coolest things that Glitter Workshop offers is their ephemera packets. Each packet contains a slew of vintage print items..perfect for making fun collages. These packets will set you back a mere 5 dollars & give you pleasure way beyond that.


If kitchen & household items are your thing, Glitter Workshop always has a number of must-haves for your home. This adorable squirrel nut holder may be the item that's missing from your living room.

That's a piece of the fun at GW. You never know what you'll find, everything is cool & with amazingly low prices, you might even find yourself shopping there every week!


A Special thanks to Liz, the editor over at Wickedly Chic for this special guest feature What a great place to shop for vintage, thanks for the write up! Don't forget to check out my column Beautify Me on Wickedly Chick every week. ~ Gabreial

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VI Headliner - Primrose Design

Just in time for this short week series of Fall Nesting is our wonderful sponsor Primrose Design. What's fall nesting? Well to some it's kind of like spring cleaning. Preparing your home for the winter. Organizing clothes and storing summer ones for next year. To me it's about getting organized. My oldest if back to school and life is once again on a sound schedule.

As an avid lover of vintage..( who would have thought right)? I often wear a vintage apron to cook, but it's usually the half skirt aprons, but recently had a great thought (I'm sure I'm not the first one on this idea)

Sometimes cleaning is whenever I can fit it in around here. I bet you often feel the same way. Often times more than not, I'm usually dressed in something not suitable for cleaning, but would rather not change for the short time I have.

That's where today's VI Headliner fits in so perfectly. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of these gorgeous Bib Aprons from Primrose design for those sporadic cleaning moments, when you want to keep your nicer clothes protected.

Head over to Primrose Design for this one and many other fabulous aprons! A girl can never have to many aprons! Psst... don't forget to tell them you found them on Vintage Indie!

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VI Headliner - Elm Studio Designs


Vintage Indie would like to offer a warm welcome to our newest sponsor Elm Studio Designs. Sometimes some of the smallest treasures offer the most chic appeal. Elm Studio Designs offers gorgeous jewelry design featuring vintage elements, for the simple or dressed up affair.

These Sweet Pea Amethyst Dimples from the Elm Studio line are among my favorites. I love the the sweet plump vintage amethyst beads that offer a perfect balance to the delicate tiny green beads.

Elm Studio Designs takes extra steps to create a perfect package to receive yourself or to give as a gift. Each piece of jewelry is wrapped in hand made paper and boxed with a complimentary gift card (inquire about gift card).

For your convenience they also offer Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and affordable shipping to Canada & International locations.

I hope you will stop by Elm Studio Designs for an easy shopping experience pleasantly located on one of my favorite shopping sites Etsy.


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VI Headliner - Banana Saurus Rex

Prepare to be the envy of me! I just purchased a gorgeous MamaGoToMarketBag from our newest sponsor Banana Saurus Rex. Ok, you don't have to be to envious for very long as this recently launched line from Banana Saurus Rex offers a whole lot of them to choose from.
A few weeks back I talked about the concept of "Vintage Green" Where vintage elements are used to create something new. By doing this we are limiting the amount of waste that go into our landfills. That's why I LOVE these bags. They are the perfect way to doing your part for the environment.

Bananasaurusrex2 Each bag is one of a kind and  hand crafted. Created from vintage and recycled materials.

Perfect for a trip to the market each bag holds a little less than a paper bag but a whole lot more than a plastic one. In addition to the perfect size, they also have a larger shoulder strap for comfort. I can't wait until mine come in!

Head over to Banana Saurus Rex to view more of their selection. Make your whole trip eco friendly when you purchase more you will save more. How chic would it be to have a cart full of these! PLUS Banana Saurus Rex is offering Free Shipping and extra goodies with each purchase, just mention you found them at Vintage Indie!



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