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Chances are if you are here for vintage, than you probably collect something. As an avid thrifter and antique shopper I'm always on the lookout for something special, but I haven't really pinpointed something I would like  to collect besides glass juicers. My collection consists of two. I've hooked up with some avid vintage shoppers to find out what they collect and I'll be sharing their collections and stories with you in our new What do you Collect feature.

The first one comes from Martha from Chico, CA. She collects vintage cookbooks. I wanted to know a little more about her collection. Follow this for a short interview!



Why do you collect vintage cook books?

The first one I bought was the Chiquita Banana one,
about 13 years ago. I was so in love with Chiquita, I
even had her tattooed on my arm. So naturally I had to
buy this book. It really gave me a glimpse of life in
the post-war era- not as it really was, but of the way
it was supposed to be. Every woman was supposed to
want nothing more than a thoroughly modern kitchen, a
shiny new husband, and a steaming hot dish of Ham
Banana Rolls With Cheese Sauce (an actual dish). This
book could help her achieve that. I gradually began
acquiring more of these little books, and before I
knew it, I had a bona-fide collection. Each one I found
was a new frontier of inconceivable concoctions and
badly colored photographs. I went through a manic
phase where I couldn't get enough of them.
Fortunately, I have it under control now.

What draws you to purchase one, when you see it?

If it has a gimmick, it usually appeals to me. The
books put out by various companies to show you how
many things you can make with their product. "Why
Evaporated Milk Makes Good Food Better". "Cooking With
Dr. Pepper!". I'm also attracted to anything with the
words "Gel-Cookery", "Meat", or "Food For Victory".
And pictures. It must have pictures. Even if it's just
a good cover, I'll usually buy it. Old images speak to
my heart...even when they're unrealistic and sometimes

Thanks Martha for a look into your collection! While your out shopping this year head over to Martha's Etsy shop Blue Rosetta Knits.



Cool collections! But I think the question for me is "what DON'T you collect?"

LuAnn Smith

I love the graphics on these books. I can't imagine how great the recipes are... Do you ever cook from them? How do you display them? Ok, I have a few questions... They are great. Thanks for sharing...

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