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Tis the Season for Holiday Magic

That's right Tis the Season for a little holiday magic. Tomorrow, my family and I will set out to pick out our balled tree, and begin spreading our holiday cheer on Sunday. I hope today's feature will get you in the mood for spreading your own holiday cheer the vintage way!


French Garden House will delight you with their own holiday magic collections. Full of vintage holiday decor. I love these vintage ornaments. They come as a gorgeous boxed set. Hurry, limited quantities available.


Don't forget the grown-ups on your stocking list this year. Try one of the French Garden House's Favor Cone's and fill it up with a special treat! Handmade and create from vintage wallpaper and adornments makes these also perfectly vintage indie.


What about the garland and glitter you say? There is plenty of sparkling German glass glitter to go around with these precious Silver Glitter Vertical chains

The French Garden House is full of special treasures like these and many more romantic home decor items, but just don't take my word for it.

Vintage Collections - Compacts

Welcome  to another Reader Collection feature. Today we'll visit a collection that's very popular, Vintage Compacts. They come from Nicole a collector in Western Pennsylvania.


This is the oldest compact in from her collection.
A 1934 Chicago Century of Progress Fair compact.
Compacts were at their height of popularity after WW2, when it became acceptable for women to apply cosmetics in public

Why do you collect vintage compacts?

My earliest fascination with makeup and compacts started when I was young, seeing my grandmothers Coty Airspun box on her bathroom counter. My collection is reminiscent of a time when "powdering one's nose" was in vogue


This golden round compact once contained solid Estee Lauder perfume.Compacts held a wide range of cosmetics and substances, not just powders.


Souvenir compacts like this Canadian piece were made in the early part of this century when travel and vacation was still a novelty.
This Rainbow bridge compact was probably made 1940's, after Construction of the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls.

Why do you love vintage?

I’m about a decade behind on technology and fashion, I don’t even own an Ipod! I believe vintage anything is a treasure waiting to be rediscovered. I love the “rediscovery” of vintage, everything old is new again.
My life is like a never ending treasure hunt.
I like the fact that recycling vintage, clothing, housewares etc.. Keeps our landfills from filling up. Vintage recycling is also good for our environment.


Thanks to Nicole for sharing your vintage compact collection with Vintage Indie. Nicole also happens to be the owner of a fun vintage shop. Vintage This Retro That, check out her shop for a great mix of vintage and modern supplies.

Tis the Season - Vintage Holiday Aprons

Tis the season and my favorite holiday, Christmas. Christmas all starts in the kitchen with me. It's where the aromas of Christmas flow and it's cherished memories created. That's why the first freature in my Tis The Season Vintage Holiday Series starts with aprons. I hope you will find a new apron from one of these features and be inspired to create something new in the kitchen for your family and loved ones.


Starting today's feature is this Vintage Fabric Adult Apron from eggmoney. Known for their needle work they also offer some great vintage goodness. You'll look adorable in this cherry ornaments apron!


Next up another great vintage half apron. This one features Jolly O Saint Nick himself. This one is from a new vintage shop on Etsy Lagelle. Stop by and check out some newly listed vintage aprons & more!

This is only the beginning of Vintage Indie's Tis the Season Series! Check back often for your vintage holiday fix.

Don't forget to check out the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide for wonderful gifts, holiday decorations, cards and more!

The Daily Swank - Vintage Coats & Jackets

No matter what kind of climate you are facing this winter there is a great vintage coat or jacket awaiting you. Today's Daily Swank features Etsy shop Cherry Pick Vintage where they offer a huge variety of coats and jacket. I'm highlighting some of my favorites for you here!


Looking for something longer? This coat will do the trick. It sure does look warm and cozy that's for sure. This is the Vintage 1960s workers union wool woven coat made in SCOTLAND.


How about something a little shorter with fab color? I like this one too, perfectly paired with your favorite jeans and a great pair of boots.. this one is hott! This is their authentic vintage 1970s rare velvet lavender trench coat.


I'm totally digging this motorcycle jacket! Very vintage and sporty. This is the planet Funk leather motorcycle jacket.


Lastly for today's Daily Swank feature is this great 1970's Ski Jacket. Full of color, vintage and fun. This would would make a great addition to your coat rack!

Head over to Cherry Pick Vintage to see a whole host of jackets, sweaters, coats and a ton more!

Vintage Collections - Lu-Ray Dishes

Back again with a Vintage Collection feature. Today brings you a gorgeous set of Lu-Ray dishes.  Heather from Peoria, IL is the lovely owner and I asked her a few questions about vintage and her love for these dishes.


Why do you love vintage dishes? 

The colors!  The blue-green called surf green is my favorite, with the rare gray color a close 2nd.   And I like to imagine my grandma(in one of the photographs behind the gray teapot) might have discussed a new set of Lu-ray with a traveling salesman.  It just reminds me of a different kind of lifestyle.  I would not have to drive a car everywhere and work would end at 5pm. 

Heatherlu_rayHeatherlu_ray3  Heatherlu_ray4

Tell us about what you collect and why?

My collection started with an impulse buy at an antique store.  I had seen this beautiful green/blue colored plate at another store, but thought I would never see it again.  Then I found another one, so I decided to purchase this one I had found.  A little sugar bowl with blue flowers had also caught my eye.  I bought them both.  Then I looked up the name Lu-Ray, which was on the back of the plate, on ebay...my collection had begun!  Then I looked up the name Taylor, Smith and Taylor who made Lu-ray and found they also designed the boutonnière sugar bowl I had found--another collection had begun.  I have gone on to purchase other designs like Dwarf Pine, ballerina mist, Hall refrigerator dishes, Brookpark melmac--I want to give them all a home. 


What's missing from your collection that you've just got to have? 

I would like to get a surf green Lu-Ray cake platter.

Thanks again to Heather for sharing this wonderful set with us! While your out doing some shopping check out Heathers shop on Etsy called rowdyharv . She's got some really great mixed media art and more!

VI Headliner - Charming Sam

There has been a lot of delightful buzz around  here and that includes our wonderful sponsor Charming Sam. You can also find them in this month's Swanky Swag Giveaway! I'd like to introduce you to their gorgeous jewelry line. There is bound to be something in their shop for Someone on your buying list this year.


Class certainly comes to mind when I think of Charming Sam. Simplicity is chic in this gorgeous Vintage Keyhole Necklace. I'm really drawn to the unique shape and form of this. It's hard to look away.


Charming as ever this Vintage Charm Bracelet is absolutely darling. It features pink chalcedony, Peruvian opal, German filigree, natural stick pearl and more.

Head over there now for 30% off for their 2 day sale! See details on their front page.

Vintage - What do you Collect?

Chances are if you are here for vintage, than you probably collect something. As an avid thrifter and antique shopper I'm always on the lookout for something special, but I haven't really pinpointed something I would like  to collect besides glass juicers. My collection consists of two. I've hooked up with some avid vintage shoppers to find out what they collect and I'll be sharing their collections and stories with you in our new What do you Collect feature.

The first one comes from Martha from Chico, CA. She collects vintage cookbooks. I wanted to know a little more about her collection. Follow this for a short interview!



Why do you collect vintage cook books?

The first one I bought was the Chiquita Banana one,
about 13 years ago. I was so in love with Chiquita, I
even had her tattooed on my arm. So naturally I had to
buy this book. It really gave me a glimpse of life in
the post-war era- not as it really was, but of the way
it was supposed to be. Every woman was supposed to
want nothing more than a thoroughly modern kitchen, a
shiny new husband, and a steaming hot dish of Ham
Banana Rolls With Cheese Sauce (an actual dish). This
book could help her achieve that. I gradually began
acquiring more of these little books, and before I
knew it, I had a bona-fide collection. Each one I found
was a new frontier of inconceivable concoctions and
badly colored photographs. I went through a manic
phase where I couldn't get enough of them.
Fortunately, I have it under control now.

What draws you to purchase one, when you see it?

If it has a gimmick, it usually appeals to me. The
books put out by various companies to show you how
many things you can make with their product. "Why
Evaporated Milk Makes Good Food Better". "Cooking With
Dr. Pepper!". I'm also attracted to anything with the
words "Gel-Cookery", "Meat", or "Food For Victory".
And pictures. It must have pictures. Even if it's just
a good cover, I'll usually buy it. Old images speak to
my heart...even when they're unrealistic and sometimes

Thanks Martha for a look into your collection! While your out shopping this year head over to Martha's Etsy shop Blue Rosetta Knits.

The Daily Swank - Vintage Coats Neutrals

When it comes to coats it's also good t o have a neutral one on hand for every day wear or if you like neutral colors like me. These fabulous vintage coats may be neutral, but they are different and swanky in their own way.


I LOVE this coat. Totally mod, and so much vintage fun all wrapped in one. This trench coat is from Revival House. Check out their shop for a ton of great vintage coats, sweater and super finds!


Now this one looks warm and cozy and I love the toggle buttons. This is a 60's wool duffle coat. It's also fully lined. Sized to fit small to medium. The best thing to do is check measurements before purchasing vintage items. Sizes have changed quite a bit. Head over to Put on that Dress for this fabulous coat and check out the tweed belted boho coat.


Next up another great neautral coat from Ramona West. This one also includes a hood! Fabulous toggle buttons and a light caramel color makes this a perfect every day coat. Head over to Ramona West where vintage meets handmade for an eco friendly indie shop! 


VI Headliner - Accessory a la Mode


Tis the season of gift giving and I love personalized gifts. Today's VI Headliner is a vintage dream. Perfect for gift giving Accessory a la Mode will delight you for sure.


Talk about gorgeous. Some of the jewelry from Accessory a la Mode is hand stamped metals combined with vintage delights. This stunning piece is MUSIC GIVES WINGS.  Jewelry becomes artwork with hand stamped antiqued brass, vintage jewels,a filigree pearl, a hand crafted collage art pendant and more.


Perfect for personalization is this hand-stamped Front Toggle Sterling Silver Tri-Bar Necklace You Choose Word or Name. You choose your names, quotes spread out over the three bars.

Head over to this wonderful VI sponsor and start fulfilling those wish lists!

The Daily Swank - Vintage Coats

It's getting colder and colder every day. As much as I would like to keep the flip flops out and the T-shirts on I just don't think it's going to happen. I've started to layer when I go out, and it's getting colder each time. Today's Daily Swank features some very swanky vintage coats from some wonderful vintage shops.


1st up is this fabulous Swing Military Pea Coat in Kelly Green with Big Buttons. This from Etsy shop Hip Hostage. Looks to be about a size 8 or 10. Hip Hostage advises you to check measurements.


Winter is not going to be boring this year. With many different colors and choices. This vintage style seems to be popular. I found this gorgeous Coral Baby Doll Coat from Etsy shop Dandelion Girl. It's a medium from the 1960s. They also suggest you follow up with the measurements for proper fitting.

I'll be back this week for a whole host of vintage coat selections to ensure you have the perfect one!

Swanky Swag - Bonus Monday!


This month's Swanky Swag is so much fun and full of indie goodness. Just in time for the holidays when you are out shopping for everyone else. Now is your chance to win a gorgeous box just for you!

I thought I would do things up a little differently and give you a second chance to enter.

Here is what you have to do. Go to one of the indie & vintage shop links found in this feature(they are all contributors to the box) and post something totally swanky that you'd love to have. Then, leave a comment and post a link to the shop you visited, & the item. That's it! Have fun!!

All Vintage Indie Newsletter subscribers are automatically entered once. If you aren't a subscriber you can join by following this link.

Limit one comment and 2 Entries per person. Once by joining our newsletter, A second by commenting in this post. You have until Friday to enter the bonus comment entry.Ss3 

Go now to check them out! 
Gabriel's Aunt
Vintage Body Spa, LLC
Out On A Whim
Morning Sky Jewelry
Simply Me Art
Delia's Delight Jewelry
Icing on the Cake Studio
Ericalyn Designs
Charming Sam Studios
Vie Chaotique (Gift Certificate)
The Vintage Kitchen (Gift Certificate)

I will draw the name on Friday.

Thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn for the beautiful graphics, now being used to beautify Vintage Indie

Goodmorning & Thank You.

Good morning readers & supporters,

Many of you have probably been up in the wee morning putting your turkey in the oven, preparing for the day. Some of you may be sleeping in for some much needed rest and others I might catch sipping their coffee or tea and catching up on a little reading. If you happen to make it to reading this message I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for continually visiting Vintage Indie. Whether you make it here every day or you visit when you can, I truly appreciate you. I appreciate each and every supporter. Without your support and without the continued readership, I couldn't do it. Writing and sharing the things I love with you is what makes all of this worth while.

I'll be visiting with family and friends today sharing baked goods and giving thanks. I'll catch you tomorrow with the Vintage Indie Newsletter and announce who's in the Swanky Swag Giveaway Box.

With gratitude,


The Daily Swank - Winter Warmers

Back again. The Daily Swank is feeling all warm in cozy with all of these delightful handmade and independent creations.


Something a little different to keep those fingers warm are these adorable muffs from A Muffs a Muff. Similar to what American Football Quarterbacks use, but totally chic! Head over to A Muffs a Muff on Etsy for your own special warmer.



Next up from Annies Wearable Art is this AUTUMN DANCER Gypsy Cloche. This cloche is very versatile and a lot of fun. It's accented with a vintage scarf, but can be removed and worn without. Head over to Annies Wearable art for more hats, gloves and more to keep you warm for winter.

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The Daily Swank - Patchwork Warmth

Today's Daily Swank continues with my "preparing for winter" I love these brightly colored scarfs.

ShagpileFirst up from Shagpile is their Angie Super Snug Scarf and with matching pin. This one is brightly colored and accented with 1960's fabric.  Who says winter has to be bland and boring?! Head over to Shagpile for great handbags too.


Next up this is this one of of a kind neckwarmer from Dismantled. It's made from vintage multicolored crazy hexagon fabric and over-sized for extra style. I love the additional handmade flower with buttons! Head over to Dismantled and create a custom order for a special one just for you!

Vintage Indie - Vintage Goodness for Fun!

Just for fun I nabbed a Treasury on Etsy full of wonderful vintage goodness from Vintage Indie Sponsors front page and the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide. If you see something you like be sure to check out the gift guide to see if the shop is listed with a discount code. OK, I know these won't last long on Etsy since they are part of a testing phase, but they sure are fun to make. Check out this one to it's A Vintage Christmas.


The Daily Swank - Preparing for Winter

This week starts a whole host of features to prepare you and your family for winter weather. This week also marks one of the biggest shopping days of the year and we plan on doing our best to make it the best shopping experience ever... wait until later in the week to learn how!


Starting things off a little differently is this fabulous Vintage Style Capelet from Haute Hooked Designs. It includes a sweet brooch to accompany or wear it without. Hand crocheted from soft lightweight wool. Very versatile the capelet can be paired with your wardrobe many different ways for a warming style. Head over to Haute Hooked Designs for more capelets, scarves and more.


Next up a gorgeous shop on Etsy is Urban Heirlooms. This stunning piece is their Frivolous...Tea-Dipped Vintage Doily Scarf with Lilac Velvet Ribbon and Embroidered Silk. Totally feminine and chic I think this piece is amazing. Created from vintage doilies, vintage lace and more your neck will thank you for this one.

I'll be back with more things to prepare you for winter the vintage indie way, very soon. Until then please enjoy your Monday!


VI Headliner - Thinking Christmas


Slowly easing into the holidays and heading into Christmas today's VI Headliner Daisy Lane Designs will get you in the spirit!



Daisy Lane Designs is a fabulous example of vintage indie. They create a perfect blend of vintage and fine craftsmanship to make one of a kind designs. These stockings are absolutely adorable. They are created from a mix of vintage fabrics, quilts and new textiles to make a lasting impression.

They suggest using these all year round for special occasions like birthdays and mothers day. I couldn't agree more, what a fun way to do a little something different.

Visit Daisy Lane Designs in the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide for special savings.

Special Weekend Feature

Good Saturday morning! Yep that's right a special shopping report & weekly recap of his weeks specials, contests features and more.

So you thought last night's post was one last look at fall. Well after making my daily morning stop to Etsy to purchase a few gifts myself from this fabulous shop. I couldn't help but share this gorgeous front page treasury with you. I LOVE all of the fabulous fall colors.



I also wanted to remind you of the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide. It is full of fabulous gifts for everyone and the best part fantastic coupons, savings, and discounts! Head over there now to check out all of the wonderful sponsors.


A day ago I featured this wonderful shop Vintage Renewal who makes some super swanky vintage furniture into treasures! They are back and with a special offer just for Vintage Indie readers. They are offering 10% off any of their pieces until January 1st 2008. (Mention Vintage Indie) Head over to their website or Etsy shop to take advantage of the savings.


Vintage Indie's Featured Sponsor Trace Ellements is offering up some holiday cheer with a fabulous holiday special!

Holiday Special!
Get a FREE gift item* when you buy $50 or more of
Trace Ellements Jewelry! (*Gift offer includes one Fan Pull, Bottle Stopper, Book Mark, Key Chain or Zipper Pull only, now through Dec.20, 2007) Please request your FREE gift in the comments line at checkout.
Also enjoy FREE U.S. Shipping for Orders of $50 or more.

Swankyswagbutton Swanky Swag Giveaway!

Don't forget to sign up for this super wonderful indie giveaway here on Vintage Indie every month. I'll be announcing what's in the box in Friday's Newsletter! You'll also have a special second chance at entering twice, but you must have signed up once first.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by Vintage Indie today!


The Daily Swank - Soaking Up Fall One Last Time

It seems as if the weather aroud here is skipping seasons, jumping from deliciously perfetly warm, 68 degrees to blistery cold and flurries. I thought I would snag one more look into warm autumn colors with a Daily Swank feature.

A delightful array of vintage goodness is Etsy shop Sparkle Power. Perfect time for dinner parties and family gatherings you can find an array of warm fall colors to soak it up until the last drop, or enjoy fall all seasons with fun vintage items.



Top left Vintage Seam Binding, Top Right Vintage Teardrop Plates, Bottom left Oval Serving Tray, Bottom Right Vintage napkin set

The Daily Swank Take 2 - Vintage Thanksgiving Guide Entertaining

Today is booming with fabulous vintage goodness as I bring you more delightful treasures. Check out this Thanksgiving Entertaining guide for a whole host of perfect items for your dinner party.

MycraftercornertableclothMycraftycorner   Dress Your Table

Choose a perfect vintage table cloth, either new to your traditions or handed down from generations. If you love it, and it crates a warm family feeling for you, your guests will love it. Tablecloths pictured My Crafty Corner


If you prefer, choose place mats. make each place setting personal and mix and match like colors for a flowing theme.

Place mats from Tacky Back In Time (VI Sponsor)

Dinnerware Estatesale_4

Do you dress up your table with fancy china? That's fine if you do. You can continue with that tradition or start a new one try vintage melmac. Many different patterns to choose from and would also be great to dress up the kids table. Find this awesome set at Estate Sale on Etsy.


Serve it up!

Just think of all those yummy dishes that you'll be serving to your friends and family. Choose one of these lovely vintage servers for something special like turkey!

left Fresh Eggs Vintage 


OOH what about all those yummy pies. Wouldn't each one look fantastic up on one of these vintage style cake stands from Sadie Olive.  See Sadie Olive in the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide for a special discount offer.

I hope you enjoyed these great vintage ideas for entertaining a perfect Vintage Thanksgiving.

The Daily Swank - Vintage Renewal

Ahhh.... a sigh, a sigh of goodness. A sigh of reasoning..... what am I blabbering about? Well, today's Daily Swank just makes me smile. It's exactly a breath of fresh vintage indie air! I'm talking about Vintage Renewal. This Denver based company is full of fabulousness for all of us vintage indie lovers.


When I spotted this chair on Etsy in the fabulous vintage category I knew I had to show you this company. Both vintage and modern this Tub Chair is covered in a gorgeous poppy linen fabric, and the legs painted in black for a slick modern feel. Isn't it dreamy!


How about this one? This is the Lady Bug Red Floral Chair. I can think of a couple of people who may actually just fight over this one... ha ha. Named after the Lady Bug red paint used to bring out the frame of this vintage chair it is also covered in swanky vintage floral fabric.

Head over to Vintage Renewal's website or Etsy shop for many more fabulous vintage stools, Chairs and more. 

VI Headliner - A Punkin Card Company


Every year the air is filled with sounds of crisp papers wrestling through family & friends fingers. Each one standing by waiting for news to hear from a loved one. The cards arrive safely in the hands of mail carriers all over the world and messages of seasons greetings soon create a smile on their face. Today's sponsor A Punkin Card Company will get you well on your way to start this beloved tradition.





Enjoy many choices at A Punkin Card Company. Each card is hand made and hand stamped creating a a unique personal card in many styles. A Punkin Card company also has many delightful tags, postcards and more for all of your paper needs.

Give someone a smile this year from A Punkin Card Company.

The Daily Swank - Vintage Body Spa

Today's Daily Swank is a personal favorite of mine for many reasons. For one I created the company, I created the products and the current product line. Two, it has a shining new owner, new life and the product line will be growing in 2008. I'm talking about my former indie company Vintage Body Spa, LLC. I have to say, if you are looking for luxurious bath and body products you have come to the right place. Vintage Body Spa, products are created by hand in small batches to ensure you are getting the best possibly quality and a higher end product line at an affordable price.


The Wake Up Sugar Scrub is one of my personal favorites and well loved by friends, family and customers. It's rich, and soothing and moisturizes perfectly. Check out the Special offer from Vintage Body Spa in the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide.


My next favorite are the Butter Beans. A MUST have for every bath. Drop a few of these in and you will be delivered to a bliss of fizzing sensation and a release of a wonderful fragrance.

Head over to the the Vintage Body Spa Website or their Etsy shop for Body Creams, Bath Pockets (YUM), Lip Balms & More!

Enjoy! You deserve a little pampering!

The Daily Swank - Thanksgiving Mood

Today's Daily Swank feature brings you a few items to set the mood for a host of features to get you in the mood for a wonderful holiday and a great time of year, Thanksgiving.


This fantastic Vintage Thanksgiving Card and others like it can be found at Strawberry Hill. This sweet shop also offers many handcrafted tags, cards, altered items and more. Shop early and find some really great Christmas tags to jazz up your gifts!


How is this for something a little different this fall. I love this adorable Shabby Fall Pumpkin. Wouldn't this look great in your cottage home paired with your finest silver for Thanksgiving. This pumpkin features vintage buttons, lace and millinery leaves. All from Gardenhouse.


Vintage Holiday Gift Guide

Vintageindiegiftguide Have you seen it? It's here &... it's AMAZING ...it's INDIE... its VINTAGE... & it's FUN!!

Do a little something different this holiday shopping season. Pull up a chair wearing your favorite jammies sipping your favorite hot drink and shop til' you drop in just a few short clicks!

The best part is, each and every item in this fabulous gift guide is from an indie company! No busy shopping lines here just the joy of shopping minus the hassle!

Have fun & thank you for buying handmade and shopping independent this year!

I'll be back with Gift Guide features for the next few weeks, but you'll have to head over to the guide for all of the fabulous specials, coupon codes & more!