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Special Weekend Feature

The Daily Swank - Soaking Up Fall One Last Time

It seems as if the weather aroud here is skipping seasons, jumping from deliciously perfetly warm, 68 degrees to blistery cold and flurries. I thought I would snag one more look into warm autumn colors with a Daily Swank feature.

A delightful array of vintage goodness is Etsy shop Sparkle Power. Perfect time for dinner parties and family gatherings you can find an array of warm fall colors to soak it up until the last drop, or enjoy fall all seasons with fun vintage items.



Top left Vintage Seam Binding, Top Right Vintage Teardrop Plates, Bottom left Oval Serving Tray, Bottom Right Vintage napkin set


cathy nash

Just stumbled onto your blog--very informative!
Best wishes~Cathy

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