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Welcome  to another Reader Collection feature. Today we'll visit a collection that's very popular, Vintage Compacts. They come from Nicole a collector in Western Pennsylvania.


This is the oldest compact in from her collection.
A 1934 Chicago Century of Progress Fair compact.
Compacts were at their height of popularity after WW2, when it became acceptable for women to apply cosmetics in public

Why do you collect vintage compacts?

My earliest fascination with makeup and compacts started when I was young, seeing my grandmothers Coty Airspun box on her bathroom counter. My collection is reminiscent of a time when "powdering one's nose" was in vogue


This golden round compact once contained solid Estee Lauder perfume.Compacts held a wide range of cosmetics and substances, not just powders.


Souvenir compacts like this Canadian piece were made in the early part of this century when travel and vacation was still a novelty.
This Rainbow bridge compact was probably made 1940's, after Construction of the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls.

Why do you love vintage?

I’m about a decade behind on technology and fashion, I don’t even own an Ipod! I believe vintage anything is a treasure waiting to be rediscovered. I love the “rediscovery” of vintage, everything old is new again.
My life is like a never ending treasure hunt.
I like the fact that recycling vintage, clothing, housewares etc.. Keeps our landfills from filling up. Vintage recycling is also good for our environment.


Thanks to Nicole for sharing your vintage compact collection with Vintage Indie. Nicole also happens to be the owner of a fun vintage shop. Vintage This Retro That, check out her shop for a great mix of vintage and modern supplies.



Your vintage compacts are really sweet!

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