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Back again with a Vintage Collection feature. Today brings you a gorgeous set of Lu-Ray dishes.  Heather from Peoria, IL is the lovely owner and I asked her a few questions about vintage and her love for these dishes.


Why do you love vintage dishes? 

The colors!  The blue-green called surf green is my favorite, with the rare gray color a close 2nd.   And I like to imagine my grandma(in one of the photographs behind the gray teapot) might have discussed a new set of Lu-ray with a traveling salesman.  It just reminds me of a different kind of lifestyle.  I would not have to drive a car everywhere and work would end at 5pm. 

Heatherlu_rayHeatherlu_ray3  Heatherlu_ray4

Tell us about what you collect and why?

My collection started with an impulse buy at an antique store.  I had seen this beautiful green/blue colored plate at another store, but thought I would never see it again.  Then I found another one, so I decided to purchase this one I had found.  A little sugar bowl with blue flowers had also caught my eye.  I bought them both.  Then I looked up the name Lu-Ray, which was on the back of the plate, on collection had begun!  Then I looked up the name Taylor, Smith and Taylor who made Lu-ray and found they also designed the boutonnière sugar bowl I had found--another collection had begun.  I have gone on to purchase other designs like Dwarf Pine, ballerina mist, Hall refrigerator dishes, Brookpark melmac--I want to give them all a home. 


What's missing from your collection that you've just got to have? 

I would like to get a surf green Lu-Ray cake platter.

Thanks again to Heather for sharing this wonderful set with us! While your out doing some shopping check out Heathers shop on Etsy called rowdyharv . She's got some really great mixed media art and more!


LuAnn Smith

Wow, a beautiful collection rowdyharv. Good for you! Your pictures are really nice.

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