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The Daily Swank - Indulge the Princess in You.

Today's Daily Swank from So-Charmed is just that, "charming" I'm in love with the precious designs from this shop. I think each and every one would make a great gift for your little princess this Valentine's Day or even for indulging the princess in you.


This indie company is "baking" up some yummy treats for Valentine's Day. This Valentine Cake is made right on top of a vintage button. Don't you just love those little hearts!


If that Valentine Cake wasn't enough to make you swoon, then how about this delicious little Peaches and Roses cake atop a vintage button. This one is a special badge, attach anywhere to add some charm to your life.


What's a celebration without a dip in some chocolate right?
How about serving up this Dark Chocolate cake sitting atop a vintage pink button with a "pink icing rose"

Thanks for visiting with me for today's Daily Swank! Head over to So-Charmed for your little slice of heaven and many more fabulous handmade creations.

Special Guest - Penelopepup's Vintage Clothing

Welcome to another Special Guest Feature on Vintage Indie. Today we welcome Penelopepup's Vintage Clothing  shop for a look at this years fashion trends, by exploring past years vintage! Here's what Penelopepup's shop owner Jen, had to say.

Penelopepups_vintage The beauty of buying vintage clothing is that it allows you to easily keep up with current fashion trends while saving money and keeping your wardrobe uniquely you. Designers are constantly drawing inspiration from the past and you can wear that inspiration for a fraction of the cost of the designer piece while resting assured that the chances of someone else showing up in the same outfit are  slim to none.

Some of this years fashion trends that easily translate to vintage include-


Plaid prints-  Usually saved for fall, but big on the runways for spring this year as well. Wear it bold with a vintage fitted blazer or add just a touch with a whimsical vintage plaid cap.


Floral prints-  Big for spring this year from soft and sheer romantic to big, bold and colorful. Vintage dresses are a great place to find amazing floral prints from prim and proper 50's and bold 60's to soft 70's and over the top 80's.


Metallic's and sequins- Still going strong in 2008 and it's so easy to add a touch of sparkle with vintage. Go disco glam with a sequined top or add a touch of shimmer with a classic 60's metallic clutch (clutches are big this year as well).

Whether you choose to follow trends religiously, add just a few here and there or create your own, vintage has something to offer everyone. Especially those who like to save money and stay eco conscious while remaining  fabulously fashionable. Happy shopping!

A special thank you to Penelopepup's Vintage Clothing for sharing these fabulous trends with us!
Head over to Jen's lovely shop for a huge selection of wonderful vintage clothing and accessories.

VI News & Updates

Hey there!

Did you just get the latest edition of the Vintage Indie newsletter? Well, great than you don't need to sign up for the Swanky Swag giveaway again because you are already entered for January's contest. If you didn't get your newsletter, than you'll need to sign up for your chance to win.

February's contest will be different, so stay tuned to a future post for more on how you'll need to enter that one and future contests.

In the meantime, have you noticed some of your favorite categories missing? Don't worry all of the posts are still there, I'm just cleaning up around here and making things easier to navigate.

Until later, have a good one!


Vintage & Modern Mingle

More often times than not, I stumble upon a new item, a new shop, a blog, or vintage object that holds my attention and I have to literally pull myself away. I often say to my husband, "Can you image how long or is it even possible for you to ever see or read everything you could possibly want to on the world wide web?". This may show my geeky side, but I'm fascinated with information.

It's that idea that someone else out there loves vintage objects, ideas and styles as much as I do. It's the idea that someone's thoughts & hands went into creating something that they're passionate about. Each day these things give me inspiration and I hope to capture your attention with Vintage Indie's new inspiration boards, showing just how much vintage & modern really do mingle perfectly together.

- Feel inspired? Share with us how today's board inspired you.


Artdecobuttons_vintagenecessities Mustardpillow_absoluut

Vintage Buttons @ Vintage Necessities

Pillow Cover @ absoluut

Polkadots_executeme Mustardseedyellow_knittydirtygirl

Polka Dots @ executeme

Mustard Seed @ Knittydirtygirl


Vintage Contact Paper @ Lake Ruby

Vintage Necklace @ Jewelry Chick


The Daily Swank - Around the World

Today's Daily Swank is one of my favorite vintage finds. When I come upon them when I'm out thrifting and antiquing I feel like a little girl. Spinning them on their base and mesmerized by their glory. To me the globe is one of the neatest inventions. If you've ever wanted a globe of your own, you've come to the right place for today's Daily Swank around the world.

Cram's Imperial Globe from the lovely White Elephant Vintage Shop.



Tin Glove with Astrological Signs.
This one from the charming Wren and Chickadee Etsy shop.






From Graphite Guru another wonderful large vintage globe.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Vintage Inspirations

Check Vintage Indie often as the Valentines Day Gift Guide feature will stay at the top each day there is a new feature. After you've visited our Valentine's Day Gift Guide Sponsor's shop come on back and scroll down for new posts!



Vintage Inspirations captures "every day beauty" with a passion for timeless treasures. Handcrafted jewelry created from the finest materials available and extreme attention to detail. Totally chic and wearable for any occasion.


Simplicity and grace came to mind when I found this Lemon Quartz Tiered Necklace at Vintage Inspirations. Dressed up for a night on the town or an every day piece this necklace is perfectly charming.


Dazzling and Delicate these Sweetheart Drop Earrings are a perfect fit for Valentine's Day. Treat your loved ones to handmade perfection that includes pink topaz and smoky quartz.


Handmade perfection and one of my favorites from Vintage Inspirations line are these stunning Isabelle Earrings. Beautiful craftsmanship, paired with rare jewels, I think these would be a perfect "go to" pair. You know, the ones your always going back to because they go with everything.

Head over to Vintage Inspirations,
domestic shipping is always free for regular priced items. They are also offering  10% off your entire order through Feb 14, 2008. Just type in promo code: Vintage Indie in your "notes to seller" with a simple convo first.


Don't forget to scroll down to read more Vintage Indie features!



Vintage Indie News January 26th

Hey there Vintage Indie readers! You may have have noticed all the new around here, isn't it exciting! I know I'm thrilled to have the new look and hope you are too. With all of the new features like the What You Make of ItVintage Hot Spots from Guest Reporters (along with the vintage shopping directory coming soon), and our special guests I think 2008 is off to a great start.

I've provided some fabulous new buttons below for you to grab,  feel free to link to Vintage Indie with them but, be a doll and save them to your hard drive would ya? Thanks!


If you were featured on Vintage Indie & would like the new "As seen On" button please email me subject: ASO Button.

I'd also like to send a HUGE thank you to the lovely and talented Miss Casey from Elegant Musings. Vintage Indie's featured sponsor of the month. An amazing artist and talented creator who has an enormous future ahead of her. Please visit her website Elegant Musings for a collection of all her wonderful things and more.

Vintage Hot Spots - New Guest Reporter Feature - Long Beach CA Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market

J0400912_2 Guest Reporters show off their favorite vintage, antiques & collectibles places & events to shop. From little hidden gems in small towns to huge shows around the world. Discover new places, find out what others look for when they shop, and mark them on your map of "must visit" places.

Do you have a local "Vintage Hot Spot" to shop, that you want to share with Vintage Indie readers? Send me your ideas/submissions along with 3 or more photos with the subject Vintage Hot Spot for consideration.
First up we head to Long Beach California Outdoor Antiques and Collectible Market with our  guest reporter Valerie M.  of  Wonderlust & Pixie Dust.

"This was my first visit to the Long Beach Antique and Collectibles Market in a very long time.  In the good old days it used to be a monthly ritual along with the wonderful Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena California. I could feel myself getting all giddy as I walked up to pluck down my $5.  There was so much to see I didn't know where to run first.  This was also my first time attempting to take pictures with a purpose in mind and I wasn't sure how they were going to come out. Let me share with you some of the treasures that I wish I could have dragged home with me."

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of Valerie's trip to the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectibles Market and mark your calendar to shop rain or shine for February 17th.

In the meantime head over to Wanderlust & Pixie Dust for your fix a vintage, altered art & supplies.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Nanalulu's Linen Closet

Check Vintage Indie often as the Valentines Day Gift Guide feature will stay at the top each day there is a new feature. After you've visited our Valentine's Day Gift Guide Sponsor's shop come on back and scroll down for new posts!


In a way, linens tell the story of life. Blankets, quilts and tablecloths are passed down from generation to generation. Some handmade and some purchased from a local shop that everyone remembers. Giving these sort of gifts provokes warm feelings and creates memories. Nanalulu's Linen Closet sets that tone for gift giving and offers an array of wonderful items and for today's feature a lovely line of Valentine's Day specialties.


One of the cutest kitchen towel sets I've ever seen. This set of four are "feed sack" style and each comes with and adorable vintage graphic.  These would make a perfect gift for a special daughter, mother sister or friend this Valentine's Day!


Next up is this wonderful set of vintage Valentine's Day Cards. Perfect for display, crafting or passing on to your sweetie, these are ones for storing forever and bringing out each year.


One of my favorite finds from Nanalulu's Linen Closet is this special hanky, want to know why it's special? It has a secret.

Nanalulu's products include fabulous history information and full details for each one. That's customer service in it's finest when it comes to vintage. That tells me you can be confident in what you purchase, because nothing is hidden... except for this secret hanky, but you'll have to head over to find out what it is.

While you are shopping at Nanalulu's use the word HOLIDAY upon checkout for coupon code to receive $2.00 off mailing costs, special expires on 2/14/08.


Don't forget to scroll down to read more Vintage Indie features!

VI Headliner - Flying Needle Gallery


Welcome to another VI Headliner featuring our sponsor Flying Needle Gallery. Two statements that come to mind when I think of Flying Needle Gallery, high class and handmade. Provoking luxury Flying Needle Gallery creates products by hand with lavish velvet, soothing silks and comforting cotton.


Adorn your home with a gorgeous patchwork silk pillows. This one the Autumn V is created in warm hues to accent your home.



Adorn your bare neck with an Avanti Scarf from Flying Needle Gallery. Each one handmade with velvet to comfort and cuddle you on a cold winter's day, while the hand beaded fringe adds style and elegance to this unique accessory. 


Shop Eco Friendly at Flying Needle Gallery too, with their line of dinner napkins. Each one created from organic grown and died fabrics.

Head over to Flying Needle Gallery and explore these fine handmade products and many more including kids items, robes & gifts.

Special Guest Blue Velvet Vintage - Vintage Fashion Trends

Welcome to another Special Guest Feature on Vintage Indie. Today we are visiting with Blue Velvet Vintage owner Theresa who's going to share some fabulous vintage fashion trends for 2008. Theresa is passionate about preserving the past and incorporating it into the modern day. Pull up a chair and find some fabulous inspiration from Theresa and then head over to Blue Velvet Vintage for a full line of vintage fashions to fit into your every day life.

When people find out you deal in  vintage clothing for a living, one of the first things they want to know is what the most popular eras or styles are that you sell. It’s always a tough question to answer,  because the vintage market attracts those who choose clothing because they love a specific era,  its classic style or unique look.   So at any given time we’re selling a mixed bag of styles from the 30s right through to the 80s.


If I had to narrow it down,  the first thing at the top of the vintage top seller list would be dresses.  Designers have definitely caught onto this and have been showing lots of vintage inspired dresses for several seasons now.

(Photo left, Elle Magazine November Issue 07
showing 50s inspired sun dresses for spring.)


As far as my business goes, dresses  from the 40s, 50s, and early 60s are always in demand, with 70s a close second. Depending on what vintage style is being interpreted on the runways for a particular season,  it will often reflect in an  upsurge in sales of the authentic vintage clothing from that era.

(Picture left, Janet Russo 50's Style Embroidered Satin Swink Dress Blue Velvet Vintage)

For instance,  many designers have shown  bright floral print 50s style sun dresses and  70s maxi dresses for their 2008 spring/summer collections. Even though these styles are always popular sellers with us,  we’re already seeing a higher than usual demand for  them,  though it’s only January.

(Photo's up,
maxi dresses from the Diane Von Furstenburg(left) and DKNY spring/summer collections, via)


Photos up our dresses we have at Blue Velvet Vintage, the styles of which we’re seeing a higher than average sales volume.

We’ve also noticed increased interest in very feminine dresses with ruffles and lace, pouffy 50’s prom dresses and anything with Grecian/Roman style draping.

What vintage fashion trend will you follow this year? Special thanks to Theresa from Blue Velvet Vintage for a great feature & offering some fabulous vintage clothing!

The Daily Swank - Cyrus The Potter

Good Monday morning VI readers! Do you remember the days of milk delivery? Well, I'm sorry to say I don't, which probably shows my age a little, but I do have many stories from when my mom had milk delivery as a little girl. To me, the idea of fresh milk in cute little jars just seems whimsical and fun. I know, it probably wasn't as glamorous as that, but to this day whenever I'm stumble upon those milk shaped bottles I feel drawn to them. Today's Daily Swank brings back those memories for some and leaves others dreaming of "The Milk Man".


Cyrus The Potter catches our attention with his gorgeous Milk Bottle Set.

Don't you just love these?


I'm just amazed at the talent that can come from someones two hands. Once a pile of clay.....objects transformed over time to provoke memories and to delight.


Food and dishwasher safe, a modern girl's dream. This set comes with a vintage milk crate carrier with a red resin handle.

Cyrus The Potter's store will amaze you with other wonderful hand made creations, truly indie form and design.

VI Headliner - Elegant Musings


VI Headliner Elegant Musings is back again with a deeper look in to the mind behind the whimsical creatures and fabulous artwork.

I asked Casey a few questions about her artwork, inspiration and more. Head over to her slice of heaven via the web for a wonderful new art print, just released.

Vi_elegantmusings05 1. What inspires your creativity?
    If I could break it down into a simple list, that would be easy! At the risk of sounding cliché, life inspires me! Friends who blog about their quest for an artful lifestyle, bits and pieces of vintage lace, window shop displays (especially those in antique stores!), cloud formations, good food, antique clothing, old photographs, artist I admire... I pretty much gather ideas all the time, through everything I read, see or hear! Music, I do have to say, has played a large role in inspiring me--such a great mood-setter!


2. How does vintage play a role in your designs?
    Vintage plays an enormous role! I have always been drawn to “old fashioned” things. I was lucky to have a mother who valued antiques and grew up in a house with old things all around. My grandparents were also antique dealers for several decades, so going over to their house was always loads of fun!! I try to capture the whimsical nature of vintage items; they always have a look about them like they’ve got lots of exciting stories hidden away! I also use many vintage bits and scraps in the accessories I create; antique lace and old buttons are my favorite components.


3. What does indie mean to you?
    Indie means something that was created by someone who isn’t sitting in a workroom somewhere, designing a product line for a manufacturer. It has a human, handcrafted element that lends a certain charm to it (that mass produced tries to emulate and so often lacks). Indie is about supporting smaller designers who strive to inject personality and their unique vision into their creations! And so often indie marches to the beat of its own drum... which I just love! There is no “right” or “wrong” style, look or fashion; all creative expression is valid and worth while!

Head over to our Featured Sponsor's Shop Elegant Musings and check out her lovely new print Heart Strings that has been receiving rave reviews and more!

VI Headliner - Tacky Back In Time


Looking for some vintage/retro supplies for crafting and creating? How about some fabric for the new What you Make of It feature today? Well our sponsor Tacky Back In Time is here today to help out!


Retro Folk Art fabric comes together with bright cheerful colors just waiting to be turned into something special. A little over 1 yard and 36" wide.


Next up, another great "Vintage Green" crafting piece. These 2 Dove Placemats would make a lovely pin cushion or if you just love to collect items with doves, these make a great fit!


Lastly, I totally see this fabric morphed into a chic clutch, perfect for summery evenings out on the town, don't you?

Head over to Tacky Back In Time for timeless fabrics and crafting supplies! Enjoy!

New Feature - What You Make of It

Today kicks off a new feature here at Vintage Indie called What You Make of It.  I'm so excited to bring you a feature that also involves many of the passions of Vintage Indie readers and businesses and that's crafting. This feature doesn't limit itself to just crafting, but it's also a form of "Vintage Green" creating crafty items with vintage components is a form of recycling which is good for the environment! If you have a crafty tutorial that you'd like to share in our new feature. Please contact me soon and share with others "What You Make of It".

Vintage Indie welcomes Bari J. for our first What You Make of It tutorial. Have some vintage fabric and vintage buttons lying around? Bari J has created a totally cute way for you to get crafty with her adorable pin cushions.


Please feel free to link to the tutorial here, but do not copy and re-distribute without permission from Bari J.

Download pin_cushion_tutorial.pdf

Don't forget to check out the Bari J. shop, but be warned you'll want everything!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - The Rose Cottage

Check Vintage Indie often as the Valentines Day Gift Guide feature will stay at the top each day there is a new feature. After you've visited our Valentine's Day Gift Guide Sponsor's shop come on back and scroll down for new posts!




Love is in air, whether it's for a special someone or your friends and family why not create a special occasion just for them. Invite your friends for an afternoon tea and decorate it to the "tee" with specialties just for them. The Rose Cottage has everything you need to make valentine's day or any day into something special.


To create a perfect event you'll need to prepare your table. Start with this Rosey shabby Table Topper. This one is handmade at The Rose cottage and includes lovely Rachel Ashwell prints and Mary Rose pink toile.


Next, share a spot of tea in a rather Darling Vintage Teacup and offer it for the taking as a simple token of your friendship. 


Lastly, send them on their way with a handmade and handwritten greeting card, so that they'll remember this special day you've create just for them.

Find all of these wonderful items and more at The Rose Cottage.


Don't forget to scroll down to read more Vintage Indie features!

Last Day to Shop! - Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide

Today marks the last day of the Vintage Indie Holiday Gift Guide. It has been a great couple of months and we are so glad that you shopped indie and handmade. Head over to the gift guide for one last chance to take the indie sponsors up on their special offers discounts and more.


We'd also like to thank our sponsors for sharing our gift guide as well as TypePad for including Vintage Indie in their holiday newsletter.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Down Lover's Lane

Check Vintage Indie often as the Valentines Day Gift Guide feature will stay at the top each day there is a new feature. After you've visited our Valentine's Day Gift Guide Sponsor's shop come on back and scroll down for new posts!




Experience hand selected vintage from the victorian era through the 40's from an avid collector. Shelley the owner at Down Lover's Lane chooses the best of the best in jewlery and accessories for her vintage line. A mix of Art Deco and shiny perfection makes this shop totally fun and resourceful. Down_lovers_lane_marcasite_pearls_2 

Are you planning a vintage style wedding? Re-create that classic timeless look for the bride and groom with their pieces. This gorgeous signed Coro necklace straight from the 50's is simply gorgeous.


This has to be one of my favorite finds from Down Lover's Lane. It's a gorgeous Victorian Open Back Collar Pin. I'm in love with the color and idea of the simplicty of it. Mixing old with new applies to your wardrobe too. I love a chic dress paried with vintage jewels to set me apart from the rest.


Straight from the 50's and sophisticated enough for today's man these old store stock cuff links make a perfect valentine's day gift for the men in your life.

"Stroll Down Lover's Lane" for your next vintage accessory piece where everything is inspired by a time period filled with love, romance.


Don't forget to scroll down to read more Vintage Indie features!

Weekend Special - Support Indie (Help with your Vote)

At Vintage Indie it's very important to me that I support the independent designers, crafters and entrepreneurs of today. Today's weekend special is a request from you to support an up and coming independent model (who is also my wonderful sister). You may have noticed Jocelyn on the right side of Vintage Indie.


Vote & Support an independent model.

All you have to do is:

1. Visit  JP Photography's MySpace Page & add him to your friends.

2. Go to Jocelyn's Photo here and LEAVE A COMMENT (only 1 comment per a person please)

VOTE NOW January 12th until midnight on Friday, January 18th. (photo comments made to the photo before or after the voting period will not be counted, nor will multiple comments from the same person to a photo.)

To book Jocelyn to model your independent clothing, jewelry, accessory line and more, please contact me for rates and openings. Jocelyn's portfolio and website can be found here.

All contributed content, photographs © Jocelyn Carpenter

Special Guest Series - Last Day Mixing Old With New

Today wraps up our Special Guest Series Mixing Old With New from Red Barn Mercantile.


Tip #6 – Salvage, salvage, salvage!  There is an amazing salvage shop in Baltimore called Second Chance. They have five buildings filled with old doors, sinks, tubs, light fixtures, flooring.   You name it they have it. I have decided that the next house we buy I will replace every hollow commercial grade door with the real deal -- oak doors with true character and big white porcelain knobs. What warmth they would bring to a newly remodeled kitchen!   But, if you don't want to do a whole door, then start with the door handles or cabinet knobs.  It's the details that give your design charm.


Tip #7 – Finally, go with your gut. When it comes to blending old with new or new with old you have to grab that perfect piece when you see it. As you know, these one-of-a-kind items may not be there when you come back.

I can't tell you how many times I have been disappointed when I returned to a flea market booth or a favorite shop only to find that some other lucky buyer snapped up a piece I was considering.

A special thanks to Dan & Amy the wonderful owners at Red Barn Mercantile.
This month's challenge show us how you mix old with new. Snap a shot, & submit your entries to me by January 23rd. Link you're friends here to vote for the best mix of old and new for your chance to win a special indie gift!      

The Daily Swank - A Sweet N Shabby Valentine's Day!

My taste in vintage is all over the place, I tell you. That's why I'm not an interior decorator, if I were it would be a nightmare because I would be all over with styles. I love so many different eras of time as well as styles, colors, themes and I even like modern a little too. I have to say I'm drawn to the shabby style and it comes as a shock to my friends and family, because pinks and girlie aren't what you would find in my home. I'm more of a bolder and natural deeper tones with a lot of green as in tree green.

However, when I stumble upon shops like in today's Daily Swank that little girl inside me jumps out and I want to be doused in lace and glitter. So for this Valentine's Day share a little of that shabbiness inside of you with someone you love with these gorgeous designs from Sweet N Shabby Roses.


Can you say Love Shack? You certainly can with these darling "Love Shacks" hand crafted little Valentine's houses from Sweet N Shabby Roses. I think these would add a perfect touch of whimsy to decorate your house with this Valentine's Day!


I also very much love crafts and things that have a special meaning and shop owner Rhea has special memories of making these ornaments with her great grandmother. She now follows that same tradition of apply each bead by hand for you.


Lastly for today's Daily Swank are these lovely Angel Valentine's Gift Cards. Head over to Sweet N Shabby Roses shop for these, gift tags, tussie's and more.



Special Guest Series - Mixing Old With New Take 2


Red Barn Mercantile is back again with part two of our Special Guest Series Mixing Old with New. If you missed the 1st part of this special you can scroll down to to catch up, or follow this link.


Tip # 3 from owner Amy at Red Barn, " Now that you have inspiration, run with it!  Have fun and let your personality show through. Use your imagination – anything is possible"

Tip #4 – "Don’t go overboard. There is a rule when accessorizing your wardrobe that says “before leaving the house remove one accessory.” I think that holds true for interiors. A little goes a long way when designing a room. If your inspiration is a collection of vintage paint-by-numbers paintings then use one wall in the room to create a gallery, don’t cover every inch of wall space with these masterpieces."

Tip #5 - "Add something unexpected to avoid becoming cliché. An antique ironing board serving as a sofa table, a pair of real bull horns hanging over the door in the baby’s room and a shot of apple green accenting a red and white kitchen can add unexpected touches that infuse a room with personality. 

One customer of mine is putting a 19th century pine buffet in her bathroom. She plans to drop a sink in the top and mix it with black and white tiles on the floor and white beadboard on the walls. Now, I don’t generally condone cutting into a beautiful piece such as this one, but the honey hew of the buffet will add so much to the new construction."

Aren't these great tips! Thanks again to Amy & Dan for offering up some great information and gorgeous photos of their lovely store. Come back tomorrow for our final installment of Mixing Old with New.