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Vintage + Modern Mingle & My New Desk!

Hi lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful Presidents' Day. I know mine was super fabulous. I spent my day running around getting things lined up for a new vintage purchase for my office. I found this wonderful old school teachers desk, solid wood with a cabinet & pull out shelves and drawers. I'm just thrilled with my find and I feel great knowing I saved trees by purchasing vintage. My husband and I are getting ready to remodel our master bedroom. We've been here for three years and finally are getting around to doing something with our room. I hope to take some before and after pictures, and I'll be talking a lot of decorating during the month of March.

Today's Inspiration Board is dedicated to my new office, these would all be perfect!


Top Left :Vintage Globe @ BlueBellBazaar Under: Antique Message Chalk Board @ artebella Right:Message Magnet Board @ vintageinspiration Below: Vintage Office Supplies @ UnfinishedBusiness Third Row Left: Vintage Blue Metal Stapler @ atouchofvintage Right: Dip Pen & Mechanical Pencil @ tigerluxe Bottom Left: Vintage Industrial Tray @ BlueBellBazaar

- Feel inspired? Share with us how today's board inspired you.


Elements from PC Layers by Victoria Brown & Buttons from Shabby Miss Jenn.



Octavine Illustration

i never thought i could fall in love with a stapler but...

what a great montage. i love this post.


thanks for including my shop! what a great selection, that globe is fantastic.

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