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Moving right along with our "vintage green living"  series which also happens to be one of my most passionate subjects. I thought I would bring up the debate about Plastic vs. Paper. It seems from what I've read that neither is the best choice. That leaves you with the question, "Well, how do you expect me to tug my groceries and shopping? Today's Daily Swank is a company willing to help. Not only are these items made from recycled parts and vintage fabrics already produced, but they are handmade to last. I know you'll be saving trees and doing a lot less clogging of the environment in no time!



Soldiago "because the goldenrod plant is also multipurpose, providing nectar for bees and butterflies, seeds for the birds and a beautiful golden color in fall." How awesome is that right! Now onto the bags, each bag is handcrafted from vitage feed, seed and flour sacks. Telling a tale, each one shares a piece of history from it's past and brings new life for you and I. Head over to Soldiago for a wonderful line any many great styles to choose from.


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