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The Daily Swank - Those Famous Three R's

Ahhh, those famous three R's Reuse, Reduce & Recycle. Are you doing your part? Do you know about your city's local recycling center? I'm helping readers from my area Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Why don't you do the same, post some local links and info from your hometown for your local readers on your own blog! In the meantime today's Daily Swank is a great find for housewares that includes all of the three  R's. I'd like to introduce you to the artwork of Rebekah from ship frames by rls .


Each frame from this shop is 100% recycled. The frame itself from recycled cardboard and newspaper. This specific design is also includes  Vintage 1950's clothing and undies advertisements!


If you are looking for a little recycled chic, I think this Russian Dance Sheet Music Picture Frame is just the thing. Rebekah pulled these music sheets from a found book in her grandfathers attic.

I like how each frame tells a different story in her vintage collection. This one sports 1950's Travel Advertisements. Head over to  Ship Frames by RLS for many other recycled designs and uses for recycled materials.

If you live in Kentucky here is a little recycling information for you.

List of Recycling Facilities by County

"Did you know the “three-chasing-arrows” symbol doesn’t necessarily mean a product is made with recycled content or can be recycled in your community? It may just be a reminder for you to recycle. Read the label carefully for specific information on recycled content." (resource Division of Waste Management Kentucky).

Electronics Recycling

Earth 911 a great resource for everyone to check out!


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