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Welcome to another Vintage Indie reader submission, Vintage Collection Feature . Today we are visiting with Christine from Tangerine Chic. She has a gorgeous and quite large collection of vintage and old post cards. I hope you will enjoy peeking into her collection and finding out more about it.


Vintage Indie : What made you start collecting postcards?

Christina: I started collecting postcards after inheriting some from my dearest grandmother when she passed away 5 years ago. While going through her house deciding what to keep and what to sell/giveaway, I came across a small index file cabinet in her basement that was full of vintage and 1970's/60's postcards. I actually looked at quite a few and was sorting them out when I decided to just keep all of the vintage cards and the ones that she had of San Malo, France where my family immigrated from.

Vintage Indie: What kinds do you normally search for?
Christina: Honestly, I have not found many cards that I felt were worth buying. They must be from the 1910's to the 1920's if they want to hold a spot in my collection. I have Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Birthday, and Thanksgiving. I think I have some few random ones in there that are just greetings. I also have a hard time knowing if I already own a particular card as I have at least 1,000 of them.  I really need to take the time to get them into some sort of archival file system so I truly know what I have and how many there are.

I truly hoard these postcards for myself. I could never sell them because of the emotional attachment they have to my grandmother. Plus, I just love the images, colors, little notes on the back . They even have a certain "vintagey" smell that reminds me of playing in my grandmothers basement when I was little. My girls and I will sit around and sort them into favorites by holiday and they will ask me to read what is written on the back of them. I also have used copies of the originals in some of my collages and cards that I sell. I have thought about making laser prints of some of them and selling them so others can have a piece of the love. I hope to pass them on to my daughters someday and hope they will cherish  them as much as I do.

Thanks Christina for sharing your lovely collection with us! If you'd like to see some of Christina's work you can visit her vintage shop on Etsy, Tangerine Chic.

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Loved reading this article about the vintage postcards!! Absolutely fabulous!! I collect vintage cards, so this was wonderful to see! I just want to go through Christine's stacks and see what lovely images that are in there!!

Bebe :)

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