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What You Make of It - Japanese Stab Binding


Hey Crafters! I'd like to give a huge thank you to Bley from Bibliophile for providing this amazing tutorial. Please head over to their Etsy shop for amazing handmade journals, books prints and more. I encourage you to try new things, and use vintage or recyclable materials when you can and enjoy yourself.

From This....................................To This!

Tut_1_3 Finished_1

Gather Your Materials:


Gather all your materials before you start to work. Make sure you have a space where you can cut using a utility knife; an old piece of plywood makes a good cutting and work surface.


  • Book      board, available from art supply stores (enough to cut two covers, the      size of the book you want)
  • PVA      glue (available from art supply stores)
  • Utility      knife
  • T-square      or metal ruler
  • Glue      brush (I like to buy cheap brushes on sale, then I can throw them away      when they get nasty)
  • A      container to pour small amounts of glue into (an old sour cream container      or the like)
  • Drill,      such as a Dremel tool, OR an awl
  • Decorative      paper for the covers and optional endpapers
  • 1/16      inch ribbon to coordinate with the cover paper
  • Large      yarn darning needle
  • Any      miscellaneous papers you may want to decorate the cover with
  • Paper      for the inside pages of your book, however many you may want

Download bookbinding_tutorial_copyrighted1.pdf

All contributed content in this tutorial © Bibliophile} Please do not copy or redistribute without permission.

Do you have a crafty tutorial that you'd like to share with Vintage Indie readers? Please contact me with your ideas and share with others "What You Make of It".




jodi barone

Thank you for this enlightening and demystifying tutorial...running to get, but not with, a drill.

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