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A Toast to our Sponsor - Charming Sam

Csamwedding08 Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings would like to send a "toast" to our indie sponsor Charming Sam. We are thrilled to have a fabulous indie jewelery,art and ephemera store   with us to celebrate Indie Weddings Month!


Large numbers of brides have been making the leap from big box retailers to the unique offerings of independent designers. These socially conscious shoppers make purchases that do more than adorn their bodies. They choose jewelry and accessories that are extensions of their creative spirits, and they want designs that are unique and inspired.

Charming Sam Studio offers a full collection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for brides and bridal parties that match the vibrancy of the ladies who purchase them. From the whimsy of rare stones woven into earrings to the incorporation of antique watch findings and other unusual gems, Charming Sam's goal is to create designs that celebrate life’s travels.

Please visit the Charming Sam Studio Web site at www.charmingsam.com to view the entire collection of jewelry designs. And a special bonus for Vintage Indie readers, enter code VINTAGE during checkout for a 30% discount on your entire purchase.


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