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Gabreial's Vintage & Indie Alternatives - Jewelry

When looking to minimize waste, recycle, re-use and shop independently for your wedding, it is easier than you think to achieve. Today's Vintage and Indie alternative comes from indie shop Black Star, where they provide chic jewelry handcrafted from vintage findings.


Thinking of something simple, but chic for your wedding day? These White Chocolate Rose Earrings  are just the thing. These are handcrafted from vintage Lucite carved rose beads and can be easily converted to clip-ons for comfort.


Pair those with this Snow at Night Necklace for a dynamic duo that can be re-worn any day of the year.

Black Star's jewelry shop is full of fabulous pieces like these and many more if you would like to add a splash of color to your wedding rather than the traditional white.

Vintage Indie


Vintage + Modern Mingle - Farmers Market Strawberries


Fresh and juicy strawberries from the farmers market are the best!

The Ginger Apron---Pink Strawberry Oilcloth @ modernjune

Lucite Strawberry Cabs @ atomicveggiecom



Its Strawberries Earrings @ Crazy4jewels

MIlk Glass Strawberries Mug @ nijoli

CHILD OILCLOTH APRON @ polkadotssquare

Embroidered Cotton Nightgown @ inky56

Vintage Strawberry Teacup and Saucer @ handmadebliss

The Daily Swank - Farmer's Market Season is here!

Do you know how excited that I am that it's almost farmer's market season?! I absolutely love tugging the family along to pick our fresh produce and flowers for the week all while supporting my local farmer. I'm even more excited this year, because the local high school to me is hosting it's first one this year! Thats Independence, KY at the Simon Kenton High School if anyone in my town is reading. Today's Daily Swank is a  must have if you visit the farmer's markets in your town and a really good idea to start using during your trips to the grocery store as well.

Today's Daily Swank is from The Craft Pantry. These market totes are made of super soft and durable 10oz. weight, 100% recycled organic cotton, Fair Trade/ Fair Market! They also feature the original illustrations of shop purveyor Cammie Cole. I love them for their vintage and retro style. Top left is the Dairy Fresh Tote, featuring an original photograph/ digital illustration. Top right, is the Happy Camper Coffee Tote. Bottom left is a new design from The Craft Pantry for 2008, the  Farmer's Public Market Tote. Lastly, bottom right and one of my most favorite designs are the Personalized Family Market Tote. You can add your family's name and "year established" to make this tote personal, isn't that fun! Head over to The Craft Pantry today, as they are hosting a wonderful sale and also offer cards, tags, lunch bags and more!

UPDATE: The Craft Pantry has generously offered Vintage Indie readers 20% off the single tote of their choice now through April 11th. Simply mention you found me on Vintage Indie and I will post a RESERVED listing for you with the tote of their choice at 20% off. One tote discount per person.

Dream of Spring Swapper Reminders

Dreamofspringswap_150x200 Gather & Prepare your swap package and mail by March 31st.

Once you have mailed out your swap package and received your package post  photos on the Dream of Spring Vintage Swap Flickr Page here and announce your partner and what you received. This will automatically allow you to participate in the next swap if you choose.

Thanks & Have a great weekend!

A Toast to our Sponsor - cardgirl

Cardgirlinvitations Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings would like to send a "toast" to our indie sponsor Cardgirl . We are thrilled to have a wonderful custom & eco-chic invitation company with with us to celebrate Indie Weddings Month!


Set the tone with an eco-chic invitation. The cardgirl custom invitation studio designs eco-friendly invitations, programs, stationery, and any paper good desired to complete your vision.


They infuse your style into high quality materials and soy-based letterpress printing to express the individuality of your wedding day.

Visit Emily Anderson author of Eco-Chic Weddings March 28-30 at Down:2:Earth Sustainable Living Expo

D2ecolor If you're in Boston, come visit Emily and Etsy for a celebration of Eco-Chic Weddings at the d2 earth event, a green lifestyle event.

  • Etsy sellers will be showcasing their handmade designs
  • Emily will be speaking on Saturday at 1pm
  • A special raffle will take place with one lucky winner chosen to receive an eco-chic basket full of fun things.


Boston — Down:2:Earth (D2E), a sustainable living event for the eco-conscious consumer, will take place March 28-30 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston’s Back Bay. D2E is an exploration into the movement that seeks answers on how to tread more lightly on the earth. It is an exposition of companies who are responding to consumer wishes for products that combine sustainability with style and innovation as well as an education forum for learning about a greener lifestyle. D2E is making every effort to minimize the environmental impact of the event.

Education forum highlighted by:

  • Keynote   speakers Bill McKibben and Frances Moore Lappé;
  • Symposium   on “Sustainable Design” organized by Urban Arts Institute at Massachusetts   College of Art and the Goethe-Institut in conjunction with D2E; 
  • Green   Jobs Youth Forum;
  • And   an eco-chic fashion show, cooking demonstrations (in the Electrolux   Cooking Theater), community video forum, book signings, panel discussions,   and workshops on gardening, food, energy, eco-weddings, and home remodeling   will give New England designers, chefs, authors, businesses, educators   and artists an opportunity to share their knowledge and talents.



WHAT:  Down:2:Earth Sustainable Living Expo

Can earthworms, wine, toothbrushes, and handbags really help save  the world?

Find out at Down:2:Earth, an exposition of the latest  environmentally responsible products and services, and an educational  forum exploring sustainable living.


WHEN:  Friday, March 28 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

   Saturday, March 29 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

  Sunday, March 30 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


WHERE:  Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston MA 02115


HOW:  Tickets can be purchased on-line at www.d2eboston.com

Adults: $10.00 ($12.00 at the door)

Students & Seniors: $8.00 ($10 at the door);

Weekend Passes: $20.00

Zipcar members receive an extra $2 off.

Children 12 and under are free.


For more information visit www.d2eboston.com or call 617-266-6540.


“Live simply that others might simply live.” - Gandhi

Gabreial's Indie Alternatives - Recycled Gifts by CDChilds

Cdchilds_2 Recycled wine bottles turned into delightful cheese boards make fabulous housewarming gifts for the bride and groom.

C.D. Childs the designer behind these delightful creations uses wine bottles in various colors, and copper wire perfect for hanging. Be sure to check out the Cobalt Blue (more rare of the colors) in their shop, and request a custom  special order.

- Gabreial
Vintage Indie

Emily's Pick of the Day - Ashley Hilton

Ethical gold and sustainable jewelry are at the center of what's often referred to as "green washing." This is because the practice of mining gold and other precious metals and gemstones can rarely be done in a non-impactful fashion. Because of this, I most often recommend choosing vintage pieces. Ashley Hilton and his lovely work is an exception. Living in New Zealand, Ashley knows exactly where his materials come from--he can actually visit the mine near his home. And he is so serious about reducing his impact that he even learned how to fabricate his own metals. Not only are his designs ethical, they are also quite beautiful. And because each of his designs have not been mined or manufactured in a way that's destructive, his pieces have an intrinsic beauty that is truly rare.
- Emily
Eco-Chic Weddings

The Daily Swank - Modern Material

There is a rockin' new indie shop on the block called Modern Material.


Mix UK Royalty with a little Rock and you've got Modern Material. They offer a line of paper, apparel and accessories to fully get your fashion fix. My favorite of the line, their Vintage Collection of course. It's full of retro chic illustrations  and old school images. Check out Modern Material today and shop indie!

Vintage Green Eco-Living - Pitter Painter

Pitter_painter_vintage_green I'm always looking for fun and unique items that are "Vintage Green" and created from recycled components.

Check out these Bookish Coasters from Pitter Painter made from recycled vintage books and sewn by hand.

Head over to Pitter Painter for other cool recycled products handmade from vintage materials.

Gabreial's Vintage Alternatives - Making Choices

Accessories can sometimes play an important role in your wedding. Whether it's a piece of jewelry handed down from generation to generation or its a special handbag or clutch that holds wedding necessities and memories. You'll want to make sure it's a compliment to your dress and not just a last minute addition.


How about choosing something like this Vintage Beaded Rose Bridal Clutch.



There are so many already produced choices out there in vintage clutches. Like this Satin Opal Clutch, that you'll surely find something special and unique.


- Gabreial

Vintage Indie


A Bride's Tale for a Winter Eco-Friendly Wedding by Rachel Trigueiro

Rachel_triguerio2 My husband and I love the winter so getting married any time other than January was out of the question. One of my favorite things about winter is the snow on evergreen trees and the naked deciduous trees with no leaves. There is something about sticks, twigs, and branches that I just love! So, using both evergreens and deciduous trees for decorating and some twiggy branches for centerpieces seemed quite appropriate. What was really special about using the branches and deciduous trees was that they came from fallen trees at my in-laws ranch. Not only was it eco-friendly to use fallen trees for the majority of our decorations, it was quite sentimental for my in-laws, my husband, and myself.

Since our wedding was in January we asked friends if they would save their Christmas trees until our wedding and kindly, several of our friends did just that. So, instead of having to cut down more evergreens, we re-used (recycled) Christmas trees (with NO lights and decorations, of course!). For our cake, we wanted a tree stump in place of a cake stand. So, my uncle was able to cut an 8 inch stump to perfection, also from a fallen tree.


DIY projects give the opportunity for friends and family to get involved HANDS-ON. I had several "wedding work days" for our wedding where I invited several bridesmaids and friends to help my mom and I tackle some projects. These days were so fun and filled with great memories! When it finally came time for the big day, a lot of people were just as excited as I was because they felt they had a huge part in making our wedding a reality. So remember, DIY projects are not only inexpensive, creative and unique; they offer the chance for friends and family to get involved and feel responsible for making your ideas and dreams come true.

Visit Rachel Trigueiro for Events & Creative Design Planning.

Guest Expert - Walt Kolenda "Auction Wally" on Vintage & Antiques Today

Vintage Indie would like to welcome the author Walt Kolenda aka Auctionwally blogs at   Auctionwally.com   where he conducts online antiques appraisals. He's a licensed MA   auctioneer  and professional appraiser, there are  over 200 archived   articles and appraisals on his site, all are free to view. He also blogs at   Myweekonebay.wordpress.com

It wasn't that long ago that vintage collectibles weren't taken very seriously at all in the collectibles marketplace. In the last 5 years items in the 20 to 40 year old range have exploded in value and demand. It's a good thing too because the business is in much need of new blood. There's a lot of whispers in circles that 'you just don't see enough young people interested in antiques anymore', so anything that draws new recruits into the fold is a good thing. Vintage collectibles are fun, quirky and like just the thing to attract newbies, at the same time, getting some of the stuffed shirts to take things in a lighter manner.

As a veteran seller it's been interesting to watch things rise from the bottom of the totem pole to the tops of the pops in prices and demand. Here's my take on a few of the revered collectibles of today that were dogs 25 plus years ago when I broke into the business.


Syrocco Wood: I remember this being the butt of many jokes at auctions in the 1980s. Back then you would want to get the phone # of the 'sucker' who was foolish enough to purchase a box of this junk for $5.00 or $10.00. After all, if they purchased this fake wood product, you could probably sell them anything, yup, this would be a good person to try to dump that crate of left handed pencils you got stuck with at the last auction. No one's laughing at Syrocco Wood any more, at least not me. Last month on eBay, I got $331.00 for a Franciscan Monk made from this vintage material. Now where is that phone #...

If you hunt the fleas, yard sales and country auctions, you can find Syrocco in the form of ashtrays, thermometers, wall plaques, covered boxes and many other common household items. It's not all that rare, but it's rare to find anyone laughing at it or pricing it at giveaway prices.

Orange Carnival glass and Indiana glass: This would go right into box lots with Avon bottles and those dime-a-dozen white milk glass vases you got free from the florist. If it wasn't old Carnival glass,  no one wanted it. It was considered a horrible reproduction back in the day. The most common pattern among Indian glass was the grape pattern. In fact Gus William, who's auction I pushed for in Westmoreland NH used to call it 'that damned grape pattern'. It was useless, no, actually back then it was worse than useless because if you had a box full if it, you couldn't get anything for it, but you still had to get rid of the box! The Orange carnival glass was the barely a little better. If you had 10-12 pieces, you might get a $5.00 bill for it,... make sure to get that phone#!  Now I see these things bringing what the Older pieces like Northwood and Fenton used to bring back then. If your lucky you can get between $15 -$35 on eBay now for the right piece, which is about what an average old Northwood dark purple carnival bowl would bring in the mid 1980s.

Pyrex Good clean Pyrex was always salable in the old country auction houses, but 20 years ago it was a good seller because people wanted it to use in the kitchen, it wasn't collectible by any means. The primary colors sets would always sell, but at about $1.00 per bowl and not much more. The clear Pyrex would bring almost as much as the colored, it was all about function. I have a dealer friend who has a wonderful large collection of Pyrex in her personal collection. She's got tons of colors, every serving and mixing piece you could imagine in Pyrex, but she mixed her cake batter in Tupperware, she'd NEVER use her good Pyrex for something like that. Early 80s price for a set of Pyrex matching colored bowls. $5 to $10. Today, I've gotten from $35 to $65 a set at my live auctions.

Old Photo Albums:  If you were an auction runner with an old family photo album in your hands, standing in the auction block line, the pusher or auctioneer might scold you telling you to 'put that down and get something good, it's too early in the evening to be selling the junk!' Old photos were only salable if they had an unusual subject or theme, IE: A train conductor, a ship, an Indian. Parades were good and scenes of General Store as well, but if the subject were just your average American Family on vacation, forget it. Now people are very interested in these old albums and will pick them up at the right price, especially if it includes a soldiers photo journal of WWII. Unless there are some interesting and unusual photos, they won't hit the stratosphere, but will get you a steady $25 to $50 each on eBay. Back in the day, $2-$5 each, if you could even sell them at all.

Ah, the good old days. Of course there are a lot more examples of items that not so long ago were worthless and now sell well. Perhaps a better question is 'what's selling for low prices now that will be worth a small fortune tomorrow?'  Now where are those phone numbers?

A Toast to our Sponsor - Charming Sam

Csamwedding08 Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings would like to send a "toast" to our indie sponsor Charming Sam. We are thrilled to have a fabulous indie jewelery,art and ephemera store   with us to celebrate Indie Weddings Month!


Large numbers of brides have been making the leap from big box retailers to the unique offerings of independent designers. These socially conscious shoppers make purchases that do more than adorn their bodies. They choose jewelry and accessories that are extensions of their creative spirits, and they want designs that are unique and inspired.

Charming Sam Studio offers a full collection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for brides and bridal parties that match the vibrancy of the ladies who purchase them. From the whimsy of rare stones woven into earrings to the incorporation of antique watch findings and other unusual gems, Charming Sam's goal is to create designs that celebrate life’s travels.

Please visit the Charming Sam Studio Web site at www.charmingsam.com to view the entire collection of jewelry designs. And a special bonus for Vintage Indie readers, enter code VINTAGE during checkout for a 30% discount on your entire purchase.

Handmade Weddings on Etsy & Indie Wedding Guide

Etsy_indieweddingguideThe lovely Storque (news publication for Etsy) is hosting a fabulous Handmade Weddings Series this month.They were kind enough to feature the Indie Wedding Guide (hosted by Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings) with a blurb from me.

Be sure to check out this fabulous series for more indie contributors and some fabulous handmade wedding goods.

The Daily Swank - Refreshing

Daily_swank_pink_lemonadeFeeling refreshed? Well, hopefully after today's Daily Swank full of refreshing eye candy you will. I'm in love with Pink Lemonade Boutique. If you haven't had a chance to check out their shop, and you "need" a new bag for spring, you should really take a gander over there.

I'm in love with the Verdant bag (Top Left), probably because it's my colors (greens) but the green trim and the grown up base fabric is such an eye pleasing combination.

Pink Lemonade Boutique really does go over the top with clean lines and does a fabulous job blending fabrics for the, most perfect spring bags.

Check out their sold items as well, they have done some amazing custom bags in the past, and are currently taking custom requests.

A Toast to our Sponsor - Flying Needle Gallery

Flyingneedlegallery Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings would like to send a "toast" to our indie sponsor Flying Needle Gallery. We are thrilled to have a fabulous indie store with us to celebrate Indie Weddings Month!

From luxurious velvet wraps for bridesmaids or the bride, or even their mothers, customized to match their gowns – to an assortment of scarves as bridesmaids gifts, FlyingNeedleGallery creates limited edition and one-of-a-kind accessories.  A favorite is the burnout velvet “Mistral” scarf, finished with charms ( using heart charms, or charms bearing messages like ‘love’) – or cloisonné beads that create a bejeweled finish.

Redfiligreeheartsama_flyingneedlega For the reception – or as a gift for the home – the Colorchiefs™ line caters to custom orders, offering unique selections of coordinated dinner and cocktail napkins, for a truly unique touch.  Whether a theme or a color scheme is chosen, this is a great way to pull your decorating motif together, and be green at the same time.  And if you’re looking for finishing home touches, we create pillows that will make you just dive onto that couch.

Coupon code for Indie Weddings: INDIEWED   for 20% off all orders valid though 6/30/08

Gabreial's Vintage Alternatives - "Something Old"

Something_old_patternmania_copy Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue. Sound familiar? This saying comes from an old English rhyme and is thought by some to have come from the Victorian era.

Usually the "something old" part comes from using something old and of meaning from a family member. Including family heirlooms in your wedding doesn't cost a thing and is a great way to re-use articles of the past many of which can also be vintage.

(Photo courtesy patternmania)

A few ideas for "something old"

- Your mother's wedding gown
- Mothers & Grandmother's Brooch
- Your Parents cake topper
- Family rings
- Purses
- Vintage Hanky
- Family wedding picture tucked in your purse
- Vintage Hat/Gloves
- Piece of lace or trim, sewn into the hem of your gown

- Gabreial
Vintage Indie

What You Make of it - Technique - Inspirational Canvas

Inspirational Canvas
By Francine Clouden





Supplies Needed
Canvas or canvas board

Two colours of Ranger Perfect Pearls (I used Sparkle Yellow and Rust)

Ranger Embossing ink

Ranger clear embossing powder

Acrylic stamps and fabric butterfly: Alpha Stamps

Two spray bottles

Paper towels

Rub-ons: 7 Gypsies

Sticker: Daisy D’s

Trim: Prima Marketing




1. Ink your stamp with embossing ink and randomly stamp image across the canvas.


I did my stamping in a trail across the canvas because of the follow your bliss theme I was going for.


2. Cover with embossing powder and tap off the excess. Because the canvas is textured make sure to really tap it against your table so that it adheres only to the stamped image.



3. Use heat gun to melt embossing powder






4. Mix lighter colour of Perfect Pearls with a little water in a spray bottle




And spray over entire canvas.


Don’t worry about any drips or drabbles, that will only add to the effect


Let dry entirely. If you’re impatient (like me!) you might want to use your heat gun to speed this process up a bit.



5. Once dry mix second colour of Perfect Pearls and spray over canvas, making sure to concentrate on the areas of the canvas that are still white.


6. At this point you can use a crumpled up piece of paper towel to dab into the wet “ink”. This gives a nice texture to the pattern




7. You can choose to either stop at this point or add another layer of colour.


Once the canvas is dry use a clean paper towel or soft cloth to wipe colour off the embossed image






8. Now you can decorate the canvas to suit your theme!



Some details:





A Special thanks to Francine Clouden  for sharing this wonderful tutorial. Please take a minute to visit her links for her designs and more!

Personal Blog: 
Designs Blog:  
Etsy shop: 

© 2008 All Rights Reserved


A Toast to our Sponsor - Eclectic Eccentricity

Eclecticeccentricity Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings would like to send a "toast" to our indie sponsor Eclectic Eccentricity. We are thrilled to have a fabulous indie jewelery shop  with us to celebrate Indie Weddings Month!


Eclectic Eccentricity is an inspired treasure trove of gems and trinkets galore. With a range of jewelry that would make perfect thank you gifts as well as fun and frivolous pieces for the bride to be, each piece has a limited run and a charming story to tell.

Unique pieces created using vintage beads and re-purposed curios will be yours to treasure (just don't wear the Marriage License necklace around your husband to be....)

You can also visit Eclectic Eccentricity at their Etsy shop.

A Desiger's Story - Find an Independent Designer by, Bonzie

Bonzie is a fashion and wedding dress designer in Southern Ireland. She was kind enough to share her passion and process with us in celebration of Indie Weddings Month. This is part four in a series written from Bonzie's point of view.


My designs feature a distinctly romantic edge as a result of the old raw materials used to create them. This is another mean of staying eco friendly while creating your wedding look. A bride can is spend some time searching thrift stores for old vintage dresses tat might be remade into something just for them.



There are many vintage gems waiting to be discovered and can be easily updated to a modern fit or customized and embellished to create a unique wedding dress. It is quite easy to find the perfect independent designer to help you create your look.

With the Internet, there is a great community of independent designers developing online over recent years, making this resource a very easy one to avail of for your special day! There is every reason nowadays for a bride to subscribe to the eco-friendly brigade while still maintaining something wonderfully couture that has been handmade with love.

To see more of Bonzie's line head over to her lovely shop.
{All contributed content/photos in this feature © Bonzie Please do not copy or redistribute without permission}.

DIY Groom's Boutonnières - Guest Katherine Rothschild

Boutonnières from a florist are pricey, wasteful, and may wilt in warm weather. So, choose a less expensive and more fun DIY ways to dress up his lapel.
    An home herb garden can render thyme, rosemary, or sage for a simple herb boutonniere. This is the most simple, most masculine option. You'll need: three stems, floral wire, wire cutters, green floral tape, and a yard of narrow ribbon (green or brown are good colors for the ribbon).
    A boutonnières should be about three inches in length, so cut your herbs to about three inches, then position them in a triad, and wrap the stems in wire, then floral tape. Wind the ribbon over the floral tape and secure with a strait pin. The pictured boutonnière was made from rosemary and deep green ribbon.


Or, for a more colorful option, create a one-of-a-kind rose ribbon boutonniere. You'll need: one half yard to one yard of 1 1/2 inch wire-edged (recycled or vintage) ribbon, floral wire, wire cutter, floral tape, thread, and a yard of narrow ribbon in a shade of green. (See set-up photo.)


To make the rose, pull the wire ends of one side of the ribbon out, fold them so they don't slip back, and gather one side of the ribbon up. It should make a circular shape. Cut a four-inch piece of floral wire and fold it in half.


Roll the ribbon into a rose shape around the top of the looped wire, leaving a wire "stem." Sew the rose ribbon in place at its base with matching thread. Wrap the stem in floral tape, then in ribbon, and secure with a single pin.

- Katherine Field Rothschild

A Special thanks to Katherine Field Rothschild for this wonderful tutorial. Please be sure to visit her fabulous indie shop Lady Handbags!

{All contributed content/photos in this feature © Katherine Field Rothschild  Please do not copy or redistribute without permission}.