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The Daily Swank - Refreshing

Daily_swank_pink_lemonadeFeeling refreshed? Well, hopefully after today's Daily Swank full of refreshing eye candy you will. I'm in love with Pink Lemonade Boutique. If you haven't had a chance to check out their shop, and you "need" a new bag for spring, you should really take a gander over there.

I'm in love with the Verdant bag (Top Left), probably because it's my colors (greens) but the green trim and the grown up base fabric is such an eye pleasing combination.

Pink Lemonade Boutique really does go over the top with clean lines and does a fabulous job blending fabrics for the, most perfect spring bags.

Check out their sold items as well, they have done some amazing custom bags in the past, and are currently taking custom requests.



Thank you so much for featuring me!


Love the one on the top right with the pretty red floral embroidery. So cute!

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