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6 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Gown (2-6) by Jennifer Hollon of Cherished Bride


Nothing Could be Greener . . .    1930sgardenweddingadcolorized_2

As we become more conscious of our impact on the Earth, we are also becoming aware of how dependent we are on an infinitely complicated system of complex relationships, hidden waste, and obscured consequences. This can leave us infinitely confused - Which is better, paper or plastic? Stove or microwave? What’s the impact of the batteries in our iPhone - or the iPhone itself, for that matter?


Fortunately, there is one way we can be confident we are making as little environmental impact as possible; Re-use - anything and everything. And fortunately, we live in a culture with plenty of everything to re-use.


But most fortunate of all, the bride who chooses a vintage gown can be confident she has made the best possible choice for the environment. One of the few choices she may make that is all reward and no sacrifice.

Timeless and Classic . . .


30sdianahalter7jpg Ever notice how wedding pictures of even a decade or two ago often appear hopelessly dated?  Fashion changes so quickly that what seems fresh and new one moment quickly becomes stale. But as the saying goes “Everything old is new again.” Vintage gowns have survived their own phase of “hopelessly dated” to emerge afresh as classically elegant.


Season after season, designers turn to the fashions of yesterday for inspiration - and they are never disappointed. Far from becoming passé, a well-designed and beautifully made vintage gown will never be out of style.

Stunning Harlow Gown of Gleaming Satin







Something for Everyone . . .60sdombannmargaret8jpg

Today’s bride has decade upon decade of fashion arrayed before her – truly an embarrassment of riches. She can choose the elongated curves of a 30’s bias-cut, a shapely gown from the 1940’s, or perhaps a full ball gown of the 1950’s or a Camelot-inspired dress from the Kennedy era. With such variety she is sure to find the gown that is uniquely her.


A vintage gown expresses the creativity and individuality of the bride in a way that a modern gown, however lovely, could never do. The bride who wears vintage creates her own style informed by her own personality - not the dictates of others.


Show-Stopping 60's Designer Gown

A Vintage Gown is History . . .

40sbridehopechest3 But it’s also the future. When you choose a vintage gown you are choosing an heirloom, perhaps the first, for your new family.


These gowns were made to last and have stood the test of time. With reasonable care, a vintage gown could be a treasure you’ll share with your own daughter - or even granddaughter, someday.


One Last Word . . .

In this modern age, where simple romance is conspicuously lacking, a vintage gown is simply romantic. And romance should never lose its place in the wedding celebration.

  - Jennifer Hollon, Cherished Bride

A special thanks to Jennifer Hollon of Cherished Bride for her insight on choosing and buying a vintage gown. We encourage you to head over to her site and browse the gorgeous gowns and accessories that she offers.


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