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KT Jean Designs - Indie Alternative Wedding Dress

It is possible to find a dress that's not mass produced that has an even bigger "wow" factor. Today's Indie Alternative pick is from the ever so talented Katie Jean Walker of KT Jean Designs.

Customdress_ktjean1 Customdress_ktjean2

I fell in love with the chic designs and luscious layers of fabrics used to create this stunning custom spaghetti strap wedding dress. The price 900.00 for this exact dress, (other fabrics, variations may reflect price).

Looking to go with a classic black and white theme? This Black Vintage Slip Dress would coordinate beautifully for your bridesmaids with the above dress and can be custom sized.

I spoke a little further with Katie Jean about her business and what it means to her to be an independent designer.

Being an independent designer means first of all, I get to be home with my little boy Caden. He is so fun and I am happy I get to be with him so much. It also means that I get to be creative, do what I love, and make my own rules! ( Well, I work with brides a lot so it is really their rules I go by ;-), but I have a say in what I create and I get to put my style into everything I make. That is so cool to me! I am getting paid to do my hobby and other people actually like what I make, so I think I found my niche!

What kinds of items and service do you offer that the larger companies don't?

The service that I think I offer is my time. I spend a lot of time with each person talking about details to get exactly what they want. We discuss styles, fabrics, lengths, colors, and the list just goes on! Each of these dresses is completely one-of-a-kind because I make it to each persons preferences. As well as me spending a lot of time with people to make their piece perfect, I save them a lot of time and money in the long run. Since I create each piece using their measurements, there should be no need for serious alterations. I know that many large companies fit everyone into their sizes, but I don't have sizes, I make your dress "you sized". I have been wanting to expand my collection, but I am so busy with custom orders of the dresses I already feature! New stuff will be coming soon though!

Here are a couple of other things about me: I try to use vintage and recycled fabrics as much as possible, The first wedding dress I made was in January and since then I have had close to 50 orders.

Be sure to catch KT Jean Designs at her newly launched website kt jean:: Couture Design


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