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New Column - Designer Profiles - Julie Baumber of Donkey in the Goatshed

Vintage Indie would like to welcome you to our latest addition to our online magazine, Designer Profiles. We hope to share with you independent designers who specialize in dealing with vintage materials or an age old tradition of crafting.

Photo_of_julie_baumber Today, we would like to introduce you to Julie Baumber of Donkey In The Goatshed.

My work involves recycling unwanted textiles ( mainly clothing, curtains, tablecloths ) and making it into something more useful. I tend to make bags, corsages, bunting, purses and more recently mp3 player holders. I source my fabrics mainly through charity shops (which is great as my money goes towards a charity). In the summer I go to car boot sales which is a really fun way of tracking down vintage fabrics.

It can be quite a challenge working with recycled fabric as sometimes I have a piece that might need another colour or pattern to be teamed up with. Quite often a piece of fabric will sit on my shelf for a long time and then I will see a similar colour or pattern in a fashion article which will inspire me to work with that fabric.

I got started with my business whilst studying a degree in textile design at Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall. I majored in recycling within the scope of textile design. My final piece was 3 6ft high lanterns completely knitted out of plastic bags! I experimented a bit with knitting handbags out of plastic carriers but found it far too time consuming. After I graduated I took a bit of time out and had my wonderful daughter ( who is now 4). Last year I decided to pick up my fascination with recycling and apply my knowledge in pattern making and sewing. I reformed 'Donkey in the Goatshed', made a few bags & accessories ,sold them at fairs, exhibitions and shops and had a successful year. This year saw the launch of my website which is still in its infancy but will hopefully have more stock added to in time.

It is a really hands on business as I design, make, market, photograph work, attend fairs to sell my work. In between I somehow find the time to be a mother and domestic goddess but I can really say I enjoy my work especially designing and meeting all the other wonderful people who are involved in the arts and crafts.

Be sure to visit Donkey In The Goatshed for some amazing handbags.                        


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