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The Non-Essentials with Guest Author Anne Chertoff From "I Will to I Do"

The Indie Wedding Guide would like to welcome our guest author Anne Chertoff From " I will to I do".  She writes a fabulous column on iVillage full of fabulous tips from planning to etiquette and everything in between. We hope you enjoy her latest tips on The Non-Essentials of your wedding, things you can really live witout - a bathroom hospitality basket, seat covers, SUV/Hummer Limos etc.  

The dress, cake and flowers are some of the signature elements of a wedding, but there are a lot of details that while they're nice to have, they aren't necessary. And since they are not essential pieces, you can save yourself a lot of money by deciding not to have these elements early on. Here are some if the items I'm talking about:


Hospitality basket for the restrooms. You do not need to supply your guests with toiletries in the bathroom. Check with the location manager to make sure that there is a first-aid kit incase someone needs a band-aid. Your guests will come with their hair done, so they won't need a brush or hairspray, and in reality the items you put in a hospitality basket will more than likely end up being a favor your guests take home, than something they'll actually use during your wedding.

Folding_chair_2 Chair covers. Unless the chairs you are using, or renting, are really awful – broken, bent, etc… - you don't need to rent chair covers for them. No one will leave your wedding saying, "That was a lovely wedding, but I think they should have covered those chairs." I promise.


Town_car   Over the top transportation. You can arrive at your wedding in whatever type of vehicle you like, but there is no rule that says you must show up in a limo. You can order a town car or just arrive in your own car (like I did). If you want to arrive or leave in a limo, a classic black or white stretch is fine. Larger limos (Hummers) are not only bad for the environment, they cost a lot of money, and can be difficult to get in and out of in a wedding dress.


 Save-the-date cards. Originally sent to notify guests of destination wedding details, today, save-the-date cards are sent for weddings held anywhere. But you don't need to send save-the-date cards at all. But if you do send them, only mail cards to people you are definitely planning on inviting to the wedding. Remember that whoever receives a save-the-date card also receives a wedding invitation.

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