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Vintage Collections - Dishes Taylor Smith, Steubenville & More

Welcome to another Vintage Indie reader submission, Vintage Collection Feature . Today we are visiting with Rachel from Tigerluxe. She has a gorgeous collection of various vintage dishes that she would like to share with you. I hope you will enjoy peeking into her collection and finding out more about it.
VI - What made you start collecting these dishes?
Rachel - I had an old bunch of mish mash dishes that I was using, and I came upon a box of Steubenville’s Fairlane pattern and i just loved was mostly dishes, bowls, teacups and saucers, and like a gravy boat or something.  I just kept my eye out for extra
pieces and gradually collected pretty much the whole set. I had fallen in love with the
Colorway and pattern, and started seeing similar patterns and Colorways like Taylor, Smith & Taylor's Ever Yours "Boutonnière," which matched really nicely.  I also have a thing for Bavarian china, which often has a cornflower, bachelor's button, or dianthus type pattern in similar colors.  and a collection was born (even though i didn't need any more china).
Img_0494 Img_0495

VI - Do you know any of the history behind your collection?
Rachel - I've done some basic research, I know that Ever Yours "Boutonniere" dates to the mid '60s and Fairlane dates to the late ' was really hard for me to track down any information when I first started collecting.  Now there seem to be so many more resources.  I have some pieces of Fairlane that were from my friend's grandmother's set, he had grown up eating off of those every Sunday morning for brunch.
Boutonnieredetail_2 Salemplatter

VI - What's your favorite item out of your collection?
Rachel - The pieces that I keep out to look at and appreciate are my favorites (I have tons in storage).  I can see my china cabinet from my living room sofa, and I often find myself looking in their direction.  It's kind of strange I suppose, but they really are pretty to look at.  coffee pots, tea pots and sherry decanters are always a favorite of mine, mostly the fancy stuff.

VI - What's missing from your collection, that you dream about having?
Rachel - I would love to find a forgotten garage somewhere that held the whole set of each pattern in its original boxes,  but that's like finding the pot of gold I think!  I’m happy with what I already have and whatever I find.  I have a kismetic philosophy when it comes to collecting.

Mitterteichbavaria_casserole Mitterteichbavaria_casserole_side


VI - What do you think makes a great collector or a great collection?
-  A great collection is anything that you have enough of to feel a sense of accomplishment, and enough of a certain thing that people react to in
some could be 2 or 200 things.  and a great collector is someone who follows a personal passion rather than a trend, and who both loves
and can let go of it all.

A special thanks to Rachel for sharing her fabulous collection with us. Be sure to visit her vintage shop Tigerluxe. You never know when a piece of your collection may just show up!




thanks so much gabreial!!

Sherri Pruitt

I have inherited the batchlor's button dishes from my great aunt. Mine have turqoise insides with the same outter print shown in the right picture. Wanted to know if you have an idea as to what they were worth.

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