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Emily's Pick of the Day - Bermuda Bags

Valeriellen Did you have a Pappagallo Bag, aka Bermuda Bag when you were younger? I did, and I also had four different covers that I would change everyday to match my outfit. For real. So when I happened upon this cute yellow number, I thought about what a great gift a Bermuda bag would be for the girls in your wedding party. Maybe you could even throw in a monogrammed cover to boot. Of course, you'll have to search around for another used one, because I already bought this one for myself! Check out valeriellen's Etsy shop for more great retro finds.


Or, maybe you can try your hand at making the bags yourself with these step by step instruction available on Tall Poppy Craft


You will also need to purchase the handles (also available on Tall Poppy Craft)



And go to Repro Depot for some really cool vintage fabric:

- Emily Anderson Eco-Chic Weddings


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