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Guest Reporter On Location - Stormville Airport Antique Show & Market Stormville, NY

Come along with Janet McCaffrey of Primrose Design to her recent visit to a vintage Hot Spot the, Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market (Stormville, NY).

I missed the opening weekend of the Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market in April but I’d heard that the Memorial Day weekend dates were even better. So, this past Saturday I made the 1.5 hour drive to Stormville (located halfway between New York City and Albany off the Taconic Parkway; exit 16N off I84 if you’re arriving from the east or west). First off, let me say that I wish they had better traffic control. It took nearly as long for me to drive the 3 miles from the I84 exit to the show than it did to drive there from Pennsylvania (seriously!) Several people in front of me ran out of patience and bailed, so keep this in mind if you’re planning to attend. Or plan your trip so you arrive when they open at 7 am.

Parking, however, was not a problem. Don’t bother to look in the front rows—there will be tons of spots at the back. And if you do park in the back don’t be discouraged when you enter the show and find nothing but food stands and tables of new merchandise. The good stuff is in the back!
Expect to do a lot of walking—it’s a huge space (there’s an aerial shot on their website if you want to check it out). This flea market began in 1970 with just two dozen booths and has grown into one of the region’s largest shows with 500+ vendors!
Stormville_janet_seedsEnough with the details—you want to hear about what I found. With the economy the way it is these days I’m making a conscious effort to be more picky than I usually am with my purchases for my business and I didn’t find quite as much stuff as I would have liked. There were several vendors selling linens and textiles but I found most of their prices to be too high—what I would call “cutter” quality for antique store prices. I found some vintage fabric scraps, lots of $1 hankies, a batch of vintage needlework books, and a very cute apron. Mostly I found cool things to add to my personal collections (and that’s why most of us shop at flea markets anyway).

A booth I absolutely loved was one that sold vintage paper goods—tables full of them. Old prints (botanicals, fish, birds, and animals), advertising posters, soap labels, and seed packets. In fact, their stunning display of 1920s seed packets in the original wooden display rack was what caught my eye in the first place. I bought a 1929 cover from a seed catalog with a lovely illustration of delphiniums for $19. Expect high prices for these original prints but they're truly gorgeous.


I fell in love with this vintage honey pot with a bear perched on top and got it for $5. I'll add it to the one with three-dimensional bees that I bought last year. That makes two so I think that qualifies as a collection!


I already have a collection of vintage purses—both silver mesh and art deco beaded—and found a white beaded clutch purse for $5 from a vendor who had a very pretty booth with lots of vintage clothing and textiles.
Stormville_janet My best deal of the day was a pair of white cotton pillowcases trimmed with eyelet for $6. They were a bit dusty and yellowed but a quick soak cleaned them up perfectly. I love that these aren't too frilly so I'm going to use them on my bed.
Would I attend this show again? Maybe, if I lived closer. The combination of a long drive, sitting in traffic for...ever, and not spending even half of the cash I brought, I'm not sure. It's a gorgeous area with lots of beautiful scenery, very old houses with cool architectural details, and other antiquing possibilities, so it might be worth further exploration with a weekend trip.
There are five more weekend events for 2008 if you want to try your luck—July 5-6, August 3, August 30-31, October 11-12, and November 2.
Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market, Rte. 216, Stormville, NY 12582.

Janet also runs a delightful blog Primrose Design Blog. Stop by and see what else she snatched up at the show.

Emily's Pick of the Day - Bermuda Bags

Valeriellen Did you have a Pappagallo Bag, aka Bermuda Bag when you were younger? I did, and I also had four different covers that I would change everyday to match my outfit. For real. So when I happened upon this cute yellow number, I thought about what a great gift a Bermuda bag would be for the girls in your wedding party. Maybe you could even throw in a monogrammed cover to boot. Of course, you'll have to search around for another used one, because I already bought this one for myself! Check out valeriellen's Etsy shop for more great retro finds.


Or, maybe you can try your hand at making the bags yourself with these step by step instruction available on Tall Poppy Craft


You will also need to purchase the handles (also available on Tall Poppy Craft)



And go to Repro Depot for some really cool vintage fabric:

- Emily Anderson Eco-Chic Weddings

The Ruby Pear Tea Parlor Noblesville, Indiana

Commercialphoto1 Recently I had the ultimate pleasure of sampling a few Fat Rascal Cookies from the gorgeous Ruby Pear in Noblesville Indiana. Not only were the cookies a huge hit in our home the scones were absolutely delicious. White Chocolate Cashew and Cinnamon Chip are an original from the Ruby Pear and are scrumptious.
    The Ruby Pear is rich in vintage, antiques and history. I hope you are lucky enough to live nearby or can plan a trip to visit very soon. In the meantime, I spoke with the lovely owner Mary Ann for a few questions about their gorgeous tea room.   

Tearoom2 Vintage Indie -  How/When did your family decide to start a tea room?

While vacationing at our home on the Florida panhandle for 20 years and visiting southern tearooms, we fell in love with the idea of providing hospitality and lovely gifts in a place that promotes peaceful living.  During our search for our first location, we found the "Craycraft Victorian House" in Noblesville, Indiana. The Victorian charm, architectural details and rich history enhance our Tea Room environment.  The Ruby Pear opened on October 1, 2005 with the intention to entertain, pamper and indulge our guests. From the music we play to the colorful surroundings, we hope that you find The Ruby Pear a place that allows you to slow down a bit and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Vintage Indie - What is the history behind The Ruby Pear?

Ruby is my Grandmother's name and it is also my birthstone.  I am an artist and first learned to draw by looking at a pear.  I've loved them ever since!

Mothersday2008parlortable Vintage Indie -  What do you want customers to know about visiting a tea room

We are a unique mixture of tearoom styling.  Our tearoom is a bit more relaxed in the southern tearoom style, yet we want our surroundings to be elegant, soft, warm and inviting to all of our customers.  We pride ourselves on finding the best ingredients for our food and have designed our dining areas to be somewhat intimate yet approachable.  We never want to be called "stuffy" and thrive on good conversation and lots of laughter.  Hospitality is our number one goal.  We like to think that our tearoom is an environment that everyone will enjoy, from a busy Mom needing time alone to a large multi-generational family celebrating a birthday, to a formal private tea party celebrating a baby, wedding or special event.

(Photo Left, Mother's Day 08 at The Ruby Pear)

Teapotscups Vintage Indie - What's the difference in loose tea blends and bagged blends?

Well, loose tea is loose and you put it in a T-Sac (which is a disposable tea bag) or you put it in a tea infuser.  Bagged means that the tea comes pre-packaged for immediate use.  Harney makes a darling pyramid sachet that their tea comes in.  This shape allows the tea leaves to roll around and make a wonderful cup of tea.

Vintage Indie  - As far as teas are they blends of your family or do you outsource those?

We actually carry the Harney Tea brand and have done very well with it.  However, we have located a tea blender out of Germany that we are now using to private label our own tea line.  We have 12 different blends and are looking to expand that number very soon.  Our signature bright pink bags are becoming quite popular.  We also just recently picked up a line of blooming teas from Teaposy.  They are quite interesting, tasty and beautiful to watch bloom in a clear pot!  Their website is http://www.teaposy.com/ if you are interested in seeing a video.

Thanks so much to Mary Ann and the Lucas family for an inside look at The Ruby Pear. Be sure to visit their website for their menu, directions and a further look into this gorgeous tea room.

Show & Tell - What's Your Cup?

Due to the recent mishap/freak accident today with my cup of joe and friendly comments from readers. I thought it would be a good time to have a little show and tell. I need a new vessel for my morning coffee, maybe something with a lid or maybe something that's not cheap crappy massed produced pottery that breaks for no reason.. "oh sorry" didn't mean to ramble. Anyway, I'd like to know two things.1. What's your favorite cup, one that you use every day. 2.What's in it in the morning?
If you have posted this on your blog or have a photo on Flickr etc of your cup and your preferred morning drink, leave  the url of it here and the winner will get a lovely prize from me. (leave your comment by Thursday 5-29-08 by 11:59pmEST). Vintage Double Tough Pyrex pictured.. this is what I should have been drinking from.

Indie Alternatives - Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are often a great way to bond the women in both families or bring family and friends together in general if you decide to do a couples shower. Either way today's indie alternative is creative, fun and memorable for anyone looking to give their bridal shower that special touch.

Niftypear1 First up from Nifty Pear are these Victorian Bridal Advice Cards. Something to cherish, a family, friend or loved on writes a special message of advice for you to keep. These can be personalized for your shower and colors customized t match.

Second, add a little fun to the party with these coordinating Bridal Shower Scratch Off Game Pieces.  Customizable and creative, these will be a perfect conversation starter. All you need to do is provide the winner a gift!

VI News - Uh Oh & 500th Post

Good morning, well I hope it's been good for you at least. My new notebook just suffered, from a freak accident. Whatever you do, stay away from Ty Pennington Sears dishes. This is the second time, a coffee mug handle has just broken for no reason. I've also had plates just crumble and break on me.  This time hot coffee all over my new notebook. I'm not sure how long I'll be down, but features will be limited. I'll keep you posted and thanks for  coming by today. By the way, not really what I had planned for my 500th post, but alas it is.


The Daily Swank - A Mommy Must Have

Three days and summer break begins! I can hardly wait to have both of my boys together full time again. We'll be planning picnics and trips to the park. Today's Daily Swank is a must have for mommies on the go.

Below is a picnic placemat from Little Red Caboose. This one is their Vintage and Turnips mat. Handmade from heavy vintage cotton and a cotton linen blend fabric for the adorable turnip utensil pocket.

Head over to Little Red Caboose for this mat and other styles.

Thank You - Real Simple - Simply Stated Blog

A special thank you is in order to the Real Simple Magazine's Simply Stated Blog. On Friday Holly Becker of Decor8 featured 25 Vintage Housewares shops on Etsy. My husband and I's shop The Vintage Kitchen, happened to be one of them along with 24 other wonderful shops. Head over to this post for the full feature.

Tvk_realsimpleheader If you don't already subscribe to Real Simple magazine you should give it a try. I love the clean fresh look and wonderful ideas. Head over to our new Amazon Store to subscribe. 

What You Make of It - Quick & Simple DIY Project - Seashell Table Re-do

This is a really simple project.  I found this small table with shelf at the thrift store and gave it a coat of white paint.  It would have been fine just like that, but I have huge collection of shells and I wanted to use some of them.
Just a note - I pick my shells up at yard sales and thrift stores.  The ones you find at craft or dollar stores have often been harvested unsustainability.  It's best not to support bad environmental practices.  Besides, you can find them so easily second-hand.  Which is why I have such a big collection of them!
I just put the table on its side and started gluing on the shells.  I used Gorilla Glue for this project because I think I might sell the table at some point and I wanted to be sure nothing would fall off.  For home use, a glue gun with extra-strong glue should be fine. It makes the work go much more quickly and if any of the shells do fall off, repair is pretty simple.
Leave the table flat until the glue is thoroughly dry and then turn it and do the second and then the third side.
You can take a project like this as far as you like.  I could have edged the lower shelf and even the uprights, but I wanted to keep it simple.
If you do decide to go right over the top, keep in mind that eventually the weight adds up.
Our guest room needed a nightstand and I really like the "we're at the beach" feel of this table, so I'll keep it awhile.
Barb McMahon

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.

The Farm Chicks - Kitschy Kitschy Coo

Did you happen to see our interview of The Farm Chicks Antique Show yesterday? Hopefully you did and made arrangements to attend, if not you'll miss out on fabulous indie businesses like Kitschy Kitschy Coo.Kitschylogo Come along with me today on a little interview with Kitshcy Kitschy Coo's owner Lisa Miller Be sure to mark them down on your must see list at this year's show.


How did you get started in making items with a vintage and retro style?

I grew up in California, with a grandma & aunt who sell antiques and a mom who loves thrift stores, so I was raised with an overall appreciation for the history of domestic arts.  While pregnant with my daughter in 2000, I wanted to capture a feeling of warmth and history in her nursery.  The commercial baby décor didn't appeal to me, so my mom and I scoured antique stores and thrift stores, trying to put together a look that fit my idea.   As a gift from my mother-in-law in Oklahoma, I received a box filled with antique baby vases.  The kind that people could send with little floral arrangements to welcome the new babies.   We also used old containers of baby powder, vintage warming dishes on shelves, our families' silver baby cups and spoons hung with ribbons and a TON of vintage linens.  I took an embroidered dutch girl tea towel that my grandmother had made for me and cut around the embroidery to make a patchwork square, with which I made a pillow for the crib. This treasure hunt turned into a passion that wouldn't quit.  Long after my daughter was born, I was sketching ideas and collecting whatever vintage baby paraphernalia I could find.

What are some of your favorite vintage materials to work with?
    When it comes to vintage materials as artistic medium, nothing beats vintage linens.  Especially the embroidered ones!  These little works of art took time, something housewives of yesteryear didn't really have a lot of to spare.  An embroidered tea towel with stains is not trash!  Cut out the embroidery, make something beautiful out of it and let it live on.  Next to vintage linens, I adore vintage fabrics and trims.  Cotton today doesn't feel nearly as soft as the old stuff.  Giant old picture frames make amazing bulletin boards.  Also I am loving all the paper ephemera of yesteryear.  The vintage cards and photos, the wrapping paper, salvaged book pages, I love it all!
  What can we expect to see at your booth this year at The Farm Chicks Show in June?
    This year I have really kicked it up with the recycled vintage linens.  There will be crib skirts, café curtains and more!  I'll also be selling fabrics and other sewing supplies with a kitschy nursery twist for my fellow DIY'ers.  Plus, a very few special Kitschy Kitschy Coo ephemera packs for paper artists, whether they scrapbook or collage, it's exciting to divvy up my favorite things for people to enjoy.  And as always, I will be overflowing with fun vintage finds for a child's room or the child-at-heart!

Plan Ahead Events: The Farm Chicks Antique Show Spokane Valley Washington - June 7 & 8 2008

Tractor_2Have you heard about The Farm Chicks Antique Show, in Spokane Valley, Washington? If you haven't mark your calendar for June 7 & 8 or make travel plans to attend. It is a "vintage indie" lovers dream.

I recently interviewed the lovely ladies behind this fabulous event.

What exactly are The Farm Chicks?

The Farm Chicks are Teri Edwards & Serena Thompson (pictured left).  Two long time friends who share a love of antiques and junking.  We both love creating homes that reflect our personality, be it old and rusty or new and shiny.  We started junking together and decided to share our finds by having a barn sale six years ago.  We had such a great response that we knew we were on to something and decided to make it a regular event, inviting other vendors offering antique and hand crafted items to join us. It’s hard to believe we’re getting ready for our 9th show!

We are excited to hear about the event for this year. If you are new to "junking" and vintage hunting what can a newbie expect to find there?

Originally we started as an “antiques only” show, but have evolved and grown into something much broader and we think, more fun J  There will be lots of non-antique (handmade) goodies along with the many antique vendors.  We felt that if we enjoyed these handmade items, why not include them!  We are inspired by the many talented and creative women who are a part of the show and hope that our shoppers will be inspired too.  As far as antiques, there will be something for everyone, from rustic farm to Paris flare, from mid-century modern to primitives.  We have vendors coming from all over the Pacific Northwest and a few as far away as California, Montana, Nevada & Utah.
What makes The Farm Chicks event different from your regular "flea market/antique" shows? 

One of the things that we’re the most proud of is the quality of our vendors and their creative displays.  As we all know, displays are so important. It’s not surprising that so much effort is put into window displays at retail shops.  They know it’s what brings shoppers in and sets the mood for the store.  We feel the same way about our show.  Our vendors spend a great amount of time creating vignettes that draw the shopper in and set the perfect shopping mood.  We have amazing, creative and friendly vendors!


Spokane County Fair and Expo Center, 404 N. Havana Street, Spokane Valley, Washington.


$6 - Good all Weekend.  Receive a $1 discount when you present a Yoke's Fresh Market receipt at admission!  (Limit one discount per receipt).

Visit The Farm Chicks website for full details!

We'll be back with more from The Farm Chicks later this week and next.


A Toast to our Sponsor - Mosey Handmade

Nest_ad_copy Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings would like to send a "toast" to our indie sponsor Mosey Handmade We are thrilled to have this wonderful handmade indie business with us this month.

Mosey Handmade is nestled in the small cove of Belfast, Maine.  Mosey Handmade  is inspired by nature, the sea and the forest around her.

Each item is hand crafted with attention to detail and loving care in the wee studio with a view of the cutting garden. With a line of woodland inspired cake toppers and boutonnieres, many of Mosey's items use real moss, lichen, acorns and finds form the sea.   After searching out specialties for her own woodland themed wedding, Mosey
decided that she could make exactly what she wanted and delights in the idea of making the same for others.   

Handmade is delighted to offer one of a kind decorations and keepsakes for your very special day and can make any item to match your weddings colors and themes. Mosey Handmade introduces her line of wedding lovelies this very spring.

Stay tuned June 08 as Mosey Handmade goes live with their very own store!

New DIY Contributing Editor, Barb McMahon

Vintage Indie is excited to welcome our newest contributing editor Barb McMahon of May December Home. She will be joining us periodically for fabulous D.I.Y ideas. I'm excited to have her join the Vintage Indie family and look forward to all of her fabulous projects. I hope you will help me in sending her a warm welcome.


Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design. 
She believes that your home should reflect you, that it should support your life and that you should take all the time you need to get it there.

brings over twenty years experience of fixing up houses.  Barb believes in doing it yourself whenever and wherever possible and has lots of projects, big and small to share with you.

Vintage + Modern Mingle - Polaroid Love

Top Left Mini Painting Polaroid One Step  -  BraveMoonman
Top Right Retro Polaroid Land Camera - Estatesale

2nd Row Left Oh How I love my Polaroid Pin - lolabot
2nd Row Right California Desert  - bluecitrusart

3rd Row Left Mini Polaroid Necklace - BlameTheMafia
3rd Row Right 1960's Polaroid Swinger Model 20  - HelloAmber

Bottom Row Left Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100 - JuJuToo
Bottom Row Right Lunastrella Instant Camera Print  - johnwgolden

VISIT Save Polaroid

Feel inspired? Share with us how today's board inspired you.



Plan Ahead Antique Shows in Texas - Getting to Know Garden Antqs Vintage

When you visit antique shows and events, do you take time to get to know the people behind the lavish vintage and antique booths? A booth at a show may change from person to person to reflect a sellers style. Take advantage of getting to know sellers, they will gladly be able to tell you history on an item your purchase if they can. Often times, the story makes the find.

Today, I'd like to share Garden Antiques Vintage with you.

Fall_zapp How did you get started in the vintage/antiques business?
I've always like antiques, but actually got started in the business about 10 years ago.  I bought an entire estate and decided fast I needed some way to sell the cool things I'd found, so I rented a booth in a local mall and the rest is history.  I'm no longer in an antique shop, just do antique shows now.


What are some of your favorite items to sell?

Glass fish tanks, battery jars, aquariums, anything weird or unique such as the mannequin hands I found a while back. They weren't posted on the blog a few hours when I received an email from a friend who wanted to buy them.  Mannequins of all sizes, gardening furniture, chandeliers, French furniture, Old House Awnings, Apothecary bottles, primitive cabinets, the list goes on.

What are the dates for your upcoming shows?

June 21-22 at the Red Barn in Round Top Texas. and possibly July 3-6 in Canton Texas for the Canton Flea Market (I'm haven't received confirmation yet for this show)

For more information on Garden Antiqs Vintage please visit their blog.

Today's Vintage Wedding Gown - Recycle Reduce Reuse Shop Vintage

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be somewhat of a challenge but what you are looking for may be deep in the roots of vintage style and flair. Go back in time with me as I highlight vintage wedding gowns each week. You never know maybe "the one" you've been looking for will be featured here. Not to mention buying a vintage dress is another way to recycle, reuse and reduce!
Eclecticas2 Eclecticas3

Vintage 60's 70's Beaded and Sequined Wedding Gown from Eclecticas
Size 8, Bust 32, Shoulders 15, Empire Waist 24, Hips - to 42 due to full skirt, Length 64.   

Vintage Hot Spot - Online Sighting - Shab-N-Chic

Oh how I love a good mix of vintage, shabby and chic all in one spot! Today's Vintage Hot Spot is an online sighting. Featured store, Shab N Chic.

Shab-N-Chic is a mix of lovely vintage finds, beach treasures and glorious artwork that combines the two.

Daisydress1 Umbrella_frame1

First up is from their "Wear It Again" collection. A mix of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. My pick from this category is this adorable Vintage Daisy Party Dress 50's or 60's. Next up is a handmade creation from their "Artisans Alley" category. It is lovely Italian vintage frame adorned with the perfect amount of vintage jewelry pieces, making it truly unique and one-of-a-kind.
I also couldn't pass up showing you this lovely Seashell Art Queen of the Pacific. Nancy Michaels the designer and owner behind Shab-N-Chic has been creating these seashell gals for a few years now. This one has since been sold, but be on the look out for new "gals" soon.

Hop over to today's Vintage Hot spot, I'm sure you'll spot something to love!


A Toast to our Sponsor Cardgirl

Cardgirlinvitations Vintage Indie & Eco-Chic Weddings would like to send a "toast" to our indie sponsor Cardgirl . We are thrilled to have this wonderful custom & eco-chic invitation company back again with with us this month!


Set the tone.  Cardgirl Custom Invitations works closely with you to design the perfect invitation for your wedding, while focusing on the “eco-chic” options. 



Some fun ways to cut down on paper waste…..

Send RSVP postcards.  This eliminates the need for reply envelopes (and it saves a little on the postage!).

Samples_005 Order your place cards with the invitations (this can usually be printed using the waste pieces from the invitations).

Cut out that “inner” envelope.

Instead of using envelope liners, print a nice design on the outside of the envelopes.

Die the edges of your invitations rather than back them with another sheet of cardstock.

Ask your invitation designer if they have any paper they have but are not using (you never know, you could get a great deal on that too!!).


This featured eco-friendly wedding invitation is letterpress printed with soy-based ink on an extra heavy cotton cardstock.  Classy, elegant & timeless.  The invitation set includes (but is not limited to):

Invitation, reply card, hand drawn map card, printed design & return address on envelopes.  Thank you notes, programs, itineraries & escort cards are also available. 

This paisley invitation set can be customized to coordinate with your wedding.  If you’re not a paisley person, we’ve got some other ideas for you!


Receive a 10% discount in May & June when you mention you found us on Indie Wedding Guide!

Vintage + Modern Mingle - Clear Beauty

I recently read on Daily Danny, the Green Living Expert Danny Seo's blog a feature on washing bottles. I loved his tips and loved how he used the bottles even more. I bet you didn't know you could find a plethora of fabulous vintage and antique bottles on Etsy. I hope you'll be inspired by today's Vintage + Modern Mingle.

historicallyvintage Vintage Glass Bottle Vase (top left)

funkeyfinds Vintage Bottles (top right)

MinjisShop 1920's Mrs. Stewarts Bluing Bottle (2nd row left)

forensic Glass Bottle (2nd row right)

PorchlightVintage Vintage Sanford "Pen it" ink bottle.

MarciaLu51151 Antique Medicine Bottle (bottom left)

PetitPoulailler Vintage  1945 Canning Jar (bottom right)

Need help searching for vintage on Etsy? Follow this link for a helpful guide.

Indie Alternatives - Unity & Decor

If you are looking for something truly unique for your unity candle or cake topper, then today's Indie Alternative is a great find for you.

Weddingtree_byapryl  Designer Apryl from Original Creations by Apryl has been trained in tree sculpture by her grandmother and in wire wrapped jewelry by her grandfather.

She combines this invaluable training passed on from her family to create these gorgeous and very unique trees. Created and paired with a wedding couple these would make a truly wonderful cake topper.


Apryl also creates custom pieces like this unity candle holder. Gemstones and colors can be mixed accommodate your wedding colors.

Vist Apryls website for these handmade creations, favors, accessories and more.

Furniture Week(s) Furniture Redo's - Diving Meet

Happy Monday everyone! Furniture week was a lot of fun last week and we've decided to trickle a little bit more of it into this week. We recently spotted some fabulous furniture redo's from Diving Meet. "Diving Meet is a great blog about reworking salvaged items into functional and appealing design. Dive in to tell about your latest tossed and found makeover."

Diana Durkes is the artist behind this creative chest redo. It also comes with a fabulous story. You never know what you'll find when redoing a piece of furniture.

The farm chest was painted a kitchen green when I found it in the basement of a house I once lived in. When I started to sand it, discovered the chest was made from old orange crates, circa 1940.  I repainted white and cloudy blue , then hand painted the farm scene in my best Grandma Moses style with artist acrylics. Last, a spray of matt acrylic sealer. Cheery, and this chest has served us well from baby clothes dresser to front hall mail and keys holder.

Diana also creates fabulous handmade items in her Etsy shop TableforEight. You can find these gorgeous silk pillows there, which also happen to be a "redo" of sorts.

The pillow fabric was a lucky find----a friend rescued a box of fabric samples from her mother-in-law's attic and passed it on to me.  Schumacher silk historical repro patterns circa 1953.  I made the samples into 20 x 16 pillows with the damask on one side and this amazing acid gold medallion patterns on the other. I like to use kapok stuffing--100% cotton, with some weight, and it's making a comeback I see (Dwell, June edition!)

Thanks Diana for sharing your lovely redo's and pillows with us!

What You Make of It - Call for Entries, Lark Books

Hi everyone, I recently received a message from Lark Books about an opportunity to design one-of-a-kind envelopes for an upcoming book. I would personally love to see some entries in the vintage style field of repurposed vintage paper etc.

Here are the details:

Lark Books seeks designers to make unique projects to feature in an upcoming
how-to publication, ³The Envelope, Please,² scheduled for release in fall
2009. Envelopes carry our most important and our most dear messages and
deserve to be showcased in a book all their own! ³The Envelope, Please² will
feature a creative collection of knock-your-socks-off work.

We¹re looking for all types of one-of-a-kind envelopes in a wide range of
shapes and sizes. Our wish list includes: embellished envelopes;
fold-your-own envelopes; envelopes for gift cards, money, CDs, etc.; and
non-paper envelopes (Fabric? Plastic? Foil? Think outside the envelope!)

PS: We would like some projects to have accompanying cards, but it is not
required. Have fun and invent the best dang envelope your mailbox (or ours!)
has ever seen.

Deadline for Project Proposals: June 2, 2008

Find the complete deadline and details as well as the entry form by following this link.

Furniture Week - A "Knack" for Paint

Many will argue about slathering paint on vintage or antique furniture, but a lot of times those pieces are thrown out not to be enjoyed in the state that they are in and often become trash.  I found a company  who has a "knack" for painting and gives new life to furniture that was once disregarded. We spoke with Barb of Knack Studios about her start in the repurposing furniture business.

Lightbluetable_knack Vintage Indie - How did you get started in repurposing furniture?
Barb - I got started painting furniture about seven years ago when my husband and I moved into an older home that had lots of cabinets and built in shelving, that I thought needed a little "up-dating"!! I painted my kitchen cabinets and it took me three weeks because I had little ones at that time, and I worked around naps:) When the project was completed though, I was hooked! I gradually (after painting all that I could at my house!) started painting pieces for others.


Vintage Indie - What are some of your inspirations?

Barb - I am inspired by a lot of things I guess.... I know everyone says this but I'm inspired by nature and the colors around me, my family, the whole idea of breathing new life into something that has been cast off and discarded truly inspires me, because I think that idea translates into a whole lot more than just furniture:)

Vintage Indie - Where can shoppers find your pieces?

Barb - My pieces are available through my studio- 1207 Pendleton Street Greenville ,SC 29611,also at Antiques on Augusta- 6 South Plaza Dr., Greenville, SC 29605. I can and will ship my pieces also if the buyer is not local.

You can also contact Barb through her gorgeous website at www.knackstudios.com