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If you only knew about my slight addiction to photography and ecspecially photography "Through the Viewfinder". Maybe I'm just out of the loop in photography land, but it seems as this style is showing it's face more and more, which is a really good thing for me, but not my pocketbook. Today's Daily Swank is one of my favorites, there were so many beautiful images to choose from but I narrowed it down to some of the more antique shots.

Appreciating antique and vintage bottles are something that I'm sure a lot of the vintage lovers out there do. I've seen some pretty amazing collection and seen them popping up in interior design everywhere. What a better way to work them into your home than with this gorgeous Antique Bottle Print from ScarletBeautiful2.


As I pluck away the weeds in my flower beds and garden I have dreams of gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere. This Garden Pail Print is a dream in itself and would make a perfect addition to my bedroom, is there such a thing as cluttered walls?

Head over to ScarletBeautiful2 for an amazing look "Through the Viewfinder"


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