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What You Make of It - Quick & Simple DIY Project - Seashell Table Re-do

This is a really simple project.  I found this small table with shelf at the thrift store and gave it a coat of white paint.  It would have been fine just like that, but I have huge collection of shells and I wanted to use some of them.
Just a note - I pick my shells up at yard sales and thrift stores.  The ones you find at craft or dollar stores have often been harvested unsustainability.  It's best not to support bad environmental practices.  Besides, you can find them so easily second-hand.  Which is why I have such a big collection of them!
I just put the table on its side and started gluing on the shells.  I used Gorilla Glue for this project because I think I might sell the table at some point and I wanted to be sure nothing would fall off.  For home use, a glue gun with extra-strong glue should be fine. It makes the work go much more quickly and if any of the shells do fall off, repair is pretty simple.
Leave the table flat until the glue is thoroughly dry and then turn it and do the second and then the third side.
You can take a project like this as far as you like.  I could have edged the lower shelf and even the uprights, but I wanted to keep it simple.
If you do decide to go right over the top, keep in mind that eventually the weight adds up.
Our guest room needed a nightstand and I really like the "we're at the beach" feel of this table, so I'll keep it awhile.
Barb McMahon

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.


kim mom of eight

Lovely Barb!! What a great idea (as usual).

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