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Business owners Shauna Alterio & Stephen Loidolt not only have an amazing line of indie goods that they sell in their shop "Somethings Hiding in Here, but a fabulous set of various collections.Take a tour with me through their various collections and their beautiful home.

VI - What made you start collecting these?

any time we find two of something - they just seem to want to be together. the next thing you know, we have a collection of them. there are certain colors we love, it might be a material, or something that the object reminds us of.

VI - What's your favorite item out of the collection?
this changes everyday. i really love the globes, because they were a gift from my parents. during a recent visit, they drove to our place with a car full of vintage school globes. it was pretty amazing and the best surprise ever. the colors from the globes have inspired everything in our loft.

VI - What's missing from your collection, that you dream about having?
well, we are currently obsessed with knots from wood. we are always looking for them and they are pretty tricky to get loose from lumber. but, it's so worth it - they are really beautiful.

VI - What do you think makes a great collector or a great collection?
any thoughtful grouping of objects is a great collection, i think that it is the collector that makes it great. hopefully, the collector has a specific point of view about that object that makes the collection feel different from another one.

Be sure to visit Something's Hiding in Here this weekend if you are attending the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair, tell them you seen their awesome collections on Vintage Indie!


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