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Vintage Collection Interview - Cameras

I spotted this fabulous camera collection on Flickr and wanted to know more about it and the person who loves and takes care of all of these. Please help me welcome Marcia to Vintage Indie.

VI- What made you start collecting these cameras?

I have been interested in photography from a very young age, learning
to use my parents SLR in the early 1980's then studying a bit during
my high school years. Although it wasn't until i was about 25 that I
became a collector. I moved from a small country town, interstate to a
larger city and a few years later, with  the help from a good
"collector" house-mate I finally had the resources to explore antique
and 2nd hand shops, garage sales and markets.

In regards to "vintage cameras"
My first love was a 1950's era Bakelite oval shaped 127 Kodak brownie.
like this one ...  I snapped her up and went on a google mission to find out all I could!
The idea of owning something totally retro that wasn't a box brownie
excited me ALOT!

Then came the Instamatic's, I found one that was the same as my
parent's had owned and I had used as a toy as a child. There was a
great feeling of nostalgia ....they were easy to find, cheap to buy,
and alot of different models to collect. My dad even found one for me
that I didn't already own while he was on a holiday!!

And finally I started to experiment with toy cameras, different
techniques, and distortions, filters, masks & that sort of thing
learning about Lomography along the way, and collecting a few
lomographic cameras too.  

The rest have been either given to me or have caught my attention for
various reasons, I'm not biased to what I collect so long as it has a
bit of charm and character.

VI - What's your favorite item out of the collection?

No1) So far i love the Agfa Clack, it's a medium format (120 roll
film) camera. She is in perfect condition and came with the cutest
brown carry case. I take her out on photo day trips and people always
ask about her.

No 2) would be "Monica" the whitehouse beacon reflex TLR ( twin lens
reflex) I use
her for a technique called TtV which you can check out here...

No 3) Polaroid one 600 my first polaroid, and only one in my
collection I can actually use!

and finally no 4) is 2 cameras ... a Jack (holga) and Meg (diana+) are
my most lavish buys, bought as a genuine collectors item so they don't
get alot of use.
see here...

VI - What's missing from your collection, that you dream about having?

There is a white edition oval shaped kodak brownie 127, I have seen
one on ebay a few years ago at an insane price (they are rare as hens
teeth) "c1959: An "albino" version with white body and grey top was
produced for field testing; about 5,000 were sold in the Channel
Islands. No more were made, as the grooved white body became dirty

also anything LOMO .. i love to experiment!

VI - What do you think makes a great collector or a great collection?

It's different for everyone, some people are very particular about the
condition of their collection, and their storage. for me it's about
aesthetics, what do I like, what has character, what can i use!
One thing I think most collectors have in common is an unconscious
drive, always looking for that elusive item to add, perhaps it's
animal instinct that alot of others suppress for fear of being
ostracised??? Go embrace your inner bower bird!!

Thanks Marcia for a fabulous interview and a peak at your collection. You can find some of Marcia's experimental photography here and her blog The Adventures of Mac & Ruby.


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