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VI News -Winner July Swanky Swag


We have a winner for the July Swanky Swag Giveaway! Randomly chosen from all of our entries from here.

The winner's comment
The Vintage Kitchen has a trivet that is so cute.  It says Kissin Don't Last Cookin Do.



Tigerluxe - Butterfly Brooch and pin

Crochet Bee - Vintage Embroidered Apron & handkerchief

Road Trip Journal  - Vintage Scarf

Ikonic Vintage - Vintage Notepad Holder with Pencil, Vintage Postcard & handkerchief

The Vintage Kitchen  - Vintage Sewing Notions

Vintage Hot Spot - Online - Faded Plains

I'd like to introduce you to today's vintage hot spot, the lovely online store Faded Plains. The Pillow Covers below are just a couple of my favorites from this vintage home and garden store. Visit them today and tomorrow for the last two days of their Summer Soriee. Being held for the month of July!
For every order placed in July, your name will be entered for a chance to win a Bleu Spa Deluxe Gift Set. (see sight for official details)

The Daily Swank - Made by Hank

It's hard to believe that today's Daily Swank designer has only owned her sewing machine for five years. Katie is a self taught sewer which makes her designs truly unique. Primarily using vintage or thrifted fabrics she combines all sorts of textures and patterns to create her items. These are just a few of my favorites from her collection.

Shop now at MadebyHank on Etsy and visit Katie's website for a gallery full of beautiful designs.

The Daily Swank - On the Road with Aqua-Velvet

Are you going on a Road Trip with us? We hope that you are! In the meantime I'd like to introduce you to today's Daily Swank. I'm loving the 1950's vibe from today's artist Aqua-Velvet. Multi talented artist Amy Henderson has a delicious eye for photography and illustration.


This first illustration is of this Vintage 1959 Buick Electra Convertible

"Time was one long expansion, just like the sky."


This one is an Vintage 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz,

"It was the best of times... and it was the very best of times."

Find more in this series of 1950's Car Illustrations as well as a fantastic Route 66 series at AquaVelvet!

All work and images ©Amy Henderson, All rights reserved.

Come to the Flea Market with Me, Part 1, Buying and Selling By Jerusalem Greer

I have always loved Flea-Marketing. I blame my addiction on my mother, as all addictions usually are. For a majority of my childhood I grew up in Juneau, Alaska where there are no Flea Markets to be had, 1 Thrift Store and very few Garage Sales. So when my family would vacation further south in Arkansas and Mississippi and Florida to visit family and friends, my mother would go a little bit nuts at the Flea Markets. It was as if she had to make up for lost time, seeing and touching as many vintage goodies as she could, loading her suitcases full of vintage china, linens, silver and odds and ends. (This must be why I also associate a great vacation with getting to visit at lot of great Flea Markets. I like to plan my vacations around Famous Flea Markets the way others like to plan their vacations around great Outlet Malls or Theme Parks.)


Now as an adult living in the South, I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by a ton of great Indoor Flea Markets all within driving distance. Some no more than 15 minutes away, (and my favorites only 30 minutes – 1 hour away.) I have even had my own Flea Market Booths over the years as a seller or “dealer” as they called. Now, as an Interior Design Consultant I am often searching Flea Markets for great vintage finds for my clients as well as myself.


I thought that in this part, Part 1 of Come to the Flea Market with Me, I would show you some pictures of a few of my favorite Flea Market Booths here in Central Arkansas, and share some of my Flea-ing tips as both a personal buyer, a professional buyer and a seller. So are you ready to Flea? OK, let’s go!

1) Dress the Part. When you going Flea-ing – you want to be comfortable. Where clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirt on, are easy to bend down in, and are very, very temperature appropriate – a lot of Flea Markets – even some of the indoor ones- do not have Central Heating and Air so the temperatures can be extreme. Also make sure to wear comfortable shoes for walking and climbing narrow stairs or steps or even walking on dusty dirt floors.


2) Have Apron. Will Flea. If I remember in time, I always like to wear an apron with big deep pockets when I go Flea-ing. This apron (my favorite by designer Jeanetta Darely) is perfect because it has a couple of large divided pockets and they are perfect for holding my keys, cell phone, measuring table, money, etc. Much better than a bulky purse that knock precariously placed items over, and much cooler than a fanny pack.

3) Pack The Kit. Here are all the things you will need to have in your apron pockets or purse (or fanny pack) when you are out Flea-ing.

All types of payment. Most Indoor Flea Market Malls will take Credit & Debit Cards, but most prefer checks or cash because of the high fees that come with Credit Card machines. Also sometimes you will find things that you want for 50 cents and sometimes you will find something for $50 and so it is best to be prepared to pay in a variety of ways.

Measuring Tape, Notebook & Pen. If you are searching for furniture, lamps, or linens it is good to always have a measuring tape on hand to double check if something will fit your space. Also, if you will carry a notebook that already has the dimensions of your room or existing furniture pieces, windows etc. written down in it, you will save yourself a lot of second guessing and money by only buying things that will work in your home.


4) Get To Know the Owners. These pictures are from one of my favorite shops in Conway, Arkansas. This store is covered up with vintage and European linens, fabrics and notions. I love to go in to this store because I have gotten to know the store owner and I know that she can tell me the history of every piece in her store, where she bought and what it was originally used for. I know that when her shop is closed it means she is off to buy more treasures, and that I will find even more goodies when she re-opens. I can always count on her to have the perfect Euro Sham or Red and White ticking fabric, and do not waste my time looking for those items online or elsewhere.


5) Get to know the vibe. Every Flea Market has a vibe. Some are more junk than antique. Some are more antique than vintage. Some carry more vintage clothing than house wares; some are filled with books and garage sale leftovers. Most of them are a little bit of all of the above. Most Indoor Flea Markets are set up with a Booth System where individual “shop keepers” or “dealers”  rent Booth Space for a set monthly price. Within their booth they can usually sell whatever they want, unless the Flea Market has a list of Do’s and Don’ts – which a lot of them do, but even then the styles and price range and age of the merchandise can fluctuate greatly.


This is one of my most favorite booths in all of my Flea Marketing travels. The owners of the Booth have really worked to cultivate a “look” within their space. Because their look is so distinctive (almost all Greens, Whites and Blacks) it has been easy to keep track of them as they have grown and moved from a small booth in the back of a Flea Market, to a larger space upfront by the window. Buy keeping their look simple and consistent they are memorable, and easy to distinguish from the other booths that are just chocked full of odds and ends. I can always count on them to have something that causes me to ohh and ahh, and often, to buy.

Another thing you can determine if you visit the same markets over and over are the Booths that like to run sales. There are always a few, within each Flea Market that run sales almost monthly, and you can usually find at least one or 2 “going out of business” or 50% Off Sales with each visit as well. Good turnover is the biggest boost to the Flea Market business, so shop keepers like to keep their goods moving, and there is no better way to do that than a good sale.

6) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask. As a Seller I was always happy to deal, because I wanted to move my goods. If you are looking at an item – especially a large item, do not be afraid to make a counter offer and to barter over the price. In most Booth style Flea Markets, this may require a series of phone calls to the booth owner (who is usually not at the Market) but everyone working is usually happy to help and assist – they all want the Flea Market to be successful and to make the customer happy, because they know that Flea Marketing is not like buying groceries or pumping gas - you do not have to come shop there, and because of that customer service tends to be better.


OK, so those are my tips for those of you who are new to the Flea Market Scene or who are looking to open a Flea Market Booth. Next time I come around, I am going to show you how I have used & transformed some great vintage items found in my local Flea Markets in a Lake Condo for some clients. The mix of old and new blended together, for a unique and comfortable vacation home.

Featurebutton_03_2 Jerusalem Greer is a mom, a wife and a modern vintage gal just trying to live the artsy life. Full of love, laughter with a grateful heart, she enjoys creating beautiful spaces and goodies, which bring joy to all who encounter them.When she's not filling the role of "style and design editor" for Vintage Indie Mag, she is busy working in her studio at Storia Divita. Please visit her new website Jerusalem Greer.  

VI Headliner - The Vintage List

Vintagelist140x60Vintage Indie would like to send a warm welcome to our newest sponsor The Vintage List. 

Recently launched The Vintage List is working hard to become "Your #1 Source For Quality 20th Century Collectibles".  With categories like Art, Clothing, Toys, Linens, Books, Housewares and more your bound to find a business that offers something you are looking for.

Mitzi the brainchild behind The Vintage List realized that vintage shopping is becoming more than just a hobby rather a way of life. Just like we like it here at Vintage Indie! With shops popping up all over the web in various venues and websites The Vintage List gives them a home to market as sellers in one organized location.

The website is a clean read, easy to navigate and very well organized. If you are a business looking to add your name to The Vintage List, registration is easy. Follow this link for more information.

Vintage Indie is excited to see The Vintage List grow and we hope you will continue to support vintage.

Thanks The Vintage List!


ROAD TRIP! The Longest Yard Sale August 7-10 2008 - Are you buying/selling?

Are you attending the 127 Longest Yard Sale this year? The sale starts August 7th and ends with the last day on the 10th. 630 Miles - From Defiance, Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama. With gas prices high and folks staying closer to home for vacation these days it's possible that many of you who usually attend the 127 Longest Yard Sale will be cutting your trip a little shorter. Usually my husband and I don't have time to cover a whole lot of the sale, but like to attend what we can close to home which is a lot for us and can be a good two days of shopping.

127_reporters_copy_2 Vintage Indie wants to go on the road with you this year. We are looking for guest reporters. Snap a few shots of the goods and yourself, tell us where you live and what fabulous items you score (especially vintage). Maybe your setting up shop for the four days. In either case we want to see it! Support your locals and have fun while shopping.

Sign up to be a guest reporter. Email me Subject: 127 Guest. I can't wait to see what the south has to offer in one of the most popular yard saling, antiquing and vintage shopping events of the world.

Photograph provided by PortButtons Vintage. Find this CORGI 1960's Ambulance toy and many other trinkets and treasures while your there.

Summer Reads - Marie Antoinette - by contributing Editor Gina Smith

If, like me, you like your summer beach reads  to be enthralling, romantic, mysterious, dangerous, sassy and exciting, well, what could be better than a little non-fiction? Huh?


I can eagerly recommend several biographies of Marie Antoinette for summer reading that you can’t put down, and the Vintage Indie tie-in will be all the glimpses you’ll get, both in illustrations and your imagination, of the beautiful period fashions, furniture and architecture.


    If you want to go especially light, The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette by Marie-France Boyer (Thames & Hudson, LTD, 1995, $19.95 soft cover) packs 123 mostly color illustrations and photos in its 111 pages.


Translated from French, the brief words in the book show some 200 years later some Francais still think Marie was not the saint and martyr many believe her to be. But as much as the styles of her time as well as her own image influence so much art, craft and collecting today, the book can be viewed as an important resource.


There are many actual pictures from Versailles as well as the Petit Trianon, the Hameau (hamlet), Fontainebleu and the Laiterie (dairy) and Rambouillet. Like me, you may be amazed to see a photo from an indoor bathroom of the late 1700s. Who knew?


There are many other photos of actual artifacts from the period, as well as ornate locks said to have been made by Louis XVI himself.


       For a strictly biographical, but very detailed read, I recommend Antonia Fraser’s Marie Antoinette The Journey (Anchor Books, 2001, $16.95 soft cover). Fraser, a respected biographer and wife of playwright Harold Pinter, is known for her meticulous research. The 458pp are followed by 53 pp of notes.


Fraser’s version, upon which Sofia Coppola’s movie was based, is a much more practical version examined with the sympathetic eye of a modern woman. It is much more kind and at the same time more engaging than the translation from French of Evelyne Lever’s 2000 edition, Marie Antoinette, the Last Queen of France (St. Martin’s Griffin). I started with Lever’s version and found it shockingly harsh.


The Fraser book remains my favorite of all the ones reviewed here, and I found myself not only re-reading pages, but wishing that it would not end, and certainly that it would not end the way we all know that it does. You’ll have to pinch yourself to remember you are reading non-fiction, with all of the incredulous goings-on of the day, including public birthing of royals for one.


Following the Fraser book, I was so enthralled with the period, and realized I was so lacking in knowledge- my 11th grade US History teacher nor my college education did any justice to the concurrent period of the American and French revolutions. I decided to search the Internet for related books. You, too, can Google Marie Antoinette on Amazon or even Ebay and find any of the books mentioned here. I actually bought three of my five secondhand.


  My next adventure was Caroline Weber’s 292 pp Queen of Fashion (Henry Holt and Co., 2006, $16, soft cover). Call me a geek, but I even enjoyed looking through the 97 (yes, 97!) pages of notes and bibliography (scouting for more juicy reads).


Weber, an associate professor of French and Comparative Literature at Barnard College, Columbia University, takes the position that Marie Antoinette’s fashion choices not only were a topic of the day during the French Revolution but also, in large part, played a central role in politics, religion and war.


One can tell Weber has written for Vogue and understands the fashionista’s point of view, and she is therefore well-qualified to discuss this pop culture phenom’s impact on the pop culture and fashion of her time. The book reads like a fashion show ‘Look Book’ and has detailed illustrations. There really aren’t any actual photos of original garments, except for one corset, because virtually nothing survived the Reign of Terror.



The Private Life of Marie Antoinette by Madame Campan (1500 Books, LLC, 2006, $18.95 soft cover) is a translation of the 1823 account by Marie Antoinette’s lady-in-waiting.


It would seem by fact of the author to be the most accurate, since it is written by an eye witness, but of course this author is most favorable to the Queen, and some of her positions are disputed by other writers. I found it to be very believable, not one bit syrup-y, and Campan specifically points out what she thought were some of the downfalls of the King and Queen. By the end of the book, you have to wonder how Mme. Campan, herself from a noble family, survived the thousands of executions of nobles and royals that were taking place.


One area that Campan never mentions is the purported liaison between Marie Antoinette and Swedish Count Axel Fersen. Fraser indicates quite blatantly that she both believes and hopes it to be true, for the Queen’s sake. It is amazing to me how many scholars, and even artists and bloggers are still debating this point more than 200 years after her death in 1793.



A delightful, yet fictional account can be found in The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette (St. Martin’s Press, 2005, $13.95 soft cover) by Carolly Erickson. Erickson is also the author of the non-fiction work To The Scaffold. The “diary” is described by Erickson as an “historical entertainment,” which I guess is the same as historical fiction, maybe with some happiness thrown in, which after reading these five volumes I sorely wanted to do myself.


I imagined Erickson also was so touched in researching this oft-misunderstood, misquoted figure that she wanted to write the story the way it could have gone, might have gone…up until the execution, that is. So be warned, beach readers, the same unfortunate outcome is still in the fictionalized account as well, but there are some juicy scenes with Count Axel that make for a titillating, yet still very believable read.


- Guest Author, Gina Smith

{All contributed content Gina Smith © Lilly*s of London*ish}

You can find these books for purchase in our Amazon Store under "Summer Reading"


Speaking of Yard Sales - Garage Sale Cow

So Friday & Saturday are the big sale days. I'll be soaking up the sun and selling my treasures to all the locals with my mother-in-law. Thanks to our first ever reader discussion I've received some really great yard sale tips and I hope you have as well.

I also received an email from the team over at Garage Sale Cow. Garage Sale Cow is an awesome website to find and post for FREE local garage sales. Did I mention it was FREE! Easy to read, easy to register and most of all helpful when looking to locate the best sales around.  They have also just announced that they'll be taking part of the Longest Yard Sale August 7-10, 2008.


We would like to announce the big event we will be attending this August. All of us from GarageSaleCow.com will be heading south to Jamestown, TN to take part in the World's Longest Yard Sale August 7-10, 2008.
Come on down and visit us along with our 8' tall mascot "Cowvin" the Cow. We should be easy to find. Look for our cow themed enclosed trailer where we will be GIVING AWAY FREE COLD BOTTLED WATER! Free?? That's right, absolutely FREE! We are bringing 8,000 bottles of water with us to keep you cool! Anytime you see us from GarageSaleCow you can be sure we have goodies to give away. We are looking forward to meeting all of you.
Come thirsty!
The GarageSaleCow Team

Vintage Hot Spot - Online - This Vintage Life


I've been having so much fun scouring vintage hot spots for you. I've been working on a directory as well. It's taking some time to get everything listed and linked but I hope to have that up for you in the next couple of months.

Today's Vintage Hot Spot is a must see online website This Vintage Life. They offer a treasure full of vintage goodies. I love this quote from the shops owner "Vintage says 'home' like no mass-produced, high street buy ever could by bringing instant warmth, charm and character to a room." Fabulous! I love that Vintage Painted Bed Tray.... I'm thinking this will be moving from my "want" list to my "need" list very soon. I'm also summer/fall nesting. I read this really great book (review coming soon) while on vacation that has me ready a tad early for fall nesting. I love the two canisters from This Vintage Life, perfect for storage. Top right is a 1930's ceramic canister. Top left another flour canister but this time enamel from the 1950's of course both of these would make great storage for anything not just flour. These were just a few of my favorites there are many more charming  vintage goodies at their shop including their In the Garden, Vintage Nursery and many more categories. Stop by and tell them you saw them on Vintage Indie. (digi paper from SMJ)

It's Here! It's Here!

Recycle_bins Now I know what you are thinking, "She's fell off her rocker"... her idea of a gorgeous picture filled feature is of her stinking' recycle bin.

Seriously I haven't. Bear with me for a moment. Even I know, no amount of Photoshop editing can make my new arrival look pretty. It's the purpose of it that has me gleaming. I've been awaiting 3 years since we moved into our home for a pick up recycling system. A few weeks back our local waste company teamed up with our city to provide recycling bins and brand new very large garbage cans to everyone to "clean up the city". My son learned of recycling in 1st grade and has been awaiting the arrival. Little did I know our bin was going to be HUGE. I was expecting a little red box like you see in other places. Nope, this one is massive. There is a whole list of thing acceptable and not acceptable to throw in, so I'll be printing up a list to hang on my fridge until we get the hang of it here at home. I dedicated a whole post on this to remind you, to check your local recycling information and maybe you'll get a shiny new bin too.

In other recycling news this article How to: Track Junk Mail recently published on Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest also got my wheels turning. Although I'm excited about recycling, I'd like to take as many necessary steps to prevent the "junk" and waste in the first place. My husband made a crack after I read on our bin that junk mail is acceptable. He said " We won't have a problem filling it up with junk mail that's for sure". You should see the amount of massive junk mail we get. Are you with me? It's ridiculous. My first step to try and eliminate this. Check out DMA Choice Direct Marketing Association. You can remove your name from many mailing lists or add it to those you prefer. 

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Cindy of My Romantic Home

(Click on photos to enlarge)


What are some of your favorite details about your home?

Some of my favorite items in my home are the ones that my dad has made for me over the years and things that my mom has passed down to me.  I love that they are a part of my family and are on their way to becoming long-time family heirlooms.

Chintz2 Bed_plates_11_2

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?
  I love the ocean and the colors of my home reflect that. I have been to Martha's Vineyard twice and I have such a strong connection to that island that I really can't explain.  I live on the other side of the country in a small apartment in Silicon Valley but I've decorated it like an old summer cottage in Martha's Vineyard.  I just love the old cottages there and have found so much inspiration from them.

Snglemom_2 How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?
  I found using vintage items is a great way to decorate my home without breaking the bank.  I love the look of old plates hung on the wall in place of artwork and I have them hung in almost every room in my home. Most of the vintage items have not come from antique stores but were found at flea markets and thrift stores. I love that they give my home a look that has evolved over a time. 

Bedroom_3 Any advice on creating your look?  Go out to the thrift stores and flea markets and look for old pieces of furniture that can be painted. Find old plates in your color scheme that you can mix and match and hang on the wall as art.  Old hankies make great window valances and create the cottage look very inexpensively. Ornate gold mirrors can be painted white or another soft color. Old linens, such as table clothes and pillowcases can also be found at flea markets. If you continue to collect these things over the years they all seem to come together to make a great vintage look.

K1 Dr


A special thanks to Cindy of My Romantic Home. Please stop by her lovely blog for more of her decorating inspiration.

Vintage Hot Spot - Online or In Person P.O.S.H. Chicago

PoshVintage Hot Spot P.O.S.H. Chicago "Tableware That Tells a Story"

613 N. State Street
Chicago, IL 60654

Browse online or in person for fabulous vintage. A few of my favorite picks.

Amelie Tumbler -Pink
Transferware Cake Stand
Tunisian Tea Glasses

The Daily Swank - Cowboys & Custard

I'd like to introduce you to Cowboys & Custard for today's Daily Swank.

Michele C. of UK creates these adorable art works. A love for childhood nostalgia inspires each bespoke box frame. Each one is filled with authentic vintage objects and ephemera.

Each one unique in it's own way, like this Hello Sailor piece. This one includes genuine 1930's bisque doll and mixed ephemera.  I love the little wooden block the doll sits and and the paper boat, just adorable!


Is your little one into cowboys? How about sprucing up their room with this one of a kind Hot Shot box frame. This one is a unique one of a kind.

If you love what you see here, you'll love the kitchen and garden themed boxes as well. Above are a few awaiting finishing touches and a new home. Visit Michele at Cowboys & Custard and request a custom commissioned piece.

Plan Ahead Events - Sunday July 27th San Francisco, CA


Sunday July 27, 2008: Indie-Mart Street Festival hits Potrero Hill & Thee Parkside! Brining you the best in local & indie design, handmade, vintage, antiques, great BBQ food, drinks & much, much more!

This Sunday, the Design Party that rocks the Mission moves to Potrero Hill & Thee Parkside for a Street Festival! Bringing you over 70 vendors inside and outside, offering everything from locally made tees, vintage, handmade, quirky antiques, cupcakes, one of a kind, unique gear for men, women, the lil' ones and more. Throw in amazing BBQ food all day long, stiff drinks, cheap beers, music by Drunk Dial DJ's and a live performance by the Lovely Eggs at 3pm, ping pong and all kinds of good stuff.

Spare the air & take the 22 Fillmore bus right there or ride your bike! Plenty of parking  as well. Bring your friends, come on out and shop, drink, hang out and eat. As well, Thee Parkside's Twang Sunday will be going on in the evening.


Indie-Mart Street Fair
Sunday July 27th 12-6pm
Thee Parkside
17th & Wisconsin Streets
(415) 252- 1330

Let's Talk - Reader Discussions - Successful Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Tag Sales

Lets_talk_yard_salesI think I can safely say that all of us have visited a market, yard sale, antique show or thrift store at one time in our lives. We all love to scour and hunt treasures of all kinds and they probably vary  from person to person on what we look for.  So what happens to those items that we are ready to part with or in my case no longer have room for. The cycle continues and we prepare for our own yard, garage and tag sales.

I'd like to start our first ever Reader Discussion with you on the topic how to have a successful yard, garage or tag sale. I'm preparing for my first yard sale outdoor vintage attic sale along with my savvy mother-in-law.

I've been doing my research and have taken the first step in to having my sale which is obtaining a permit from my city and advertising via the local paper and other venues around town.  I know from experience, that I really enjoy sales that are organized, eye catching and no sign of four legged hounds ready to pounce. To me there is nothing worse than starting your day with someones puppy muddying you up and scratching your legs ( I know this one from experience). No doggie here and don't get me wrong love the furry friends, but I like to shop without worrying about them.

My questions for you as a buyer or seller. I'd like to hear both sides:

1. Price Tags?  Stickers or nothing "What's the price on this" ?
2. Light music in the background?
3. Drinks? Yes/No Coffee, Lemonade, Bottled Water
4. Haggling, yes, no make me an offer?
5. Organized? by vignettes, price, item.
6. What about a sale that's actually good and not a bunch of junk. How do your determine a price?
7. How to price children's clothing, adult clothing? I didn't advertise clothing because I don't have a lot of it but I do have some. Me personally I skip the sales with all the clothes it's just overwhelming to me. You?

Post your best Yard Sale Tips:
Share from your experience your likes & dislikes of buying and selling at a personal home sale.

My Tips - Sites to advertise your sale (please ad yours if I'm missing any)
Local Newspapers
Local Community Papers/Recorders

What You Make of It - Simple Ideas Series - Easy Bookcase on Wheels

Every time I go to the auction, I see at least a couple of old wooden crates.  Sometimes they’re pricey.  I let those ones go and snap up the bargains.

I needed extra book storage.  I was also in need of extra seating, so…

Four small casters screwed to the bottom of the crate and a pillow on top.  It’s comfortable enough for someone to perch on during a party.  And it holds (ahem) some of my decorating books.

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.

Last Chance - Reader Survey

Remember the all important Reader Survey mentioned here? I'd like to thank everyone who's filled it out. It's given me some really great insight on what you like about Vintage Indie and what you would like to see in the future.

If you haven't had a chance to take the survey, please do so now. It will only be live for one more week. Your thoughts really do matter when looking to the future of Vintage Indie.

ATTENTION to those of you who left me notes on guest appearing, advertising etc. Please email me here. I love hearing from you but there is no way to contact you through the survey since it is anonymous.

I appreciate your time.
Thanks again!

Monday Bits!

Good Monday morning to you! It's a fine Monday here in Vintage Indie land. Back from vacation, rested and happy to be back sharing my passions for Modern Life, Vintage Perspective with you. Last week was beach week, did you enjoy it? Etsy did, they featured last weeks Vintage + Modern Mingle inspiration board Shades in their blog! Thanks Teen Angster for the including VI in your story!

My family vacation to South Carolina Isle of Palms was wonderful. The beach was beautiful and the food delicious. The only thing we forgot ... the camera. I know, I know I'm just upset as you. We did manage to purchase an old stand by point and shoot so hopefully I'll have some pictures to share with you very soon. Including a couple of restaurant reviews for food that is just out of this world good. Oh and during the long drive 22 hours total round trip. I managed to read an entire book that will be reviewed here and will be on your must buy list, I promise.

While you are awaiting the new features this week. Head over to Vintage Pulse. Tons of forums, hot vintage discussions, sales, specials and more from members. Also, this week a fabulous giveaway!

Add us to your RSS feeds so you don't miss a thing! What's RSS? Visit this tutorial.

Have a great week!

VI Headliner - The Bath Project

Please help me in welcoming our newest sponsor The Bath Project (formerly Sweet Spice) to Vintage Indie. I'm so excited to share with you their wonderful product line, that I've head the pleasure of sampling. The Bath Project is a family run independent business and items are made fresh to order. It doesn't get any better that, accept for the products!

Recently launched is their Kisses Tub Truffle. Perfect for our Beach week the Partytime Punch fragrance is a delicious tropical blend of pineapple and island coconut, with a touch of fresh peeled bananas, and a twist of lemon topped with sun-kissed raspberries! Sounds delicious right? Now think about how good you'll smell while your skin is softening with the cocoa butter, shea butter and oils.


Don't stop at the tub truffles when treating your skin. Give them a swipe of their new Solid Body Lotion Bar. Full of yummy ingredients like organic beeswax, mango butter, coconut oil and more.  Packaged in a round tin for easy travel and storage.

The best part a special savings just for Vintage Indie readers!  Use code  (in notes to seller on Etsy) VI708 to get a 15% off discount. Now is a perfect time to stock up on luscious handmade, fresh and independently made bath products. No massed produced here! I love their Sugar Scrub doesn't Lemon Passion Cake sound divine? Head over there now to check out these products and many more!


The Daily Swank - She Sells Sea Shells

Goldenmermaid_birdandmonster2 Sailorbabe_birdandmonster1

To separate necklaces from BirdandMonster. Golden Mermaid left.

Sailor Babe on the right Find many more vintage treasures and acessories at BirdandMonster on Etsy!


I couldn't pass up showing you this beautiful vintage 14k Gold necklace from Silvernebel. It features a delicate pearl and seashell charm.

Beach Week - Vintage + Modern Mingle Shades

Isn't it funny how today's vintage is also today's modern. Perfect example, vintage sunglasses. They are everywhere and reproductions are popping up all over. My only problem, I don't know how big is too big and what shape I should be wearing for my face. (That's next on my research list). In the meantime here are a few vintage shade picks for today's Vintage + Modern inspiration board. I've also included some other hot spots for picking up some swanky vintage shades.


Top Left : The Rag Rack
Top Right: Thomasina
Middle:  What Would Marilyn Wear
Bottom: The Vintage Closet

Other great website for vintage shades:
Klasik Twentieth Century Eye wear
80's Purple
Vintage Sunglasses
The Sunglass Man Online


Beach Week - The Daily Swank Beach Art by Artist Sandy Klotter

Today's Daily Swank is filled with a taste of 50's nostalgia. I'd like to introduce you to artist Sandy Klotter. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (a few minutes from me here in Northern Kentucky) Sandy now lives in the Pensacola area where most of her inspiration comes from.


Above is Top Down Kind of Day archival print. Paper size is 13 x 19", actual image size is 8 x 18" and retains a small white border for easier framing.



Taking a Dip 50's pin up archival print. Paper size is 13 x 19", actual image size is 9 x 18" and retains a small white border for easier framing.

Visit more of Sandy Klotter's artwork at her website or visit her newly opened shop on etsy.

All contributed images © Sandy Klotter} You may not reproduce or reprint images.   

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Cammy of Freckled Farm



What is your favorite part of each room?

Our kitchen is my favorite room in our home. It is where we read, do homework, prepare and eat our meals and come together to celebrate and share life’s daily happenings.

What I like most about this space is that it doesn’t feel like a typical kitchen. Instead of using upper cabinets I found a large antique pine cabinet that holds all of our everyday china. I love having the long pine table in the middle of the room for extended family and friends. Also part of this room is a small sitting room with a fireplace.





Bedroom: My bedroom is a small space that is very comfy and cozy . In this room I have tried to keep the colors very calming and serene. I love the pale gray walls and the scrumptious white bedding. One of my favorite parts of this room is the old ironstone platter collection displayed above the bed.



Craft Room: Ahh, the girly room. I am lucky that I have this little nook to call my own. I have all of my favorite things displayed in this room from ribbons, fabric, glitter, old wallpaper, buttons…..and the list goes on and on.  My son lovingly refers to this room as the Candy Shoppe.


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

My inspiration comes from so many sources. I love reading books and magazines on decorating, especially British decorating magazines.  I am also inspired by nature. One can get so much inspiration by being outdoors…..whether it be a walk in the city, a stroll down a country lane or a hike through the woods. Elements of nature are definitely part of my decorating.

Collections2 3. How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

I am a lover of all things old, tattered and worn, and I incorporate these things into my decorating. Most of our furniture pieces are either antiques or pieces that I have picked up at flea markets or tag sales. I also have several vintage collections that I use in decorating a room including transferware, ironstone, hotel silver and linens.


Any advice on creating your look?

In creating our home I have decorated from my heart and for what feels right for my family. I try to take my time and not rush into buying things that don’t speak to me.  In my opinion, creating a home is always evolving and a process that is meant to be enjoyed.

A special thanks to Cammy for sharing her gorgeous home with Vintage Indie. I'm in love with that kitchen! Get to know Cammy more at her beautiful blog Freckled Farm.