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Vintage Indie - What is your favorite part of each room.

The Den: My favorite area of our den is the antique display case that houses many of my old store stock items.  Ranging from vintage treasures still in their original packages to cardboard counter cards, many of these pieces would have been found in old general stores, dime stores or toy stores years ago.  This was the look we wanted to create in the den so we played off of it and the room quickly came together.  A few years later, it’s filled to the brim but we still manage to squeeze more in if we get creative!   


The Front Parlor:  The walls lined with old display cases now filled with many of our collections.  Marx playsets, vintage holiday, candy, toys and travel souvenirs catch the eyes of visitors and surround us with conversation pieces while we eat at the harvest table in the middle of the room.



The Kitchen: The two walls of popcorn boxes and my vintage straw collection! 


The Guest Room:  The cabinets full of vintage baby products, toys and old store stock!

Vintage Indie  - Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Often times, it’s the individual piece or collection that inspires us to put a display together or to decorate a wall, a corner or a shelf.  I do love to scour through magazines for ideas, however, and I keep a notebook full of clippings.  Sometimes while just walking among the booths in an antique mall, we will notice an eye catching display and bring the idea home with us.

Vintage Indie - How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

They are our home.  From our home itself which is a Queen Anne Victorian to each and every piece of furniture or decoration, we are surrounded by most things of another time, another era, another way of life.  They take us back to days gone by when a trip to the dime store was a much anticipated treat or to times when life was not as easy but more treasured when families sat around the dinner table after mother cooked a large meal, holiday traditions were abound and toys were not discarded as quickly.  Our collections remind us of trips and antiquing jaunts together and surround us with pleasant memories.


Vintage Indie - Any advice on creating your look?

Use antique display cases to show off your mini collections and keep special items protected.  Don’t be afraid to use your walls from top to bottom!  Surround yourself by what you are drawn to.  Keep a notebook of ideas to refer to when you decorate or want a change of scenery!  Group similar items together to create an eye catching display.

A special thanks to Elizabeth Young and her husband for sharing their home with us. Elizabeth sent over a ton of fun and fabulous photos. Check them all out in the slide below. For more vintage fun visit Elizabeth's shop on Etsy Grandmother's Attic.   
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Susan (calloohcallay)

Oh to be a thief in that house! It reminds me of a restaurant we have in town that has the best collections--but to live with that? Sublime.


WOW! I would be in Heaven wandering through her home :) Great article, great pictures! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much for featuring our home and collections! What fun it was to take pictures and ponder the interview questions! Love your magazine!


This is my idea of heaven.. I could spend many happy hours browsing through your fascinating collections..


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