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What I really meant - Charleston South Carolina

Sc_crescentcreations3 So... remember last Monday when I was "vacation dreaming" about Charlotte North Carolina? Well somewhere in between my map, a discussion with my husband our trip to to Charlotte North Carolina was actually just that, a DREAM! We aren't going to Charlotte at all, actually it's not even in the same state. What I really meant was Charleston South Carolina. That actually happens to be where Isle of Palms is, or at least near. No where near Charlotte. In my defense they both start with CH and end in Carolina. So, once again, I'm asking the lovely readers that you are to share your "hole in the wall" non touristy eateries, vintage and antique stores with me.

Hope you've had a nice chuckle with me.

Fine Art photography by Kelly Vanderslice of Crescent Creations. Surfside Beach Pier, Surfside Beach, SC




More views of SC Left, Original Fine Art Photograph: "Gone Fishing" Right, Original Fine Art Photograph: "Fishing Pier Sunrise" Visit Crescent Creations for more beautiful Fine Art Photography

(all photographs copyright Kelly Vanderslice) You may not copy or reproduce.


Kelly Martin


My mom forwarded your blog address to me and I just love it! So many pretty things to look at. I saw that you'll be vacationing to Isle of Palms soon. I live about 15 minutes from there and I think you'll have a great time. As far as antique stores, downtown Charleston would be the place to go. King Street is full of antique shops and boutiques and Charleston is a beautiful city to spend the day in. It's only about 15 minutes from Isles of Palms. There are tons of great restaurants and several days worth of attractions. You can stop by the Visitor's Center on Meeting Street and get a map and some brochures.

As far as the Isle of Palms, The Boathouse would be fun or Coconut Joes. And I love The Sea Biscuit for breakfast. Shops there are more touristy and more geared toward beach items. You might also check out Sullivan's Island, which is connected to Isle of Palms by bridge.

I hope you have a wonderful time!



For some good seafood check on Hyman's! It' not really a hole in the wall but it's good stuff in downtown, near the market. And Slightly North Of Broad (SNOB) used to be good - check with the locals. They're very friendly, tee hee! I'm not a local, I live in the upper part of the state, but love Charleston and Isle of Palms. And if you're into that kind of educational stuff, check out the Hunley (confederate sub) and the Charleston Aquarium - it's a very nice representation of the state of SC! Have fun!!!

Kelly Vanderslcie

Thank you so much for featuring my work! It's much appreciated. My husband and I lived in Mount Pleasant, SC for two years and our favorite Isle of Palm restaurant is Coconut Joe's. It's affordable with an amazing view of the beach.

For a unique shopping experience, I love the open air market in downtown Charleston. It's between East Bay Street and Market Street. Lots of one of a kind items.

Thank you again for hosting my photographs and I hope you receive some of our wonderful southern hospitality.

Take Care!

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