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Green & Natural Living Kickoff! Off the Shelf Book Review - A Guide to Green Housekeeping by Christina Strutt

Aguidetogreenhousekeeping_2This weeks Off the Shelf Book Review is what has inspired this weeks topic of green and natural living. A Guide to Green Housekeeping by Christina Strutt (CICO Books March 2008, ISBN9781906094485 192pp,$19.95)

As I sat and read this book in its entirety from cover to cover I felt an overwhelming weight lifted off my shoulders. I think I realized I was trapped in a germ-aphobic what you read is what you get society. With everyday tasks like shopping, we are faced with product labels that are deceiving, packaging created to lure you in, but not environmentally friendly. Also, realizing that visual stimulation is a huge aspect of the marketing world, but not something so important that we loose sight on the simpler things in life. Most of these feelings came from the introduction and the first few chapters alone.

One of my favorite statements in the whole book came from the introduction as well " The most important and potentially life saving gift we can give our children is to teach them to have respect for, and to be aware of, the life-giving properties and life-enhancing nature of ... nature." Within the last year or so I've really become aware of my surroundings. What's going into my children's body, what's being placed on their skin and most importantly the effects of it. A Guide to Green Housekeeping is a valuable tool to help you make yourself and your family aware of their surroundings. It really helps you to understand the harsh changes taking place in our environment, and what you can do to protect it.

Living a Calmer, Healthier Life, Recycle and Reuse, Clean Naturally, and Garden Organically are the main topics in this book. As a work at home mom, Keeping House was my favorite chapter. In her series Cleaning without chemicals, I was amazed at the tips and tricks that have probably been used for ages, but have since turned into a chemical laden process. There is hope for those of us who hate tackling things like oven cleaning and window washing without heavy duty chemicals. Christina shares with us her personal tips and tricks for getting the job done. Am I crazy for saying I couldn't wait to get home from vacation to try them out? Well, hopefully not too much as I'm happy to report cleaning this way for me has been not only healthier for my family but therapeutic as well. Other topics such as Kitchen Hygiene, Laundering Clothes and more are also included to complete the Keeping House chapter so you can make full use of nature in your home.

The second chapter, Energy For Life, is another great tool for reducing energy in the home. From a slew of Lifestyle Changes to Kitchen Practices, you'll be proud of what you and your family can do together to reduce the amount of energy used in your home and the reward that comes with lowered bills.

I've been on another mission of sorts this year with my family. I was happy to have The Kitchen Garden chapter make this a much larger reality to me. Living off the the fruits of our labor came into play with my families first garden this year. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. With no direction accept for a few searches via the internet, we planted our little patch of veggies and have been slowly nurturing them into their full potential. If you've had hesitations in growing your own little garden this chapter will prepare you for growing your own fruits and vegetables and give you the benefits of doing it as well. With topics like Compost and Green Gardening you'll be enjoying fresh produce before you know it.

This book will remain a staple in my home and I'll also be passing it on to family and friends. A Guide to Green Housekeeping is a practical guide with a bounty of resources you will feel confident about using in your home. (available for purchase at our Amazon Store)



I too will have to read up on the green cleaning. I used an orange cleaning product which I loved but it made me sneeze a lot lol

Susan (calloohcallay)

Sounds well worth getting. We try to use green cleaners, recycle everything, watch out for over packaging, etc., but I've found that there's always some way to ratchet it up...small steps that turn into habits.

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