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What You Make of It - Simple Ideas Series -Desktop Organizer

We can all use a little more organization in our lives. Contributing editor Barb McMahon is back again with another project for her Simple Ideas Series.

Almost every time I go to the auction, I see drawers, singly or in bunches.  I don’t know how so many of them come to be separated from their dressers, but I’m really glad they are.  They come in handy for so many things and can usually be had quite cheaply.
This one must have come out of an office desk.  It works perfectly as a desk-top organizer.  I think of it as my office in a box.

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.

The Daily Swank - Wood and Fabric

Did you sign up for the Back to School Swap?  I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I went old school style for today's Daily Swank. Check out these nifty creations and scrapbooking supplies from Wood and Fabric.


Check out this Desk Top Diary Calendar. It's a wooden based calendar with a scrapbook like appeal for each month. Jam packed with pockets and grids and calendars this would make a great gift.


Next from Wood and Fabric are these hand stamped Post Card Index Cards perfect for vintage style journaling.

Find these scrap-booking supplies as well as some fabulous artwork at Wood and Fabric.

Do you know how awesome you are? ( Auctions for the Nielson Family)

I was having dinner with my mom last night as we do once a week and I was telling her about the community. I'm talking about the handmade, vintage,independent and small business community. I told her, these people are awesome. No matter where they are in the world there is a connection of hope, joy, laughter and friendship from complete and total strangers. An unnamed circle of friends and acquaintances that can pull together at the drop of the hat for a good cause and to support one another.

When we see past the business fronts of each individual we realize that we are all here for a common goal of writing for passion & purpose. You may have your own blog for marketing your store or you may have an online magazine like Vintage Indie who likes to do the promoting for you. At any case, when you get down into the nitty gritty of it all we are all humans making the world flow with our individual gifts.

I first heard of Stephanie and Christian Nielson from ScribbleIt a wonderful company who makes some very cute vinyl lettering and wall art for your home. Christian and Stephanie (author of nieniedialogues blog) were involved in a private plane crash. Since the news of this crash the online community has joined together to form auctions, private sales and donations for their recovery.
Today August 28, 2008 has been dubbed Nie Nie Day. With the help from the online community, Gabrielle of Design Mom has organized this day for auctions of independent, handmade goods and other various donated items. Now is your chance to support your fellow community member and her family. Follow this link to Design Mom for the very large list of ongoing silent auctions and for further details.

Vintage Indie - Back to School Swap (No kids allowed, this time around)

Back_to_school_swapDo you love back to school time? The shopping, the planning, the organizing,the running not to mention the homework and extra curricular activities... did I mention the running?

Vintage Indie wants to help make your life a little easier with our first ever Back to School Swap. This isn't your ordinary swap though no kiddos  or kiddie items allowed, this one is just for the grown-ups. 

Excited yet? Here's how it works. The swap value is up to you( with a minimum of $15.00). This creates flexibility for you and your partner because you may score some really great vintage items to include and able to add extra goodies or you may find one really great item at this minimum, either way you'll want your partner to have fun too.

What exactly are we swapping? Anything that will help us with school year or work day tasks for this calendar school year (this starts in August for most).

Address Books




Thank You Cards




Office Supplies

Whatever else you think your partner will enjoy.


1. You must include at least 2 vintage items

2. You must include at least 1 handmade item (can be made by you or someone else).

3. Swap package value minimum $15.00 (including shipping)

4. You must have participated in a previous swap successfully or written me personally about joining in this swap.


Partners won't know each other, but they'll have a list of answered questions about their partner as well as the mailing address info. 

Please visit this form and fill out the swap participation questionnaire to sign up. Sign ups are from today until September 3rd, 2008. Please feel free to link the swap with the button provided above on your own websites/blogs.

If you agree to the terms listed on the form (link above) you will be sent an email from Vintage Indie with your partners information and answers by September 6th or 7th.

Send out date - September 22, 2008 or earlier. If you can't make this date, please don't sign up.

IMPORTANT - We want everyone to have fun, receive a package and join us again for more vintage swaps so please, only sign up if you are going to commit.

This swap is only open to US participants only this round. If you are from Canada and wish to join in, please email us and let us know. If there are more than one, I'll reply with an OK to join.

Have fun and let the sign ups begin!

Vintage Indie

**EDITED to add, just in case you are wonerding I love children, I have two sweet little boys. There's nothing wrong with things for just us grown ups every once in awhile.

Vintage Pulse News - Peer Awards Program

Vintage Indie's sister site Vintage Pulse has started a new community program called Peer Awards. The vintage community as a whole relies on its peers for knowledge, information and often times word of mouth to help their businesses thrive. Vintage Indie's passion to support the independent business community starts here with our daily online magazine and continues at Vintage Pulse. Please help me in congratulating our first ever Peer Award recipient to Vintage Indie. Miss. Ida of ArtsFarm.
Peer Comments
- My nomination has got to be Artsfarm. Why? Her energy never dies. She's an amazing member of the Vintage Community.
- Here, here...I nominate Artsfarm!! From the first moment I joined EVST she has always been glad to answer my many questions and help me find my way! (Thanks, Ida ;)
- Artsfarm , has my vote too! Fabulous & friendly.

Ida runs a vintage shop on Etsy ArtsFarm. You will find many vintage treasures from wearable art  to vintage books and even  vanity sets (pictured above left). If you are looking for fabulous jewelery I also suggest you check out ArtsFarm. There are some really fabulous pieces there. Also pictured (bottom right) Vintage WWII Era Luminous Flower Pin - Glow in the Dark for Blackouts.

Visit Ida's (ArtsFarm) Profile at Vintage Pulse here.

Thank you Ida for all that you do for the vintage community.
Vintage Indie

Frame by Kristy Ann

Vintage Hot Spot - Serendipity Antiques Temecula California

Frontshot You know the old saying " Don't judge a book by it's cover". I think that goes the same for antique stores. The outside of today's Vintage Hot Spot feature looks a little western to me, but inside tells a different story.

Welcome to another Vintage Hot Spot feature. Today I'm excited to bring you a Vintage Hot Spot interview and tour of Serendipity Antiques in Temecula, CA.

(Click Photos to Enlarge)

When did you open? The store has been open for 10 years.


What kind of store is Serendipity Antiques? Antiques with a touch of new.



What is your shop address?
41950 Main Steet Temecula, CA 92590 951-506-4446

What are your hours? Sunday-Thursday, Friday 10-9 Sat 10-6


Do you hold any special events at your store?
Seasonal Open houses as well as seasonal sales. Currently we are having a  "So long Summer Sale" on now until Sept. 7th.


What is it that you love about vintage?
Sometimes you come across things your grandmother had and it just brings back those thoughts and precious memories of when you where a child. Or it might be just the right thing you were looking for for you or your home. We like to call it Serendipity.

A special thanks to Denise Elizabeth for sharing Serendipity Antiques with Vintage Indie. Keep track of what's going on at Serendipity Antiques over at Denise's blog

Vintage + Modern Mingle - Designing Numbers

Need a way to add a splash of color to your home? What about another element of design for your bookshelves.  Why not add a some vintage numbers? Choose from brightly colored vintage chipboard game numbers like these (top) from Magpie Mary. What about something unique like a vintage post office box door (middle left) from Whimsical Bazaar.

Do you have a special date you'd like to remember? How about your wedding anniversary? Add numbers like the metal ones (middle right) 2 & 0 from KitschCafe.Of course vintage tiles like the ones pictured (bottom left) from OliveVintage would look great incorporated into your kitchen. Or how about  bright red numbers like the large vintage red metal scoreboard number pictured bottom right from 2bitstudio.

Whatever your style, you can include a little bit of vintage in your modern designs any time with a little number imagination.

This week on Vintage Indie August 25th - 29th

Goooood Monday morning everyone! I hope you didn't miss Vintage Indie to much this past Friday. I took a much needed trip with my husband, to a conference in downtown Indianapolis. We had a wonderful time and Indianapolis was very good to us. It's quite a city and the people there were very friendly. They also offer a lot of wonderful restaurants. We recommend the Rock Bottom Brewery to you, Their nachos are so yummy! Einstein Brothers Bagels were another favorite of our trip. Their bagels were fresh, chewy and delicious.

Highergrounds While I was waiting to cross the street with my ahem Starbucks (come on they are on every corner and in our hotel), I was stopped by Darin the owner of Higher Grounds 50 S Meridian, In the heart of downtown. He asked me to do a "Dare to Compare" coffee challenge. He would make me the exact same thing I had ordered at Starbucks, and if I liked it better he would keep my Starbucks cup and I would walk away with a free coffee. So I took the challenge. I'm happy to report that I walked away with a free coffee. I hope you'll stop by and check out Higher Grounds if you are ever in Indy. This husband and wife duo offer great customer service along with their coffee drinks. The coffee is locally roasted by the original Higher Grounds founders John and Kim Richards in Ft. Wayne Indiana, so you'll be supporting independent businesses as well as local.

Stay tuned this week as I have some fun announcements planned and get ready for another fun Swap hosted by yours truly.  We'll also be covering another fabulous book  and our regular Daily Swank features.

Until then, have a great week everyone!

Events - Old School Party & Book Launch August 23rd - September 30th

If you are anything like me then you'll love then event that I'm sharing with you today. I have an obsession with vintage school supplies as well as office supplies and anything that has that same look and feel to it. I was ecstatic when I heard about a new book and event, I've been keeping tabs on it ever since.

The Canadian based gallery and store UPPERCASE is holding  an "Old School" Party and Book launch.


UPPERCASE gallery invites the public to a grand opening celebration of Old School. The "Old School" theme celebrates the aesthetics of twentieth century education through an art exhibition and companion book, as well as curated back-to-school stationery and unique objects. It is inspired by vintage flash cards, wooden desks, biology class, science fairs, crayons, card catalogs, textbooks, lunchboxes, gym class, maps, lockers, report cards, film strips, recess, chalk... and the list goes on!

The exhibition features 80 local and international artists and runs until September 30.

The show opens with an Old School Party on Saturday, August 23 from 1-5pm. Everyone is welcome! The exhibition will be documented in a commemorative book.

I hope if you are lucky enough to live near by you'll visit for me won't you? Visit the UPPERCASE  Blog for full details. 

For all the rest of us, UPPERCASE has an awesome online storefront that looks like something from out of my dreams.
Camper_large Tcards1a_large
Left Sukie Camper Travel Journal   Right T is for Thank You Greeting Card

Welcome Elizabeth Young - Vintage Indie's newest reporter

Vintage Indie is excited to welcome Elizabeth Young to the the Vintage Indie family. She'll be joining us a couple of times a month when she goes " on the road again". Bringing you the inside scoop on small businesses and more.  I hope you will help me in sending her a warm welcome in the next coming weeks. If you haven't got a chance to check out her previous two features including her home tour as well as her 127 Yard Sale trip then you need head over to those for a special treat.

Elizabeth Young is a wife and cat mom who spends many an hour hunting for vintage goodies at her favorite  thrift stores, antique shops and monthly flea markets!  A collector of vintage toys, holiday decor and general store items, many of the found treasures end up on display in her Victorian home.  She also looks for vintage ephemera, fun supplies and kitschy decor for her Etsy shop Grandmother's Attic !  When not doing this, she works two part time jobs, wearing different hats at each!

What You Make of It - The Art of Papercutting with La Donna Welter

Please help me in welcoming papercutting artist La Donna Welter to Vintage Indie. I hope that you are inspired by her creations. Please visit her links at the bottom of this feature to see more of her work and to purchase.


What started as cutting paper dolls, valentines, and snow flakes as a child, has turned into a life of snipping for artist La Donna Welter. "I knew I had to do something with this passion after cutting paper snow flakes to cover most of the windows in my home, one Christmas".


With teaching degrees from the University of Northern Iowa, and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater,La Donna approaches her work the old-fashioned way, creating each one-of-a-kind paper cutting, known as scherenschnitte, by hand.


Papercutting is certainly not a new art form. Paper was invented in China in 105 A.D. In northern China, papercuts have been traced to 207 A.D., and in 1959 papercuts dated between 514 and 551 A.D. were excavated in an archeological dig. By 1000 A.D., paper was widely substituted for silk as the medium for writing and painting.

You can find more of La Donna's work at her website. 

La Donna Welter is a member of the Guild of American Papercutters

The Daily Swank - Sustainable Living - Ouno Design

Lindsay Brown and Sarah Gee are the design geniuses behind Ouno Design. Their collection of sustainable home decor as well as accessories are something to admire.


This Mod Circles and Squares Bedspread is handmade from 16 collectible vintage scarves. These bedspreads create a unique artistic appeal to any bedroom.

Designers Lindsay Brown and Sarah Gee are committed to recycling as well as green, sustainable practices in contemporary design.


Looking to add a splash of color in your home? Pillows are an affordable way to do it. With designs like these Paisley vs. Paisley Mod you can feel good about it too as they are created with vintage fabrics.

Look for these and many other stylish home accessories at Ouno Design.

Business Series Part Two - What You Put Into It

Once you've written your vision you have a personal insight as to what you would like to do. It's time to start thinking how to get your business off of the ground. Most of the time this part of your start up is all about your time and research. To be successful you'll want to be confident in your business decisions as well as comfortable. Depending on the type of business you are starting research is top priority. I suggest keeping your vision, research notes and  basic business plans in a single notebook. You'll want to keep track of all of your information in one place.

Step One - Your Vision
Step Two - Time & Research

Take the time to visit your local library and read up on small business start up. The information there is endless. A couple of book suggestions from my personal library are The Martha Rules and Mommy Millionaire by Kim Lavine. I read and enjoyed both of these books. Mommy Millionaire gives you step by step details on building a business. From start up, to pushing your products, to craft fairs and resources this book is a valuable tool. Depending on your ultimate goal of your business what you put into it is what you'll get out of it.

A few sites worth visiting:
U.S. Small Business Administration
Nolo - Great site for Patents, Copyright Art & Starting a Business
SCORE - Counselors to America's Small Businesses

Dive in with some serious research. It only takes your time and you'll feel confident with all of the knowledge you've gained which in turn will help your business flourish.

Your Homework:


Research Tips

1. Start with the business category in which you fall. Information on starting a restaurant business isn't going to help you with starting a quilt shop.

2. Keep notes on valuable information you didn't know. Jotting down ideas will help you remember them.

Come to the Flea Market with Me Part II - Using your Flea Market Finds in Design by Jerusalem Greer

Come to the Flea Market with Me, Part II – Using your Flea Market finds in Design

By Jerusalem Greer

So now that we have chit-chatted about selling and buying flea market treasures in part I, let’s see how we can actually use all those odds and ends we stumble across. Here a few examples from a Lakefront Vacation Condo that I was hired to decorate.

Livingspace This condo was a nice, clean, very generic taupe box when it came my way. I knew the owners well, and knew that they liked a mix of new and vintage items in their home. I knew that the condo would be used as both a vacation home for the owner’s extended family and friends, as well as to entertain clients for their business. Because I was literally buying 99% of the items that were going into the condo I wanted to give this generic box some character, as if some of the items were family treasures that had been passed down, pulled out of grandma’s attic, or found on a weekend antiquing excursion in the nearby the lake community.

Let’s take a look of how I used my Flea Market Finds in this Lake Condo:


Wooden Letters – To fill in the space above the kitchen cabinets I wanted to do something a little more whimsical. I used wooden letters very similar to these, to create a little reminder of what the condo is for – some good old fashioned R & R.

Mantle Beachycorner
Bits and Pieces – From an old wooden porch post that we cleaned and oiled and topped with new candles, to a new glass canister filled with old baseballs, to an old coat rack to hold beach towels and sun hats, I tried to find ways to bring the old and the new together at every turn.

Guestroom2 Tabletop2
Bedside Table – Both bedrooms in this condo had new beds, so I wanted to make sure the bedside tables were flea market finds. For this room, one of the tables we found was a small white pie safe. With a lot of elbow grease cleaning, and a decoupaged top (using a map of the surrounding lakes), we turned this once forgotten kitchen item into a functional and fun piece of bedroom furniture.

These are just a few examples of the ways I used flea market finds in this condo. From old books, to framed old postcards, to old tackle boxes and oars, I really tried to meet my budget and my client’s style by mixing the new and the old in a fresh vintage way.

No matter the age of your home, or your decorating style taste, when you use flea market finds in your décor, you take your home to a new level of design. By mixing in unexpected and interesting flea market items into your home, you create a space that is personal, inspired, and uniquely you.

Featurebutton_03_2 Jerusalem Greer is a mom, a wife and a modern vintage gal just trying to live the artsy life. Full of love, laughter with a grateful heart, she enjoys creating beautiful spaces and goodies, which bring joy to all who encounter them.When she's not filling the role of "style and design editor" for Vintage Indie Mag, she is busy working in her studio at Storia Divita. Please visit her new website Jerusalem Greer 

Thinking of starting a vintage/handmade business? - Business Series - Part One, Vision

If you frequent Vintage Indie often you know that vintage and independent businesses are about 85% of the main content here. On our about page you'll learn that my goal is to give life to older things once disregarded. Bring them back into our world today as well as introduce you to the independent world of designers, crafters and artists.

I know first hand that starting a business can be somewhat intimidating and overwhelming but most importantly it's exciting. Do you find yourself in the midst of wanting to start your own business specializing in vintage or items you create? I hope this new series on starting and running a successful independent business will encourage you to keep moving with your goals for a successful outcome.

To begin thinking of starting your own business you need to set goals, a plan with some sort of direction. Whether you are thinking of starting a business for fun or for hobby it's good idea to have a vision.


Here are some important questions to ask yourself first and foremost before you begin. 

VISION - : the act or power of imagination (Merriam Webster)

Do you have a vision for your new venture? Vision can also be a statement to yourself of what you want to come of your ideas. At this point in the game, you don't have to necessarily have to have a business plan but your vision is a starting point in the right direction.

To get started, ask yourself a few questions and jot down a few important notes. I suggest keeping a single notebook all for jotting down ideas as they come.

1. What is my idea?  - What's the basis for your vision.

2. Do I really love this idea? One of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you is MAKE SURE YOU LOVE IT. Yes I'm shouting this. Make sure what you want to do is something you love or something you can vision yourself loving. Why go through all of this effort only to give up after all of your time, money and energy have gone into it.

What if you don't know if you love it? Then ask yourself, am I passionate about this subject? No matter what it is, there has to be initial spark and interest. Keep tabs on this, your happiness will keep your business successful.

If you love vintage toys, and your vision is to own a vintage toy store then the excitement of selling vintage toys, learning about them and sharing them with your future customers will give you the ambition that you need to help you grow. If you don't necessarily love vintage toys from the beginning, but see yourself enjoying researching them, selling and talking about them all of the time then go for it.

I have to say when I started my first business ( now sold, a bath and body company) I was so passionate and excited about it that I hardly slept. The thought of owning my own business was so exciting to me that all I could do was research every single aspect about that field.

Your Homework:

Write down your vision.

Have questions? Please feel free to leave me comments here and I'll do my best to answer them or if I don't know I'll try to find out for you.


VI Headliner - Sponsor Tialey Vintage

TialeyvintagePlease welcome Tialey Vintage (pronounced: tea-alley)  to Vintage Indie as one of our fabulous sponsors for August. Tialey Vintage is a family owned and operated small business. They've been showering the online shopping  world with vintage since 2003.

This mother daughter duo, loves what they do and they set out to make vintage apart of any style. Whether you go for the sleek 40's classy styles to the bright and bold retro colors of the 80's there is something for everyone.


This Ebony Olga Gown is one of my favorites. Who says all of your nightgowns have to look like giant T-shirts. With this lacy number you'll feel sexy instead of frumpy any time of day.


At this point, I don't even want to think about winter but it has been cooler during the day and night around here. Whether or not I like it, fall is right around the corner.

A vintage 70's knit top is in the near future. Start thinking fall wardrobe with knit tops, sweaters and  light jackets all can be found at Tialey Vintage.


Last but not least is this fabulous rain coat/pouch from Tialey Vintage. Talk about convenient, this jacket scrunches up into it's own pocket to create a zippered pouch with a loop for hanging.

Start planning your fall wardrobe and challenge yourself to go 100% vintage this year. Do you think you can do it?

Head to Tialey Vintage today they'll help you get started.

What You Make of It - Freebies!

It's been awhile since we've done any sort of crafting type features here at Vintage Indie so I thought I would grab a few of my favorite freebies for you. Be inspired to create something new. Each one of these freebies can be found via the links provided. Simply click and go!


From Heather Bailey - Square Deal Pincushion. If you haven't been to Heather's blog or newly opened web store then you are in for a treat. Her fabrics are simply gorgeous!

Freeprintablecards_creaturecomforts Freelibrarycardtemplates
From the lovely Ez over at Creature Comforts - Freebie Printables

  • Library Card Pocket Template
  • Printable Standard Library Cards
  • Printable Mini Note Cards (they fit inside the library card pockets) and are perfect for stashing in lunch boxes or using to top a gift)


Scrappy Fun from Bari J. Free Label Download
Visit Bari J. for the down loadable PDF file.


One of my favorite ideas from Tara Frey Lunch Box Love
Designed by Teresa Sheeley of French Poppy Greetings. You may remember her from my post here.

A special thanks to all of the wonderful designers and bloggers for sharing their talents with Vintage Indie readers. 

Vintage Green - Flatware Pony Up Design

Maybe I'm on a lunch kick with the eldest going back to school and packing his lunch this year. I love today's Vintage Green find. Pony Up Design has the right idea when it comes to lunching  in a more eco-friendly fashion. They've created a line of flatware travel sets and ideas so that you can forgo the plastic ware you are used to packing.


These are my favorite picks from their shop since they are created with vintage materials and vintage flatware. They also have a line of eco-friendly flatware sets, with burnished bamboo utensils. Perfect for every day lunch, picnics and traveling. Head over to Pony Up Designs for your pick!

Must Attend Events - ZNE Convenzione August 22-24, 2008 in Pleasanton, CA

4frameow3 I wanted to let you all know that an amazing art/craft and papercraft event is happening in California - ZNE Convenzione.  This is a three day convention/retreat taking place August 22-24, 2008 in Pleasanton, and it has an incredible itinerary.  Everyone who participates will be showered with gifts and gift certificates, there are group meals, a film screening of the film 1,000 Journals, and workshops given by artists such as Sally Jean Alexander from Oregon, Pamela Garrison from Southern California, and Bernie Berlin from Tennessee.  The VIP hostess for the weekend will be Michele Beschen of HGTV/DIY channel's B Original television show, and there will even be a musician in residence, Jon Troast from Wisconsin.

We are proud to support an activity which celebrates art and vintage goodies.  Learn more about the event here: www.ZNEcon.com, and if you register for the full three day event, mention Vintage Indie and you'll get a $25 refund on your registration fees! 

And for those of you whose budgets are very tight, another wonderful aspect of the event is the Mano Amica scholarship they are offering for individuals who are interested in the event but find the cost prohibitive. 



Again, learn more here:  www.ZNEcon.com.  And don't forget - tell them Vintage Indie sent you."


VI Headliner FEATURED SPONSOR - The Vintage Merchant

BestlisaadviPlease help me in welcoming our second Featured Sponsor for August The Vintage Merchant.

If you are looking for a place to shop for 1930's clothing all the way to the 80's then you have met your match. The owners at The Vintage Merchant are fond of the Rockabilly/Psychobilly and Hawaiian tiki. They also specialize in vintage dresses and mens clothing.

Greatfr Bestdiorout_2

These two happen to be two of my favorite dress picks from The Vintage Merchant. Left is a late 1940's/early 1950's red faille shirt waist dress is labeled "Another Lucky Star Fashion New York." Right is a Dior Style Late 40's/Early 50's Black New Look Cocktail Dress. These won't last long I'm sure, I just love the 40's and 50's styles.

Brwnwht Blkpnkplaidwestern

I think you'll be pleased with the men's fashion offered at The Vintage Merchant as well.  Swanky blazers and jackets as well as sophisticated bow ties make their line of mens wear stand out from the rest. I love the look of Mod 70's Vintage Tiki Aloha Hawaiian Jac shirt on the left and the Black,White and Pink Rockabilly Western Cowboy shirt on the right. Head over to The Vintage Merchant today to check out all the categories mentioned here as well as accessories, outerwear, kids clothing and more!

On the Road Again 127 Yard Sale 2008 - Guest Reporter Elizabeth Young

Vintage Indie would like to welcome Elizabeth Young as our recent guest reporter. You may remember Elizabeth from a very fun "My Vintage Pad" tour of her Victorian home. She recently went on the road to the 127 Yard Sale and took a ton of pictures to share with us!  (Click Photos to enlarge)


Pictures from the Frankfort, Ky to Junction City, KY area!
It was a blast!  These were all taken at the first field sale we stumbled upon...


100_0300 100_0317

100_0322 100_0318

100_0340 100_0349
We made it to Junction City, KY with one hour to go before dark.

As the sun sets she loads one last heavy box of books...

And the very last purchase, an old children's bed tray unused and mint in the original box...and the sun goes down....
It took us 12 1/2 hours to go 1 hour and 45 minutes down the 127 corridor!
What a BLAST!!! 
Perfect weather, lots of vintage treasures, good deals and yes, we'd do it again!

Vintage Indie would like to thank Elizabeth and her husband for a fabulous photo tour of the 127 Yard Sale. Please stop by Elizabeth's fabulous vintage shop Grandmother's Attic for a ton of wonderful vintage and found treasures.

Vintage Pulse NEWS - 2nd Annual Vintage Pulse Swap Meet - Trade Days! August 12-19th

Vintage Indie is excited to be hosting this swap meet on our sister site Vintage Pulse.

What's a Swap Meet anyway?

: a gathering for the sale or barter of usually secondhand objects (thanks Merriam Webster)

How do swap meets work?

1. We'll open a specific thread for that months swap.

Ready for more details and begin posting swap items? Head over to Vintage Pulse via this link and start swapping' !

Designer Profile - Eco Friendly Fashion by Colorada

I love talking with designers about their creations. It's like getting a sneak peek into their brain, what drives them to create and what they are passionate about. It's not often your clothing designer is someone whom you get to know. Shopping for eco-friendly fashion can be easy if you let it. Look for vintage, handmade with vintage and up-cycled clothing. You'll often find something spectacular that you won't find massed produced and hanging on a rack with all the others like it.

Coloradagraphic_2 Today I'd like to introduce you to Cynthia Davis the designer behind Colorada.

What does "being green" mean to you?

I think of green as a way to nurture things and people. One of my purposes is to care for and contribute to what I have received. I have been given a beautiful world to enjoy and a wealth of material goods to handle with wisdom and foresight. I want to live gently and love the beauty all around me - in people and the world.

Where I live in the mountains, you can hear the trees whispering
and the winds blowing and everything around me pulses with life. I
want to nurture the life around me and to mirror it's beauty in
what I create. I especially love the trees. The old trees are
irreplaceable. I see deer in my front yard and I have a tiny troupe
of 12 that live on our land that I watch often and worry about
sometimes. I can see the mama racoon taking her babies to the
stream to drink on the way to the grocery store. I deeply love it.

What kind of eco friendly items do you offer?

I make clothes - mostly dresses and skirts out of vintage, re purposedand new fabrics. I am also making a line of young, more simple wedding dresses and 'ballgowns'. My style is a little retro, colorful, casual and fun. I make a few bags, pouches and aprons, too. I love to make things from parts of previous garments that have a unique fabric or print. I especially love recycling vintage bed linens and vintage household fabrics like tablecloths and curtains with openwork lace and handwork such as embroidery and tucks. Many of my vintage fabrics are scouted from a local thrift store that supports an orphanage. I love
feeling like my money is helping the kids and that I am rescuing wonderful fabrics and garments to be used again.
What inspires your up-cycled designs?

Usually a certain style garment or a cool vintage print will inspire me. I love watching old movies for their gorgeous clothing designs. Sometimes a song or a feeling releases an inspiration. I like to listen to music when I design and sew. When I feel empty of ideas, I can take a walk and see the sky and clouds and trees. I will make something in those colors sometime!

What do you like about creating with vintage materials?

I love vintage fashion designs and fabrics. Vintage fabrics and goods have prints that are unique and unlike anything around today. I love their spontaneity and the softness and density of the cottons. My favorite thing is to find a wonderful vintage dress in an amazing print with some spots or tears that make them unusable. I will carefully clean, remove the bad sections and redesign them to give them another chance to go to the ball. I love the innocence and hopefulness of the era around the 40's and 50's. Even an unadorned vintage apron from that era seems to have the air of simplicity and courage. The tablecloths and linens from then are colorful and fresh and are too good to not be seen.

A special thanks to Cynthia Davis for a wonderful interview. You can find more of Cynthia's collection at her shop Colorada. Please visit her soon.

The Daily Swank - Lunch Sacks for Grown-ups - RickRackQueen

With all this talk about back to school and packing lunch we can't forget the parents and adults who pack lunch. Packing a lunch is a healthy alternative to fast food eating and gives you a choice as to what you put into your body. Adults deserve a fun lunch sack just as much as kids do. Today's Daily Swank is one of my favorite finds for adult lunching.


Truly vintage inspired are these Oilcloth Lunch bags from RickRackQueen.

Each bag features a Velcro closure, matching handle and a pocket for your "snack money". Sustainable as this bag washes of easily with a damp cloth or with warm soapy water.

This Oranges Bag has to be my favorite I'm a fan of the turquoise and orange color mix.



If you are looking for a more basic lunch bag you can go with the Basic Oilcloth bag from RickRackQueen.

I love this one in Black Polkadot.


I know, I know.. this post is supposed to be just for adults. What can I say, I'm a mom. I just had to show you these Oilcloth Splat Mats from RickRackQueen as well. What a fabulous product for art projects, picnic lunches and a million other ideas.

Reuse over and over with easy clean up.

Have a great lunch and if you are looking for something as an alternative to the brown bag, head over to RickRackQueen!