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Reader Discussion Part II - Back to School Blues

Did you participate in the Reader Discussion Part I ?
If not, head there now and leave comments. I'd really like to know, What does it mean to you to "live green" ?
Please feel free to join in discussion all this week in the comments portion of this post.

Today I'd like to discuss going green & eco-friendly back to school.

I just looked at the calendar and realized school starts NEXT WEEK!?! (Yes I meant to scream) Where did the summer go? Seriously, I thought school wasn't supposed to start until after Labor Day. What about you, how much time do you have before school starts.

I'd like to know how you handle back to school blues. Finding an eco-friendly backpack isn't easy or cheap. Any good sources? I came across this fabulous blog post over at Nature Mom's Blog. Back to school Green Style. I've been to every site there and have throughly researched backpacks and lunch boxes.

My questions to you, and Nature Mom please feel free to let us know what you think.

I have my son's school list of what's required. Many products listed aren't so eco-friendly or maybe I need some direction (where to find the alternatives). What do you do when the school requires your child to have products like Red/Blue Folders, Zip Bags (even naming the brand of what to buy) as well as paper towels, plastic pencil box and more.  Do you just give in? How do you stand true to natural and green living for your family all of the time?


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