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The Daily Swank - Sustainable Living - Ouno Design

Lindsay Brown and Sarah Gee are the design geniuses behind Ouno Design. Their collection of sustainable home decor as well as accessories are something to admire.


This Mod Circles and Squares Bedspread is handmade from 16 collectible vintage scarves. These bedspreads create a unique artistic appeal to any bedroom.

Designers Lindsay Brown and Sarah Gee are committed to recycling as well as green, sustainable practices in contemporary design.


Looking to add a splash of color in your home? Pillows are an affordable way to do it. With designs like these Paisley vs. Paisley Mod you can feel good about it too as they are created with vintage fabrics.

Look for these and many other stylish home accessories at Ouno Design.


LuAnn Smith

I have been a fan of Lindsay and Sarah's work for some time. Their bedspreads just make me crazy. I want one for my Russel Wright bed so bad. You must check out Ouno design!

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