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Editor's Links - What I'm Reading Friday

As the editor of Vintage Indie. I'm constantly scouring the web, magazines, book stores and labels of products. Not only to share with you, but to educate myself as well. I'm hoping to share with you "What I'm Reading" on Friday's. Hopefully you'll be inspired, educated and if all else fails, entertained!

On the web:

Extraordinary Health Dr. Jordan Rubin - Eating 101

Parenting Post - Crusty by Rocks In My Dryer

Nie Nie Benefit Sale - Preview Here.

Catching up on the Auction Wally Show -  ep 30 The Auctionwally Show -Selling Old Paper on eBay and Elsewhere

Scavenger Round Up via Re-Nest

Checking out the Wanted Ads on Vintage Pulse

Scouring Craig's List for swing sets.

Drooling over Anne Ruthmann's gorgeous photography. Also, check out her free desktop photos.

I'm sure there is a ton more I'm forgetting, I may update this later today!

Have a great weekend!



Thank you for sharing the "Adventures of Vintage Indie's Mouse. I may have to follow you to some of these places.
I hope you found your swing set.

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