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The Daily Swank - Jaw Dropping - Jennifer Morris Beads

If I could, I would create a list called " You made my jaw drop" and today's Daily Swank would be on it.  Gorgeous colors, unbelievable technique and talent.


Jennifer Morris Beads are one of those things where I don't feel they need much of an explanation. I left the photos as is, and would just love for you to click on them to see them in their original size. Jennifer Morris is a free form polymer clay artist. As you can see she includes intricate details in each bead or pendent she creates. Some of them include vintage rhinestones. Above is Fall Regalia in French Blue Vintage Pendant.


Above is Jennifer's Fall Came Sweetly Vintagey Retro Bauble Earrings.


I think any one of the earrings, pendants, brooches or beads would make a great gift for someone special. Visit Jennifer Morris on Etsy. Above, In the Chocolate Garden, long luscious earrings.


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