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My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Catherine S. of Treasured Heirlooms Wilmington, MA


Arbor_2 Gardenpath

I'll begin my tour outside in my garden since this where the "magic" begins.

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My house is a white house, black shutters with hearts cut out in them, a white picket fence and pergola covered with pink roses all summer long. We wind down a bluestone walkway which leads to the cobblestone path to the "Pink Fairy Cottage". Inside the cottage you will find a small space decorated with wonderful pretties, a bench to sit and read and a table for your tea.


As you approach my front porch there are loads of flowers to greet you. You approach a glorious gingerbread Victorian style door which is white and painted with tiny rosebuds all around the edges.

As you open this door to a hot pink front door you enter my Sweet Kitchen. I must say, "I love my kitchen" as it truly reflects my love of all things sweet. Edible or visual. The walls are painted my favorites Ice Pink and Mint Green which gives it a playful air. Although the color palette stays the same, the look magically changes for each season. The Christmas season is the most fun since all my faux decorations are dripping with glitter and sugar. Everything is playful and is such eye candy. I love this room because it brings out the holiday spirit in me while I create my luscious gourmet chocolates for local businesses.

Scalise_kitchen_001_2 Scalise_kitchen_007_2

(Pictured Above, Catherine's beautiful kitchen)


You enter my pretty pink living room which is a wonderful extension of my kitchen. Icy pink and full of vintage treasures. My favorites being my collection of stunning Bavarian and Limoges rose china and the beautiful vintage pieces of furniture which I have painted white to accent the beauty of my collection. My favorite piece in the living room is my fireplace mantel which I purchased on Craigs List (it was originally Black). I love the way the Victorian scrollwork compliments the mirror and my beautiful display of treasures. A simple piece as a faux fireplace can completely change the entire look of a room from plain to elegant.

(Living Room Pictured Below)

Livingroom_2 Livingroom2



Upstairs is my Studio and my Master Bedroom. My studio has a lovely clean white palette and two beautiful windows which has sun streaming in each morning. It is where I do my creative thinking, blogging, talking to friends and photographing my website treasures.


My favorite item in the studio is the Green and Pink bureau (pictured left) which belonged to my Grandparents. It was quite worn, so it received a new life with my two favorite colors of paint and now has a lovely display of vintage Milkglass. The drawers are filled with tissue and packing supplies. A pretty way to keep odd necessities tucked away.


Onto the Master Bedroom. My goodness this is my all time favorite room in the house. The windows overlook my English Garden and onto a small river which can be seen in winter when the leaves fall. The moment I walk into my bedroom my entire being changes. There is a peace and serenity like no other room in the house. This is where I spend my time relaxing my mind and thanking God for all I have been given.

My favorite items in my Master Bedroom are my Christi Repasy paintings. I stare at them for hours on end and enjoy the richness of her rose blossoms. It brings peace to my soul and allows my body to relax when I am not well.

You may have noticed that I have quite a love for flowers. Flowers bring me inspiration right down to my very being. Watching my seedlings grow is an amazement to me each spring after a long cold winter here in Massachusetts.

Pinkcottage Gabreial, since you asked, I would have to say I consider my look "Sweet Vintage Romantic". If you would like to obtain a look similar to mine. Begin by freshening up your walls with your favorite pastel colors. Bring in inexpensive floral cotton draperies. Use vintage items such as lots an lots of lace, doilies, teacups, plates, and whatever you love to create vignettes on end tables, mantels, coffee tables and walls.

Scour thrift stores and reasonably priced consignment shops for vintage pretties. Most of the items in my home came from yard sales or consignment shops. I then transformed them with a paint brush and a bucket of paint, added some pretty linens and pretties purchased over the years for a small price by being a smart shopper and very selective.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my home in Wilmington, MA. I know I thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with you.

A special thanks to Catherine for giving us a grand tour of her beautiful home. Please take a moment to visit her web shop Treasured Heirlooms. Her store reflects her Sweet Vintage Romantic style that I think you will adore.

(All photographs copyright Catherine of Treasured Heirlooms, you may not copy or reproduce)


Catherine Scalise

Dear Gabreial, I can't begin to tell you how honored and excited I am to be featured on your "Vintage Indie" blog. The story looks fabulous. I am so happy and proud of it. I appreciate your offering to feature my home and garden. I hope everyone who stops by enjoys it too. I have blogged your wonderful sites on my blog. Take a look when you have a chance.



Wow, what an astonishing house! So pretty. It has obviously been furnished with so much love. Thanks for the tour :)


Cathy.....I just finished looking at Country Victorian's feature about your home and here you are on Vintage Indie lucky, lucky girl!!! You are such an inspiration.....thanks for sharing your pictures and story with all of us.

Pink hugs,


Cathy's home is beautiful, and she is a sweetheart as well!! :)


AWWWWW I am in HEAVEN!!!!! Like Cathy her home is just GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much for showing us her home youve done a lovely job giving us this tour!!

Wendy @ Pink Slippers

I will have to look at this post a few times to make sure I absorb it all. What a beautiful place!!!! Wendy

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