Monday News - Week of September 22
Designer Profile - Malphi Style

New Feature - Design & Style "Ask Jerusalem"

Fall is a great time for rearranging furniture or giving your rooms a fresh coat of paint. It is also a great time for a design and style change. Do you need a little direction on how to make everything work for you? Vintage Indie's Design & Style editor Jerusalem Greer is here to help!

Jerusalem owns her own business Storia Di Vita where they specialize in home styling, custom painting, sewing,  holiday decorating and more. She comes fully experienced and ready to help. Send all of your questions to us here at Vintage Indie and we'll do our best to get an answer for you. Including a photo will get your question answered faster!

Be sure to include your first name, where you are from and your full question along with your photo(s). Keep in mind photos sent to us may be used on Vintage Indie.

What are you waiting for! Go snap some shots!

(graphic credit Savvy Kit Journal1 Jackie Eckles)



Does this go for exterior make-overs too or just interior issues? I'm having a rough time choosing a paint scheme for the outside of my house....


Yes, exterior questions are welcomed!

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