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Shop Indie - Product Review - MBeze Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics

Many of you may already know this, but not only did I used to own my own bath and body business but I've previously written many bath and body reviews for Wickedly Chic. I hugely support independent businesses and that goes for Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics as well.


Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing MBeze pronounced (embeez). From the very beginning this company's packaging grabbed my attention. Instantly I wanted to find out more.

My package arrived professionally packed, a personalized note and proper ingredient labels (very important).

I have to be honest, the fragrances that I thought would be my favorite ending up being something completely different and out of the norm for me.

Up first was their Deodorette. This product was the main product behind their launch and beginning to the classy line of Natural Skin care and Cosmetics.

I'm not accustom to natural deodorants, but I gave this a try for a week and felt it was a really great product followed up by their Dabber Dust. The Once Bitten Deodorette kept me smelling fresh like apple blossoms all day while the Dabber Dust helped with wetness control. This dynamic duo is a great alternative to deodorants with harmful aluminum. I can safely say the Deodorette will be a new staple to my daily routine.


An unexpected surprise was my love for their Ife (eeFEH) Collection. Usually, I'm more of a citrus fan, oranges, lemony and very lite. I however really took to this perfume. It's the essence of strawberry that was a subtle surprise. Very feminine and chic.

I feel it's really important to get to know the owner of an independent cosmetics company like MBeze. You want to be able feel comfortable with the ingredients they are using as well find out which products are going to fit you best.

Please help me to welcome the founder of MBeze to Vintage Indie, Mary Beth Worzella.

Hi Mary Beth, welcome to Vintage Indie. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the bath and body industry?

I was living in San Francisco, working in film and commercials for two of the top Visual Effects companies in the industry.  Although it was an appealing career to have, I always wanted to be more independent and launch my own company.  I saw a need for a product that wasn't on the market and with a lot of research and determination, it was one I could create myself which meant lower start up costs.  Keeping my costs down also meant giving up the metropolitan lifestyle for awhile, so after living in San Francisco for 10 years, I moved back to my roots in Wisconsin so I could focus and found great resources here to get the job done at a lower cost.
The need for the Deodorette is the product that got me started.  Today's woman spends several hours away from home.  We work long days while fitting a workout in, have busy social lives, travel, take the kids to all of their activities, etc.  We take our necessary beauty essentials with us so we remain fresh through all of it.  The less we have to carry, the better.  I don't know how many times I've said to my friends, "I'm ready to go, I'm just packing my purse" as I'm shuving lip gloss, gum, keys, etc into a tiny clutch.  The one item I always wish I had was a tiny deodorant.  Others on the market don't fit into that clutch (not even the travel size) and I'd never want to be caught taking that out with me anyway.  Having someone see a giant stick of deodorant in your purse is about as appealing as dropping a tampon on the floor.  The Deodorette is small enough to fit anywhere and looks just like a cosmetic, so it's the perfect "freshen up" product to have on hand.  As I worked on developing the Deodorette, the other products and collections came to light.

Why is it important for you to offer Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics?
It's a lifestyle choice that has benefited me and therefore one I would like to share with others.  When I was in my mid twenties, I realized my skin wasn't going to stay young forever and I needed to start treating it better.  That meant gentler products with less chemicals in them and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  It also meant putting cleaner foods in my body that were less processed and preserved.  Over the years, I've been able to keep my skin vibrant and young, as well as naturally shedding weight, just by using more natural products on my skin and eating a less processed diet.  To me, products and foods with a lot of chemicals and preservatives in them is just gross.  I'm also very against animal testing, especially for cosmetic purposes.  When you put natural ingredients on your skin and in your body, there's no need to put animals through senseless, cruel testing for a product that's not necessary for survival and isn't good for you anyway.

What drives your company?
I love being creative and just about everything holds inspiration if you're willing to see it.

Thank you Mary Beth for letting us get to know you. Mary Beth has graciously offered Vintage Indie readers 25% off when you enter promo code vintage during check out over at MBeze.

I hoped you enjoyed the first product review here at Vintage Indie. Please let me know what you thought.



the paris apartment

I've been looking for a new natural care line, especially shampoos and conditioners. I spent an hour reading the ingredients in Whole foods yesterday and it was amazing how many chemicals were in even the 'organic' or 'natural' ones! Thanks for the great interview, I'll try it!

Designer Bags

I am always on the look out for natural products that have good labeling. I have very sensitive skin and food allergies and products like these can make so much more money if they just properly label! Great coverage of the product! Will check this one out!


I use this product and love it! The scents are fresh and the packaging is very fun!I've used store bought 'natural' deodorents and they never smell good nor keep me dry. The fresh scents and the dabber dust really does work! I'd highly recommend it to my friends and family that want to use natural deodorents, but haven't found one that works!

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