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Fall is my favorite time of year. Mostly because family seems so much closer this time of year. One of my favorite traditions every year is simmering cinnamon sticks, apple peel, orange peel and cloves on the stove. It's a comforting aroma that fills our home and everyone who comes in feels welcome.


(photograph by Jen's Everyday Moments copyright everydaymoments)

This time of year is about the harvest for us. We support local farmers all the way up until the end of October. We enjoy a trip to the pumpkin patch at Daniels Petting Farm that includes a fun filled hay ride to the pumpkin fields. Usually a purchase of local honey and a visit to the farm animals. 

Last year we started a new tradition with  my in-laws and my parents and had a caramel apple party. It was so much fun and a little messy, but so much fun! 

Start a new tradition this year with your family and throw a caramel apple party.

Here's what you'll need.

1. Apples - We usually go with apples that are tart and have a crunch. Apples that can withstand the toppings.

2. Short wooden candy skewers

3. Caramel Candy Squares for Melting (we purchased and unwrapped the individually wrapped kind)

4. Gourmet fix-ins - Chocolate (for drizzling), Crushed up candy bars, any kind of nuts (we like peanuts),toffee, coconut, dried fruits and whatever else your heart desires.


Cover 2 cookie sheets with wax or parchment paper. Have an adult melt the caramels and chocolate morsels over a double boiler. Skewer the apples and line up on a tray. Have an adult dip each apple in the caramel and set back on send tray ready for the first person to add on their fix-ins. If you like chocolate using a spoon to drizzle chocolate over the caramel is the best way. Once you have all of your toppings smooshed on, let it set up for a few minutes or place in the fridge overnight. Pull out about 15 minutes before eating and enjoy!

Your turn! Share your most favorite memories and traditions for this delightful time of year.

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