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Vintage Indie Life - Carnival - For the Love of Vintage


Welcome to a Vintage Indie Life! (if you are new visit this link for all the details on how you can participate)

I'm excited to start off the first Vintage Indie Life with the topic of "For the Love of Vintage." You know it's my love for vintage that keeps me writing for you. It's that feeling of nostalgia that I get when I'm shopping. I find myself wondering in other time periods thinking about the slower and calmer days of life. Today's world is so fast paced that I like to be reminded when everyone enjoyed the smaller things in life for a little but longer than they do today.

Others may not understand, why there is such a connection with vintage enthusiasts all over the world, but there is. You'll find them at antique shows, thrift stores, antique malls, smaller mom and pop shops. Many times, you'll also find that we love to give. Sharing a love of vintage with others. My parents drug my brother and sister and I to antique shows when we were younger. I remember heading out early, packing a small carry cooler and browsing for hours... and hours... and hours. At the time, it seemed so boring to me, not to mention the blazing sun. It's funny thinking back on that, because today we are doing the very same thing with our children. I appreciate antiques, the quality of real wood furniture and pottery and pieces that are created by hand. I hope that my children will appreciate vintage just the same when they're older and have their own children and just maybe we can all go together. 


(Photo, Antique Sign from 2008 Burlington Antique Show Burlington, KY)

What about you? Why do you love vintage?

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Vintage Indie Life Participants
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