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Vintage Hot Spot - Store Tour & Interview - Melrose Vintage Whittier CA

Welcome to another Vintage Indie Hot Spot! We are so excited to be sharing with you a tour of rockin' shop Melrose Vintage in Whittier CA! (be sure to click on the photos for a closer look)

873951-R1-012-4A_003  873951-R1-026-11A_010

When did you open?

It all began in 1986 selling to other stores and at special sales. We opened our doors for business as a retail store in Sept. 1992


What kind of vintage do you sell at Melrose Vintage?
Well, we like to call it Discount Vintage, all the cool current styles at reduced prices. Mostly 70’s and 80’s but we do have 50’s and 60’s.



What is your shop address?

We are currently located at 6734 Greenleaf Avenue, Whittier Ca. 90601

What are your hours?

M-S 11am-8pm

Sun 11am-6pm



Do you hold any special events at your store?

We have member only events, and open the store for special events to our best of customers. 



Is shopping indie and small businesses important to you? If so, why?

Very, We support Indie Shops and are one. We believe in the small business person, I just wish most independents knew what they where doing so my favorite stores wouldn’t close.


Anything else you would like to add?

Melrose has the worlds greatest customers. They are faithful and we couldn’t do it without them Thanks for the support!!

A special thanks to the owners of Melrose Vintage for the interview and photographs. Be sure to stop by the Melrose Vintage website for a closer look at their selection.

Wrapping Up with Glitter & Grunge - Halloween Art

Good morning friends!

We are wrapping up our month of celebrating art with our two Featured Sponsors Glitter & Grunge and Handmade Parade. Take a look at this fabulous collection of artwork from Glitter & Grunge Artists all featuring Halloween.


1. Cathy Nash
2. Margo Hubka
3. Lenae May
4. Kira Kerr
5. Crystal Hanehan
6. Amelia Schaefer

Just a reminder new artists and pieces are updated the first of every month at Glitter & Grunge. This month's update will happen today October 30th due to Halloween tomorrow. So check back soon and often for exclusive pieces!

What You Make of It: Handmade Parade - He:Craft Challenge/Contest

Vintage Indie's Featured Sponsor Handmade Parade recently announced their He:Craft Challenge/Contest!

Their last challenge open to the public, was a huge success and even sparked an idea for a book Craft Challenge: Dozens of ways to Repurpose a  Pillowcase by Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott. Many of the participants items were even featured in the book.

Details: There will be no rules other than create something for HIM! You know... your son, your brother, your guy! Finding suitable crafts or handmade gifts for the men and boys in your life can be darn near impossible, but I know you guys can come up with something truly awesome. So, I challenge you to join He:Craft!

The contest will run from November 1 to the 30th and to enter you'll just have to add your entry to the He:Craft Flickr group which will be open on the 1st.

Two categories, judges, finalists and prizes will be offered. To view the full details head over to the Handmade Parade Blog here.

What You Make of It - Repurposed Wooden Box with Brittni of Paper n Stitch

I am so excited to be able to do a guest tutorial today for all the Vintage Indie readers! When I started thinking about what I could do for this post, I walked around the house a couple of times to gather up some goodies, and all I seemed to find was some house paint and an old, wooden toothbrush holder. I really didn't like the way the container looked, so I thought I would give it a little makeover. Here's what I started out with...



I decided to turn it in to a modern vase, since I really didn't need a fancy toothbrush holder (seriously what was I thinking when I bought that thing). You can make one yourself too, with just a few supplies: wooden container, house paint, sandpaper, paint brush, and small glass.

So how do you make it?




Step 1: Give the wooden container a good rub down with some sandpaper and then wipe clean. Once that is finished, you are ready to start painting. I painted the entire piece (inside and out) white.

Step 2: Once the first coat is dry, apply one more coat to the entire surface. If your paint job is looking a little clumpy, hit it with a little more sandpaper and then move on to another coat of paint.

Step 3: Once that is finished, you are now ready to select a contrasting color for the detail areas. If your wooden container doesn't have any engraved details, you can paint a leaf or flower motif on it to achieve the same look. I would do a couple coats of this. 




Step 4: We're almost done,but since we are creating a vase and wood is porous, it doesn't exactly make a great vase  by itself. So, it is now time to find a small glass that you can stick inside the opening. I happen to have a vintage juice glass that fits perfectly! Slip it in the opening, fill with water, and you are ready for some flowers.



A special thanks to Brittni of Paper N Stitch. Be sure to visit her website for fabulous handmade goodies!


Designer Profile - Kathryn Wilson of Junkhouse Dollyard

Welcome to another Designer Profile on Vintage Indie. Please help me in welcoming designer Kathryn Wilson of Junkhouse Dollyard. Kathryn's line of clothing paired with her photography is artwork within itself.

Bacall etsy  
Can you tell us a little bit about how you started your business?

In 2004 I became involved with Fasten, a DIY designer collective in Milwaukee, WI. We had a clothing shop, weekend market booth and threw lots of fashion and art events. I was a designer, volunteer and co-owner, and that's when sewing became more than a hobby for me.  In 2007 I moved to Japan to teach English and began selling my designs at a vintage and designer shop called Rainbow. I found Rainbow by asking around at local shops and someone said the owner might be interested. He wasn't selling handmade items at the time, but  was open to new possibilities. Things went really well and I realized I could make a living at this if I worked hard enough. I did that for a year and then moved to Shanghai for three months to assist the photographer Maleonn. I continued sewing and that's when I opened my Etsy shop. I came back to Milwaukee for the summer and now I'm going back to Japan to study Japanese and continue selling with both Rainbow and Etsy.




What kinds of clothing do you create?

I make mainly reconstructed dresses and tops from vintage clothing. I also do some original designs with new fabrics. I never use patterns, I work straight from my head and use the vintage pieces and fabric as a guide. I like to create things that make you feel good when you wear them, and that includes feeling beautiful, sexy or interesting.



What inspires you?

I get a lot of my ideas from film, literature, art and my imagination. I'm also a photographer and I'm continually finding new artists that inspire me. The human mind, strength and weakness, strange beauty...these are never ending sources for ideas. As far as fashion inspiration, I'm interested in a lot of Japanese styles and clothing from different eras. There's no particular time period, but I like to look at fashion as a whole rather than current trends.

Broken record duo

 Do you use any vintage materials? If so, why do you like about creating with vintage components?

Yes, I love deconstructing and reconstructing. I like to find something I would never wear, utilize its good qualities, add my own taste and to turn it into something entirely new. I also like the antiquity an old piece of clothing evokes.

Thanks so much Kathryn for sharing an interesting and insightful look behind your passions and clothing. Be sure to visit Kathryn's Etsy shop

Check out Our DIY Projects Archive

Click the button to go!


Do you have a crafty tutorial that you'd like to share with Vintage Indie readers? Please contact me with your ideas and share with others "What You Make of It".

The Daily Swank - Halloween Kitties

Last minute Halloween shopping? Today's Daily Swank offers two charming items from Kiki Sassy Pants.

K_Riker3b copy


Isn't this pair just the cutest. These are original one of a kind by artist Kiki Riker.

They are handmade with Kiki's own pattern. They are also hand painted and created with Halloween fabrics and trim and sit atop vintage blocks. I think these two make a great pair.

K_Riker2 copy
Up next, perfect for decorating or gift giving are Kiki's Halloween Cones. Charmingly decorated with card-stock and vintage German paperie.

Visit Kiki's artist page on Glitter and Grunge today!

Tonight - Bill Harding, CEO of Bonanzle on the AuctionWally Show

Hey everyone ( I meant to post this earlier)

My friend Walt Kolenda and his co-host Mitzi Swisher will be interviewing Bill Harding, CEO of Bonanzle on the Auction Wally Show tonight 9pm EST. You can hear all about great resources s on the Auction Wally Show if you've never listened. If you've been looking for another place to sell your vintage, check it out.

Another great resource for vintage is the Vintage Resource Center on Vintage Pulse. Get community help for your vintage questions.

Artist Studio Sneak - Ann Denise Anderson of Whim And Fancy Designs

Welcome to another Studio Sneak where we peek into the studio of fabulous designers and creators like today's Ann Denise Anderson of Whim and Fancy Designs.

Hi Ann Denise and welcome to Vintage Indie. We are thrilled to get a sneak peek into your studio.

Can you tell us, what is your primary medium? 

Paper (crepe especially!)

Sewing What are your favorite types of materials to work with?
I love my sewing machine but also Love decoupage and fancy edged rotary cutters, & fabric~ I love incorporating fabrics and notions into my crepe creations!)


If you could share one thing about your passion as an artist, what would it be?

Incorporating integrity and vision into ones work/art!

The picture of the owl to your left, is a piece I just finished!


As for my work space  well that is under renovation so I have been using my tried and true great room table, my kids hate it but I figured a little glitter and glue never hurt anyone!

AD_Anderson1 This photo to your left is slightly different than the Halloween themed colors above, but I couldn't resist showing you. This is a Crepe Cake Box from Whim and Fancy Designs. It is decorated and hand creped with a glittering bulb that acts as a top pull. I love the colors!

You can find more of Ann-Denise's work at her artist page at Glitter and Grunge including delightful party supplies and more.

A special thank you to Ann-Denise for giving us a peek into her studio!

GOOOD Morning! - Monday News Week of October 27, 2008

Good morning everyone! It has been a whirlwind of a weekend, but wonderful to say the least. The seasons are changing rapidly here in Kentucky. Have they been the same in your part of the world?

Vintage Indie is excited to be preparing all this week for the launch of our anticipated Vintage Indie Market on Saturday November 1st!  We know that the individual vendors are looking forward to sharing their products and special offers with you. The value of your dollar is just as important today as any and we know that when you support independent small businesses you are also supporting your community.

This week we are wrapping up our celebration of art with the wonderful Glitter & Grunge folks as well as Handmade Parade. There is so much amazing talent out there, I wish we could show everyone!

On a more personal note, I have to say that this month has been one of the brightest it has ever been here at Vintage Indie. I've virtually met so many wonderful people and had the pleasure of exchanging emails with some of you. I appreciate each and every reader that finds their way here. I appreciate all of our wonderful sponsors and everyone who contributes to making Vintage Indie a success. I'm looking forward to November and December with you and I thank you for the kindness you've shown to me while Vintage Indie grows.

Have a great week everyone and see you soon!

Editor's Links - Saturday October 25th

As the editor of Vintage Indie. I'm constantly scouring the web, magazines, book stores and labels of products. Not only to share with you, but to educate myself as well. I'm hoping to share with you "What I'm Reading" on Fridays or Saturdays!  Hopefully you'll be inspired, educated and if all else fails, entertained!

On the web:

A Dirty White Truck - ( An inspiring blog post)

Twitter - Vintage Indie Loves Twitter! You can follow us here!

Slips Waiting  - (Gorgeous photography)

Food Related:  Did I mention I LOVE to cook and bake?

Grown-Up Halloween Treats (Ezra Pound Cake, you had me at chocolate)

Short list today!

Have a great weekend!

Drumroll Please - We have an Artists Challenge Winner!

Vintage Indie would like to thank all of the wonderful artists from Glitter and Grunge who participated in our special Artists Challenge!

and the winner is Katie Trott of Katie Jean

Katie won with her handmade Lingerie Bag with 40% off the votes!

Vote # 3 Lingerie Bag

Congratulations Katie!

Vintage Indie Market - Vendor Deadline Tomorrow October 25th


The holidays are approaching and what a better way to share the gift of giving than with a vintage, handmade or small business item. Vintage Indie is excited to announce we will be launching the first edition of the Vintage Indie Market on November 1st.

This exciting new marketplace will be a treasure trove full of top notch independent businesses featuring accessories, kids and babies, antiques & handmade collectibles, holiday decor, clothing, one of a kind, paperie, indie luxury and so much more.

Each market will be composed only a handful times a year. For two months of exclusive shopping each time including discounts, one of a kind items and more. The first edition will be our Holiday Edition. A perfect blend of products for everyone on your shopping list.

Vendors are being accepted on a limited first come first serve basis. If you are looking for a great new way to advertise your independent business, head over to information page. Vendors will be accepted until our deadline of October 25th when all of the information is due or sooner when space limits are met.

Tomorrow October 25th is the last day to book your spot. If you have already filled out a vendor form, please note all information is due tomorrow. Everyone should have received a welcome letter, if you didn't get that email please check your spam folders and contact me soon. 

Lovely Given Will be Lovely Received

I'm all about life's lessons here. Do you remember the post a few days ago, It's Better to Give than to Receive? I hope that you do, and I hope you'll continue to submit random things that you love about other businesses and friends of yours. Recently I came across this quote "Lovely Given Will be Lovely Received" from a business owner and it brought a smile to my face. Both of these focus on ideas of giving.

TheFarmChicks Today I'd like to give a little to The Farm Chicks. These two inspirational women Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards, have recently launched their blog. If you don't already know them from their ultra fabulous Antique Show I encourage you to check it out and plan ahead for the next one June 6 & 7 2009. I only dream of being able to personally attend one of these years and report on my findings for you! 

Anyways, The Farm Chicks share a passion for vintage and old school with me and I've enjoyed being inspired by them and getting to know their lovely vendors.

Today they've posted a delightful blog post titled "Power to the People" they are encouraging you to spread your wings a little and share your business dreams and story with their readers. What are you waiting for?

Planning on going to the show next year? Let us know, we'd love to have some guest reporters!

Weekend Events - Plan Ahead Events! - Mark Your Calendar

Are you starting to feel the whirlwind of November & December? The holidays are on their way and so are the fabulous crafting and indie events. Here are a few to jot down on your calendar or to attend this weekend. 

N40823376756_1039 This weekend Ann Arbor, MI

Red Shoes, Lexi's Toy Box and Thredz Boutique

Time and Place
Start Time:
Friday, October 24, 2008 at 11:05am
End Time:
Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 5:00pm
Red SHoes, Lexi's toy Box, and Thredz Boutique
332 S. Ashley
Ann Arbor, MI

RSVP on Facebook if you'd like here.

"WE are having the first Annual Ashley Street Open house where we all stay open late, offering raffles, discounts, wine, cheese, little snacks, good times, and GREAT stuff! Come check us out, stop by to say "hello" or just mingle, we always love to see you!"

If you haven't been to Red Shoes Home Goods store, you must stop by for me!

Plan Ahead Sacramento, CA

Missy Balance of Crafty Carnival is hosting a fun ATC Class. (Click image to your left for more details)

When: November 6th 2008
Time: 6-8pm
Where: The Paper Garden Boutique

I'm so excited because ATCs are so useful for so many things!  And who wouldn't want 8 little mini pieces of stamped goodness?!  We will be using the holiday images I designed for A Muse, and maybe a few others as well" - Missy Balance

DSCN0942  Now Booking Workshops with Julie Haymaker Thompson

Where: Santa Fe California, gorgeous townhouse setting.

What: 3 day workshop, Halloween Getaway October 31st to November 1st

What: Fast and Easy Jewelry November 22, 2008

What: Dreaming of Spring January 30-31st. 

Visit the website for more 2009 workshops!

More events coming soon!

Having an event? Send it to us!

Take a Deep Breath - Mireio

Take a deep breath, Mireio specializes in housewares with a very calming and relaxing appeal. The best part, they all include vintage components.


Up first take a deep breath and inhale this soothing Blackberry Amber Soy Candle. I love the concept behind all of Mireio's candles, they are hand poured into vintage glasses.


Take another deep breath and inhale the soothing scent of lavender filled acorns. Possibly my most favorite find so far for fall. The real acorn topped Acorn Sachets are just darling.

"Amazingly fragrant. Tuck these into sweaters, drawers, coat pockets, shoes. Or pile them up in a bowl as a room freshener."

I talked with the owner of Mireio about these little cu-ties. They are in demand as you might think, so they have opened up custom orders for them and often take custom orders on many of their items. Contact them through their "request an item" feature at their Etsy shop.

Plan Ahead - Bust Holiday Crafttacular - DECEMBER 13, 2008 NYC

CALLING ALL CRAFTERS!  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Vendor applications due November 7 for BUST Magazine’s 2008 Holiday Craftacular! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

(401 Seventh Avenue at 33rd Street, NYC)

BUST Magazine’s Holiday Craftacular is set for Saturday, December 13, and it's going to be our BIGGEST ONE EVER!

Continue reading "Plan Ahead - Bust Holiday Crafttacular - DECEMBER 13, 2008 NYC" »

News & Updates - Changes Over Coffee

J0423117 Good morning. If you are joining us this morning over your cup of coffee or tea you may be noticing some changes.

First up is the new navigation bar, you can find our

The Daily Swank - Halloween Jewels

It's been a whirlwind of a day! Updates to Vintage Indie, do you like the new navigation bar? A trip to the Doctor's office, we will not have strep again, we will not have strep again. Oh and a flopped pizza crust. Anyone else have those kinds of days? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this charming Daily Swank.

Are you getting all dolled up for a special Halloween dinner party? Why not do it in style with this gorgeous Halloween Necklace Set from Moondog Cottage. (head over soon, this set includes free shipping to the U.S)   

Looking for a crafty new gig? Be a Guest on Vintage Indie!


Hi there Vintage Indie readers!

Vintage Indie is looking for  contributing crafting tutorial guest editors. If you are into crafts, art anything that requires a technique or process we want you.

We'll be taking "submissions" for this position. Email me sharing one of your past tutorials or ideas. (this is a non paying position). All tutorials must have good photography.

Thanks, looking forward to what you send!

*Edited to add, we are looking to include full tutorials on our site, rather than a link to your tutorial on another site.

Vintage Hot Spot - Art in Advertising - Indy Antique Advertising Show

100_2571 If you are in the Indianapolis area be sure to visit the Indianapolis Antique Advertising Show held in March and September.  Dealers from Germany, Florida, California, Washington, Maine, Ohio and everywhere in between set up their finest pieces of vintage advertising at this wonderful show. 

(click on photos to enlarge)

Held in the Champions Pavilion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds (1202 E. 38th St., Indianapolis), it’s easy to maneuver, well lit and there is plenty of parking.  Saturday hours are 10-5 and Sunday hours are 10-3.  A vintage Toy Show is held in conjunction with the Advertising Show on Sunday with hours of 8-10 for early buyers and 10-3 for regular buyers.  One will find 86 tables filled with delightful toys from bygone eras.  Admission is $7 and children 12 and under are admitted free.\


Sandra and Doug Moore and Sharron and Vern Atkins of A&M Promotions bought the show from the previous owners in September 2001.  It has been in existence for 38 years and has quite the following.  While the March show is usually larger with approximately 95 dealers, you will still find approximately 80 dealers at the September show. 
  Sandra has been an antiques dealer for over 20 years, specializing in Bakelite, Ohio Art, Scotty collectibles and vintage travel souvenirs.  She states that this show is one of the largest advertising shows in the country and offers premium merchandise only, guaranteeing the customer that they will find top notch items.  Dealers are asked by invitation only.  It is here that you will find many one of a kind, unique and often museum quality pieces including country store items, signs, gas station and soda fountain collectibles, display cabinets and paper ephemera.  It is stipulated that dealers cannot offer items newer than the 1960s. 
100_2568 100_2570
While visiting the Advertising Show, be sure to sign up for their mailing list.  Information about the Antique Advertising Association of America which holds annual conventions is also available.  If you need a break, concessions can be found on site.  Porters and carts are also offered for larger purchases. 
100_2556 100_2559
Mark your calendars now for the next show to be held March 21-22, 2009.  More information can be found at www.indyadshow.com


Elizabeth Young is a wife and cat mom who spends many an hour hunting for vintage goodies at her favorite  thrift stores, antique shops and monthly flea markets!  A collector of vintage toys, holiday decor and general store items, many of the found treasures end up on display in her Victorian home.  She also looks for vintage ephemera, fun supplies and kitschy decor for her Etsy shop Grandmother's Attic !  When not doing this, she works two part time jobs, wearing different hats at each! 

The Daily Swank - Gilded Cage Designs - Lavish Chokers

Today's Daily Swank highlights Glitter and Grunge member Robin Sweet of Gilded Cage Designs. I think you will adore her lavish fall accessories.

A Glitter and Grunge Exclusive from Gilded Cage Designs - "Sophia Baddeley" 

"Named for the famous 18th century english cortesan, Sophia Baddeley was the envy of all of high society.  Adorned in only the latest fashions, she was known to be a trendsetter.  Now it is your chance to set the trend in this one-of-a-kind handmade choker"

Don't you just love the pink and black combination of this one. It is called, French Poodle.   
Robin uses the finest ribbons and vintage rhinestone buttons to create her unique pieces. Head over her artist page to see more! 

 - frame credit Holly McCaig

What You Make of It - Simple Ideas Series - Easy Art Project

If you need something to hang on your wall but can’t find or can’t afford “real” art, why not make your own?

I do it all the time, using scraps of wood (because I like to use up the scraps to keep them out of the landfill) or, if I don’t have any of those, pre-stretched, pre-primed canvasses that you can find at any art supply store.

Even if you can’t paint recognizable pictures, you can paint wood or canvas with a background colour you like.   You can leave it at that, or maybe make a grouping of your favourite colours. 

Or you can add a design.  I’ve always liked curlicues, for some reason, so I painted these four squares, added the swirls and call them my “Party Dress” series.

Barb_ArtProject copy


You could print inspiring words on your coloured background, or add a stripe of another colour.

The point is not to impress the neighbors, or try to do something worthy of gallery space.  You just want to brighten a dull corner, so have fun with it!

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.

Of course, there are many other vintage metal boxes and drawers that would work for this idea. Use your imagination and give life to something old and make new again!