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New Feature (Weekend Special) - It's Better To Give - Vintage Indie Readers Give Back

Have you been taught " it's better to give, than to receive"? I hope you've heard that once in your life , because it is so true and such a wonderful lesson to learn.  The gift of giving is something that can be done on a small or grand scale. Whether it's a courteous phone call to a friend, gas money to someone in need or recognition for hard work, no matter what you do you are changing someones life one thoughtful thing after another.

Many times here at Vintage Indie I receive emails from readers who offer a gift of giving in a way they may not know truly affects the recipient. Emails filled with ooos and ahhs over businesses, handmade creations, thoughtful writings and so much more. I thought it was time to start a new feature here on Vintage Indie called "Vintage Indie Readers Give Back".  We want to hear from you. Share with us an independent small business, artist, or creation that you think deserves recognition here on Vintage Indie. Be sure to include photos/links to the business  or person as well as Readers Giving Back in the subject line and we'll consider it for a feature. Most of the time submissions will remain anonymous.

The other day I received a wonderful email from a reader who wanted to share Susiea with you. 

PA140001 PA140002 

This shop is owned by the Sacramento, California based artist Shelly Ambrogio. She immediately caught my attention with her extraordinary journals and tags. Each journal is beautifully covered and lined with exquisite vintage papers, and then she begins to paste her fairy tales with every sort of evocative textural embellishment and pretty picture of a rouged cheek lady or a rosy cheek child that can lead you off on a journey to Paris Theatres of the 1890s,  Victorian gardens of 1910, or a even seaside cottage in the 1940's. 

PA140005 PA140003

She add stitches; and ribbons, laces, and buttons and bits that you just know are almost too dear for her to part with. With one look at these finely designed books I thought of a story to fill each one! I recently took a trip to Sacramento and arranged to meet with Shelly as we had become Etsy friends.

She graciously took me to her home studio which was just what I'd thought... a little haven full of paper heaven! Shelly sells her journals quite soon after they list. I for one am going to keep her in business!

Reader - Chrys K. from Chrystelle


Terri Conrad

so pretty - thank you for sharing. Off to see more of Susiea.


Lynn, Chambersburg, PA

First of all , giving back is a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing Susiea with us..and I am jealous that you got to see her home workshop, I am sure I would have drooled.
The Eclectic Diva


Thank you for introducing us to Susiea! Lovely artist and person.



Thank you to Chrystelle, Vintage Indie, for the nice feature! I am very honored. Also thank you to Terri, and Lynn, and Catherine for the lovely comments! I very much appreciate all of your kindness! Sincerely, Shelly Ambrogio


Thank you for sharing Susiea! Her books are beautiful! I couldn't begin to pick just one!

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