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What You Make of It - Charm Flower Brooch Tutorial

by Katie Trott  of Katie Jean

My sister Mary, who was living in North Dakota at the time, met up with me last year in Houston.  I was talking to her about some of the things that I make using vintage handkerchiefs and how I hate throwing away the scraps.  These are such pretty prints and such delicate fabrics and I can’t part with even the littlest bits.  And being the great quilter that she is, she gave me this idea and we drew up this wonderful pattern, using a cocktail napkin, while drinking margaritas.

These are simple instructions just using fabric squares.  The fabrics that I like to use are from a charm pack.  I love buying these (cost usually $8 - $9) because to me they are the best little samples of so many fabrics that I love.


1. Choose 4 coordinating fabric squares from your charm pack.  These measure 5” square.

2. Cut these on the diagonal.

3. Use a running stitch with a ¼” seam.

4. Pull thread to gather edges.  Tie thread ends together to make a knot at both ends.  This will keep the fabric gathered.  Clip extra thread ends.

5. Once all are gathered, arrange in a circular pattern as desired.

6. Cut out a small round of felt and using your needle and thread attach each petal to the circle of felt.

7. Next go through your button stash and find the perfect one to stitch down in the front center.

8. Cut out another felt circle.  This is where you will be sewing down your pin closure.

9. Once sewn down, glue to back of flower and let dry.

Now you are finished and ready to show off how fancy and crafty you are!



This is so fantastic! I'll be linking to this project!


Thanks for sharing this tutorial. :)


Perfect. Obviously I need to drink margaritas more often to get more creative!

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