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4 Steps to a Setting a Vintage Inspired Thankful Table by Jerusalem Greer


Personal Bits 1) Add Some Personal Bits:  In the movie You've Got Mail, the character Kathleen Kelly makes the great statement "Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal." Let that be true of your holiday table as well. Begin by taking a personal approach to your table setting.  Look around for the things that remind you of home in the truest sense of the word, things that bring you joy and comfort. This year do not worry about setting the cleverest table or the most chic table,  this Thanksgiving why not try to set the most personal table? The table that reflects you, your vintage style and this most personal holidays.


Color traditions

2) Think Outside the Orange Box: (Unless of course orange is your most personal color!) This Thanksgiving try bringing in textiles and colors that speak to your heart and mind. Bring together a mixture of fabrics that are "vintage" in age, texture, pattern or hue. Use an old quilt for your tablecloth, pillowcases folded in half as place mats, or mix and match vintage tea towels and use as napkins. By bringing in textiles from (or inspired by) the past you are showing an appreciation and gratefulness for all those who have come before you, those who perhaps also created their own personal Thanksgiving table.

The little things

3) Don't Forget the Little Things:
Even small details make a difference. Does your centerpiece need height? Place it on a stack of old books. Want to add a special touch for your guest? Go on a little thrift excursion to find small salt and pepper shakers to add to each place setting. In hustle and bustle of preparing for a holiday meal, sometimes the little things are the things that get missed or taken for granted the most. As you prepare your thankful table, try to think of all the little things that you are grateful for in your everyday life.

Memories 4) Create Memories: Taking time to create Thanksgiving memories can be easily overlooked because the holiday is very simply celebrated. Gather together. Eat. Be Merry. No gifts to exchange, no parties to attend. A simple holiday that should be cherished because the only thing really required is thankfulness.

To get the memory sharing going, pull out old family photos and scatter them around the table for guest to look at, enjoy and reminisce with. If you don't have a lot of old family photo's purchase some vintage photo's and have each guest make up a story to go with a photo of  their "lost" relative. Next year see if anyone can remember the stories! One final idea of memory making is this: At each place setting lay a small blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Make or purchase an simple "autograph" book and have each guest write 1 thing they are grateful for  and 1 wish in it.   Each Thanksgiving bring the autograph book back out and read the previous years entries.

Remember, however you set your vintage inspired thankful table this Thanksgiving, if you  begin by being personal it is sure to also be lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Featurebutton_03_2 Jerusalem Greer is a mom, a wife and a modern vintage gal just trying to live the artsy life. Full of love, laughter with a grateful heart, she enjoys creating beautiful spaces and goodies, which bring joy to all who encounter them.When she's not filling the role of "style and design editor" for Vintage Indie Mag, she is busy working in her studio at Storia Divita. Please visit her new website Jerusalem Greer and her Holiday Open House here.



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