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7 Random Things

Gabreial_Eyes I'm not usually one to get too personal online, but the holidays are around the corner and I thought it was time for you to get to know me just a little better. I was also considering myself "tagged" after reading Ez's 7 Random Things on Creature Comforts.I'll be back with Fab Five for Friday next week in case you are missing it.

So here goes...... in no particular order.

1. I'm extremely passionate about food, natural, local if I can get it and organic. Ever since I was little I dreamed of being a chef, actually a pastry chef. I surprised my parents with a full pork chop & cabbage dinner, complete with sides at the age of 10. I'm slightly obsessed or was obsessed with Food Network. I'm loving Emeril Green , as my favorite right now not on FN.

2. I met my wonderful, sweet, dare I say hot, hardworking husband online. We met purely because we share the same name. It had to have been God.We haven't been apart since we met. We are IN LOVE and work hard to keep it that way, it is give and give.

3. I'm very strong in my faith and love for Jesus Christ. If you ask me what religion I am, I won't tell you anything besides I follow the bible. Sorry if that's too simple, but I like simplicity. I'm also proud to recently have become a pastors daughter from both my mom and dad who are now ordained pastors of their own church.

4. My best friends are my family. We are tight knit around here and that's how I like it.

5. I love to play air guitar and drums in our "family band" Rocking out in the car with my boys is a highlight to any errands that I have to run.

6. I don't watch scary movies, mystery anything or killem' up shootem' up (as I call them). I can't handle the violence. I've been told I'm tender-hearted.

7. I'm not an artist in the least bit. I'm lucky to draw stick people. I'm proud of the only art trick I know, making a boy out of the word boy I got to "show off" once to each of my boys when they were three. I am so inspired by those who are crafty no matter what they make or do. 

Now it's your turn! Consider yourself tagged with 7 Random things about you.

Happy Saturday!



I love Jesus too!

One more "me too" :)


ok, I listed my 7 random things... though I don't sound half as exciting as many others!


Cool! I see we have some things in common. Btw, great blog! I've just found it and am having fun looking around.

Vintage Indie

Hi Robin!
Thanks for posting!


I was "tagged" last week. It is fun to get know people a little bit more! Thanks for sharing.

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