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Fab Five for Friday - "Black Friday" Special!

Black Friday

Are you up early getting ready to head out of the door at an unbelievable time of the morning.... just to catch a good sale? Well, keep those jammies on and pour you a cup of coffee and shop "Black Friday" specials without ever leaving your home!  Vintage Indie's Fab Five For Friday is here for a special edition for all of your shopping & savings needs!

Free Shipping Offers

  • Storia Home  - FREE SHIPPING until December 25th, for Vintage Indie Readers! (Enter Vintage Indie Free Shipping in notes to seller during checkout)

Savings Offers

  • MBeze - In addition to the current MBeze holiday specials, I'd like to offer shoppers an additional 15% off their entire order this weekend (Nov 28 - 30).  Enter promo code black and hit "Update Cart" to activate the discount.
  • Sweet Little 20% off everything in my shop this (black)Friday through Monday, December 1st. (My shop is in the boutique section of Vintage Indie Market.
  • FauxBrit13 25% off your entire order. convo (or click “Contact fauxbrit13” ) with purchase details. A revised invoice will be sent.

Vintage Indie Market

Click to Shop!

Vintage Indie Market - Holiday Edition is your source for shopping vintage, handmade and independent businesses for this holiday season. Exclusive discounts and specials for all shoppers.

A Day of Bliss...

J0422845 Hello loves,

Well, my intention today was to continue with features and posts sharing with you all of the wonderful things I enjoy, but alas a day of bliss took over. You know those days, the ones where you take two little boys to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving. (Turns out everyone else thought they would get lucky by going the day before because everyone else plans ahead right?)  Hum, not so much.

The parking is jam-packed. The boys decide they don't want to ride in the cart with the extra chariot attached, ( you know the one with the great turning radius that doesn't go anywhere you push it) Nope, they'd rather walk and let you chase them all over the store, while you shop for the butternut squash that has all been purchased (until you find the last two), it's getting better........ The littlest one finds the bakery full of fresh baked goods and cakes and decides to go for it and you dart off leaving your cart and your purse behind and just when you are about to break a sweat (mind you it is winter time) MiMi shows up to to save the day! (aren't moms the greatest).

Boy I love these days. I'm thankful for these days, the days full of life, full of family, full of joy, full of frustration, then more joy and then finally a little exhaustion. Do you know why I love these days? Well, it's simple really. For one, I'm alive, I'm kicking, breathing ,mothering, molding my children, nourishing, building my faith in God , loving, laughing, learning, dreaming and most of all I love these days because I'm ALIVE.

I'm thankful for life. As simple as a word that is, it sums up my gratitude of what and how I feel about this Thanksgiving. Everything that makes life what it is, is something to be Thankful for. No matter how hard or how tough things seem to be in this crazy world we live in, just remember there is someone out there who has it worse than you. So don't take life for granted, be thankful for what you have and keep pressing on towards the future, I know I am.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. We'll return with a special feature on Friday and then we are back in full swing Monday December 1st!

The Daily Swank - Thank You's - Whatever is Lovely

Giving thanks can be as simple as mailing a card, writing a personal note. It's often those little steps of caring that mean the most to your recipient. Today's Daily Swank are gorgeous ways to show that you care from Whatever is Lovely.

As I mentioned previously I'm not so crafty, so I search out shops like Whatever is Lovely to active my goals of tears, happiness, and joy.

I love this card " You're the Bee's Knees". The paper & color combo's are divine and I love the vintage image used.


I can think of a dozen people I could send this card to. "Thanks for letting me be my crazy self"

From the shop - This card is perfect for that friend who loves you no matter how crazy you are. It would be a fun way to say hello.


Thoughts of encouragement are often times just as important as a thank you.

Whatever is Lovely does a great job creating cards that portray real-life thoughts and feelings. You won't be disappointed with their selection.

Don't forget to check out their holiday tags while you are there, they are glittery goodness!

Tie One On Day: Interview with founder EllynAnne Geisel author of The Apron Book


A Special thank you to  EllynAnne Geisel author of The Apron Book & Apronisms for introducing us to your latest project Tie One On Day. We are thrilled with this concept and think this November, the month of giving thanks is a perfect time to Tie One On.

Where did your vision for Tie One On Day come from?

I was fairly astonished by the carrying on of those-with-more-than-most when Thanksgiving rolled around. For a holiday with thanks at its root, to hear complaining and all seemed wrong. Then, three years ago, I was beginning to prepare my own feast, when a neighbor, who'd experienced a bit of sadness, popped into my head. And I thought about how I could convey to her that she was on my mind and in my heart. So, I took one of the pies I'd already baked, wrapped it in a vintage apron, and slipped a personal note in the pocket; then I tied one on myself (an apron, of course!) and walked the bundle over. The look on her face...priceless.  When I returned to my house, walking in the front door, I was cognizant that I had a home in which to live and food to prepare for the friends who would gather at my table the next day. I realized then how incredibly fortunate I was. How immense was my personal bounty.

What do you hope to achieve during Tie One On Day? 

My hope is the realization that for each participant, there is a receiver, so each year hence, our numbers increase significantly. Sharing one's bounty is a win-win.
Is there a significance in the loaf of bread, used during Tie One On Day? Absolutely! Bread is made of common ingredients, and throughout its processing, it is aromatic, filling our senses even before our tummies. And what else, when sliced and slathered with butter, brings us such joy and comfort?

As a lover of vintage aprons I was thrilled to hear of your new book launch The Apron Book. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

The Apron Book, which published in fall of 2006 is in its sixth printing. It is a love story to a humble icon...a celebration if its significance to women historically and emotionally.

Be sure to follow Vintage Indie as we will be reviewing a few of EllynAnne's books in the near future.

In the mean time, Tie One On tomorrow November 26th.
Here's How:

TieOneOnDay#1_Wrap (Medium) 

In honor of National Tie One On Day, wrap a loaf of bread in an apron or nice tea towel to take to someone in need of spiritual or physical sustenance. 

TieOneOnDay#2_Write (Medium) 

Tuck a note or encouragement or prayer inside.

TieOneOnDay#3_Deliver (Medium)

EllynAnne Geisel, creator of Tie One On Day, says that no matter which way you turn out of your own front door, there's someone close by who deserves this thoughtful gesture.

What You Make of It - Dime Store Chic - Make a Lush Holiday Corsage By Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko

I love making these ribbon corsages! They remind me of back when one of my great aunts or grandmothers would wear this holiday "bling" on their coats!~~These corsages are delightfully over-the-top and really make a statement if worn on a jean jacket or tote. They are very easy to make and can be designed to suit any holiday or occasion. Here's how to make one...or dozens; it's up to you!

First gather some supplies:


You'll need four lengths of two different colors and/or textures of ribbon. I chose four seven inch length of 1-1/2 inch wide vintage gold and new pink grosgrain ribbons. Mix and match colors or you may chose to use one color. You'll also need four lengths of thinner ribbon (I chose gold and pink satin ribbons at 1/4 inch wide). What goes in the center of the corsage is up to you. If you can find them, aluminum light reflectors make great "trays" to hold the vintage and new bits and bobs for your corsage. Also gather flocked birds, millinery flowers,bits of tinsel, small ornaments, plastic flower beads, and anything else you can think of. It's your choice!

You'll also need needle and thread, glue (I like Scotch quick-dry adhesive because of the precision tip), scissors, a fabric scrap, iron-interfacing scrap, and a pin backing.

Here's the first step. This is easy. I promise...

Ribbon size and sewn

Sew right sides of your ribbon together with about a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn right side out.

Then, step two (see? I told you this is easy)...


Criss-cross the ribbons, hand sewing them together. I like to stitch them in pairs and then stitch the pairs together. Running stitches in a circle in the center of the ribbon loops make the loops stay together very well. Make sure the seams are in the center and not on the outside of the loops.

Then, on to step three...

Reflector On

Repeat the criss-crossing with the narrower ribbon, over lapping contrasting colors over the wider ribbon, and sew down near the center. Then take your aluminum reflector and sew it down--this puts it tighter against the ribbons than glue, but you make choose to glue the reflector down if you feel it will be secure. Instead of a reflector, you may make a "Yo-yo" of ribbon by making a running stitch along one side of a ribbon loop and gathering the ribbon until you have a circular ribbon Yo-yo.)

Now, step four, the really fun part!...


Glue, glue, glue you vintage bits and bobs down, layering millinery flowers, bits of tinsel, ornaments, a plastic flower, beads, and the bird. You may layer your items first in a small dish without gluing, of course, to get an idea of how to place them on your corsage. You'll not want to stop adding your items once you get started, and that's the hardest part, stopping. Just remember you can make another and another and...

The final step!...


Iron on a scrap of interfacing onto your fabric scrap. Cut out with decorative pinking or scalloped scissors. Sew on pin back  and make a little tag, because you are proud of your creation, I just know you are! Glue the backing down, allow it to dry completely, and then wear your creation with pride!

Featurebutton_05Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature - Martin Meyer Imports West

Meyer-V1-140u Have you noticed this sparkling new button on Vintage Indie? It is our newest sponsor Meyer Imports! Did someone say vintage glass glitter? Yes, they sure did!

Meyer Imports is a family owned business with tons of wonderful crafty supplies.


A great item for crafting, glitter of course! German Glass Glitter to be exact. Meyer Imports specializes in German Glass Glitter. They've even written a wonderful about page for their glass glitter, giving you all of the info on the best way to use and utilize your sparkling accessory. Stock up now with their Christmas Set including Silver, Red, Gold & Green!


They've also stocked up on great little items like these Christmas Elf ornaments.

"Our Christmas shop is full of rare items that came from Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin wall. Many of these items were produced by East German companies, from factories that no longer exist. You just will not find these German Christmas items anywhere else!"

Head over to Meyer Imports West today for their great selection! I can't wait to see what you make this holiday season!

Welcome Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko Vintage Indie's Newest Contributing Editor

Vintage Indie is excited to welcome Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko to the the Vintage Indie family. She'll be joining us a few of times a month when she shows us fun  " Dime Store Chic" creations. I hope you will help me in sending her a warm welcome. Her first project, that I think you will just love will be coming very soon!


Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

Monday News Week of November 24th - A Week of Thanksgiving

J0309568 Good Monday morning everyone!

I had a fantastic weekend. If you call being covered in paint fantastic. I'm super excited about the transformation going on in our home I can hardly wait. I was feeling a little slackerish after this post, so off I went and purchased our supplies. The ceiling is done and if my plan goes as correct we'll have new walls in no time. Don't you just love fresh paint? I was just telling my husband, often times people seem to get the winter blues around this time of year. I thought a painting project is just what they need. Take this time to freshen up your walls, give them a brighter color and feel better in your surroundings. You can do it!

Coming up here at Vintage Indie there will be another great giveaway, this time with artwork. Continuing all week - Being thankful in every day life is just as important than on Thanksgiving, this week I want to really highlight ways to show appreciation and your gratitude. Have you sent your letter for The Mother Letter? This is a simple and free way to show thanks to your mother, someone else's mother, or mothers who are strangers.

I hope you'll stay close by I also have another fun surprise for you, an addition to the Vintage Indie family.

Have a great week everyone! I'm so THANKFUL you'll be stopping by to read this week.

XOXO  - Gabreial

Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.
-- Author Unknown

7 Random Things

Gabreial_Eyes I'm not usually one to get too personal online, but the holidays are around the corner and I thought it was time for you to get to know me just a little better. I was also considering myself "tagged" after reading Ez's 7 Random Things on Creature Comforts.I'll be back with Fab Five for Friday next week in case you are missing it.

So here goes...... in no particular order.

1. I'm extremely passionate about food, natural, local if I can get it and organic. Ever since I was little I dreamed of being a chef, actually a pastry chef. I surprised my parents with a full pork chop & cabbage dinner, complete with sides at the age of 10. I'm slightly obsessed or was obsessed with Food Network. I'm loving Emeril Green , as my favorite right now not on FN.

2. I met my wonderful, sweet, dare I say hot, hardworking husband online. We met purely because we share the same name. It had to have been God.We haven't been apart since we met. We are IN LOVE and work hard to keep it that way, it is give and give.

3. I'm very strong in my faith and love for Jesus Christ. If you ask me what religion I am, I won't tell you anything besides I follow the bible. Sorry if that's too simple, but I like simplicity. I'm also proud to recently have become a pastors daughter from both my mom and dad who are now ordained pastors of their own church.

4. My best friends are my family. We are tight knit around here and that's how I like it.

5. I love to play air guitar and drums in our "family band" Rocking out in the car with my boys is a highlight to any errands that I have to run.

6. I don't watch scary movies, mystery anything or killem' up shootem' up (as I call them). I can't handle the violence. I've been told I'm tender-hearted.

7. I'm not an artist in the least bit. I'm lucky to draw stick people. I'm proud of the only art trick I know, making a boy out of the word boy I got to "show off" once to each of my boys when they were three. I am so inspired by those who are crafty no matter what they make or do. 

Now it's your turn! Consider yourself tagged with 7 Random things about you.

Happy Saturday!

Dear Mother.... Will You Write a Letter?

J0438525 This on-line world that we "live" in never ever ceases to amaze me. Among the muck, there are hundreds upon thousands of wonderful strangers pulling together to do amazing, wonderful things for each other and for the world we live in. Today I'm talking about The Mother Letter Project. Have you heard of it? I first learned of this from a blog I frequent Rocks in My Dryer.

My husband and I often skip giving each other gifts for various reasons. Our favorite is to give, make Christmas special for others. That's what is important to us. I'm excited about this project and I hope you'll read more and encourage your friends and family to get involved.

The Back Story can be found here and anonymously by this husband who well, is remaining anonymous for a reason. (Read the back story for that info)

In short here is what he says;
Simply stated, I am collecting a series of “open letters” from mothers, to mothers. Share your stories—no matter how raw or difficult. Share you concerns—no matter how foolish they may seem. Share your wisdom—no matter how you came by it. Share your mother story. The only request? Start the letter “Dear Mother” and sign it. I will compile all of the letters in a Christmas book for my wife.

So what are you waiting for go to The Mother Letter Project to find out more.

I'm writing are you?

Dear Mother......

4 Steps to a Setting a Vintage Inspired Thankful Table by Jerusalem Greer


Personal Bits 1) Add Some Personal Bits:  In the movie You've Got Mail, the character Kathleen Kelly makes the great statement "Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal." Let that be true of your holiday table as well. Begin by taking a personal approach to your table setting.  Look around for the things that remind you of home in the truest sense of the word, things that bring you joy and comfort. This year do not worry about setting the cleverest table or the most chic table,  this Thanksgiving why not try to set the most personal table? The table that reflects you, your vintage style and this most personal holidays.


Color traditions

2) Think Outside the Orange Box: (Unless of course orange is your most personal color!) This Thanksgiving try bringing in textiles and colors that speak to your heart and mind. Bring together a mixture of fabrics that are "vintage" in age, texture, pattern or hue. Use an old quilt for your tablecloth, pillowcases folded in half as place mats, or mix and match vintage tea towels and use as napkins. By bringing in textiles from (or inspired by) the past you are showing an appreciation and gratefulness for all those who have come before you, those who perhaps also created their own personal Thanksgiving table.

The little things

3) Don't Forget the Little Things:
Even small details make a difference. Does your centerpiece need height? Place it on a stack of old books. Want to add a special touch for your guest? Go on a little thrift excursion to find small salt and pepper shakers to add to each place setting. In hustle and bustle of preparing for a holiday meal, sometimes the little things are the things that get missed or taken for granted the most. As you prepare your thankful table, try to think of all the little things that you are grateful for in your everyday life.

Memories 4) Create Memories: Taking time to create Thanksgiving memories can be easily overlooked because the holiday is very simply celebrated. Gather together. Eat. Be Merry. No gifts to exchange, no parties to attend. A simple holiday that should be cherished because the only thing really required is thankfulness.

To get the memory sharing going, pull out old family photos and scatter them around the table for guest to look at, enjoy and reminisce with. If you don't have a lot of old family photo's purchase some vintage photo's and have each guest make up a story to go with a photo of  their "lost" relative. Next year see if anyone can remember the stories! One final idea of memory making is this: At each place setting lay a small blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Make or purchase an simple "autograph" book and have each guest write 1 thing they are grateful for  and 1 wish in it.   Each Thanksgiving bring the autograph book back out and read the previous years entries.

Remember, however you set your vintage inspired thankful table this Thanksgiving, if you  begin by being personal it is sure to also be lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Featurebutton_03_2 Jerusalem Greer is a mom, a wife and a modern vintage gal just trying to live the artsy life. Full of love, laughter with a grateful heart, she enjoys creating beautiful spaces and goodies, which bring joy to all who encounter them.When she's not filling the role of "style and design editor" for Vintage Indie Mag, she is busy working in her studio at Storia Divita. Please visit her new website Jerusalem Greer and her Holiday Open House here.

Vintage Map... and The Daily Swank

I am biting at the bit to paint. I can hardly stand it... I've been having dreams and visions, while purchasing vintage finds here and there to go with my freshly painted walls. The color, well fittingly enough it is called Vintage Map.. and no just in case you are wondering I didn't choose it for the name, I didn't even know what the name was until I brought it home. My husband and I both got a good chuckle out of it. Anyway, I'm lacking motivation to paint... more on that later.

Looking at artwork and hunting for the perfect vintage accessories has been more fun. I'm really digging red right now. Today's Daily Swank are my picks for red from Michelle Brusegaard.

TheTinyCouch_MichelleBrusegaard ClothNapkins_RedPoppies
JerseyScarf TheReddestDress

Top Left Tiny Couch and Vintage Wallpaper Print. Top Right  Cloth Napkins Red Poppies.
Bottom Left Jersey Scarf in Cream with Red Wallpaper motif. Bottom Right The Reddest Dress signed Digital Print.  Love them? Head over to Michell Brusegaard on Etsy to see a whole lot more.

VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature Serendipity Treasures - Holiday Cocktails!

SerendipityPlease help Vintage Indie in welcoming Serendipity Treasures back as a sponsor this month on Vintage Indie.

A fun and eclectic shop from Etsy, you never know what you'll find. Today we've scoured and scored with all the things you need for a vintage cocktail party!


A retro cocktail shaker with recipes is the perfect start to a cocktail party. Complete with a screw top lid and strainer, now all it needs is your shaking!

Il_430xN.45604149 Do you know how to make an Old Fashioned? How about a classic martini? Go old school with this 1966 Mr. Boston De Luxe Bartenders Guide.

Head over to Serendipity Treasures for a vintage ice bucket to seal the deal and various other fun vintage goodies.

Vintage Pulse News - Introducing our New Resource Center & Resource Team

Have you joined Vintage Pulse? It's free for everyone,Vintage Pulse is the sister site to Vintage Indie, dedicated to connecting vintage enthusiasts all over the globe. Engage in community resources for buying, selling, collecting and enjoying vintage,including handcrafted with vintage materials.

Our sister site and community Vintage Pulse is excited to be announcing our Resource Center and a couple of valuable additions. We are happy to welcome Starr Keller as our Resource Center's Team Leader. Starr comes to us with great knowledge and experience in the antique, collectibles and vintage field. She currently serves as the editor of the Auction Exchange and Collectors News,  and works as an associate editor to the leading antique trade publication, AntiqueWeek.
Starr Keller
I am delighted to become a part of Vintage Pulse, and I look forward to the bits of information that we can share amongst ourselves. In addition to wearing an editor's cap, I am a true vintage junkie - I love the thrill of the hunt for good finds, and I always appreciate working them into my busy lifestyle. My jewelry business, Starr Strung, has really grown this past year to incorporate many more vintage findings, and I am gravitating more and more towards circa 1930s through the 1970s. There are so many good pieces out there! I also like to keep track of my treasure hunts, the progression of Starr Strung and the resources I use to keep my business unique at my blog:
  - Starr Keller

Walt KolendaVintage Pulse would also like to welcome Contributing Field Expert Walt Kolenda to our Resource Center.

I'm a Yankee auctioneer, licensed in MA. I've been selling and writing online for about 10 years now.I have an online radio show The Auction Wally Show, and have created a unique web presence by helping those in the collectibles, antiques and auction arena get their geek on. 
 - Walt Kolenda

The Resource Center is your place to ask questions for all of your vintage, antiques and collectibles needs. If our resource team can't answer your question specifically we hope to give you a few handy resources for researching this out on your own.

Are you an expert in the vintage, antiques or collectibles field? Let us know, we are taking submissions for consideration to join our team. Email Us Here Subject Field Expert.

The Daily Swank - Sprout Studio - A New Collection is Brewing

I have a weak spot for vintage... (if you didn't notice). I'd like to introduce you to Sprout Studio as today's Daily Swank. I think I may have a new collection brewing. I love these handmade with vintage bobbies. 

SproutStudio_VintageBobbyPinsDaisyPerks SproutStudio_VintageBobbies
SproutStudio_VintageBobbiesBlack SproutStudio_VintageBobbiesDaisyPop
If you are anything like me and have those darn bangs.... You know the ones, that are in that first stage of being cut need a place to go when you are working so you can see what you are doing. These would be a perfect solution. Not only that but I'm not huge on jewelry every day so a touch of color in my hair would be  perfect for short trips and everyday wear. They offer a lovely selection of bobbies complete with vintage buttons, beads, cameo's and more. Head to Sprout Studio and go see for yourself and get FREE Shipping while you are there! (see shop for details) Good times!

Vintage Indie Market - Business Spotlight!

Vintage Indie Market -  is your number one source for shopping vintage, handmade and independent businesses. This market, the Holiday Edition will run from November 1st to December 31st. For the next two months you can shop at "market street" for vintage, handmade and independent goods all while receiving exclusive discounts.


Click to shop Barbe Saint John

Accessories Shoppes - Barbe Saint John

I am a San Francisco based mixed media jewelry artist, working with forgotten, found and repurposed materials. I love to take broken, discarded, rusted, and all manner of things considered worthless and turn them into wearable works of art.  Each tiny piece has a fragment of a story and a hint of a secret that longs to be revealed. Combined together they come to life with a story and energy all their own.  Modern pieces with a vintage appeal and each a one of a kind piece of art.

Click to shop!

Welcome to my little corner of rare vintage treasuries from Europe and ex-Soviet Union. I offer not only antiquarian cards, postcards and photos but also dresses, shoes, scarfs, kerchiefs, purses and more for affordable prices. If you like things with history, with their own stories and memories you are in a right place.

Click to Shop La Femme Rose!

Boutiques - La Femme Rose

"Art Nouveau" is our style...vintage is our quest. Precise care is given in the creation of these beautiful heirloom pieces. Elegant hand painted works to beautify your home and add to your collections. Designs are the original creations of "Teriann" our resident artist and are held in a limited quantity guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind ownership.

Click to shop!

Vintage & Indie Clothing
- Lone Star Vintage Clothing

Lone Star Vintage Clothing specializes in women's vintage clothing and accessories from the androgynous 20s right through to the high-flying 80s. We stock vintage day dresses and glorious evening wear alongside vintage suits, separates, lingerie and vintage children's apparel too. 

Click to Shop Storia Home!

Holiday Shoppes - Storia Home
 Visit Storia HOME for vintage inspired fancifuls for the holidays.
Featuring handmade banner garlands, gift cones, party crowns and other fanciful delights,  each creation is handmade by Jerusalem Greer.

Click to shop Leslie Janson!

House & Home - Leslie Janson

I'm inspired by the humble quality, texture and humor of vintage textiles.  My sewn goods are inspired by vintage salt and sugar bags, hankies, grain sacks, pennants, tea towels, napkins, doilies, dresser scarves and even the occasional bowtie and Christmas stocking! 

Visit the Vintage Indie Market today for even more great categories and special offers!


VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature - Wanderlust & Pixie Dust

Click to Shop Wanderlust & Pixie Dust! Vintage Indie would like to welcome Wanderlust & Pixie Dust as another one of our wonderful sponsors this month.

A shop after my own heart, they have a love for antique and vintage everything!


Not only can you find lovely craft supplies like glitters, vintage bias tape, book wax seals and more but you can find wonderful artwork by the owner as well.

This is from her handmade collection. An altered Pretty Lady in Vintage Gold Frame with Roses and Silver Glass Glitter.


I also love fun vintage finds like this Vintage Pink Big Girl Sized Bib, for protecting your clothing from hairspray.

What a clever idea and  great find. You can find more great vintage clothing including shoes at Wanderlust & Pixie Dust! Head over there today to see more.

What You Make of It - Simple Ideas Series - Re-Use & Reduce Kitchen Project!

Here's a quick and easy storage project for your kitchen.

Simple Ideas Series
Looking around my local ReUse centre - my source for the funkiest vintage items - I found this old fridge shelf.  My kitchen needed a shelf and some hanging storage.  I flipped the shelf upside down and attached it securely to the wall.  S-hooks keep my utensils out in the open and easy to grab. 
Quick, easy and wonderfully cheap!

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.

Business Series Part 5 - Taking Your Business on the Road - Shows, Special Events & More

Starting your own business can seem like a daunting task, but what about taking your business on the road? Does the thought of this scare you back into your office? Well if so, we are here to help. Have you ever thought about taking your business on the road to places like The Farm Chicks Antique Show or the Bust Holiday Craftacular?

We've been working with small business owner Pamela Anthony of Beehind Thyme to give us an insiders look at taking your business on the road. She recently took her business on the road and has graciously shared with us her expertise and help. (Click images to enlarge)
(Beehind Thyme Display)

Can you tell us what you do to prepare for taking your business on the road.

 First of all, if you are fortunate enough to know a party that attends the show or actually has sold at the show, start by asking them questions such as; How is the crowd? What was their best seller, style wise? How where the sales? All of this helps in determining whether you are interested in participating.

 Then inquire with the individual that is in charge of organizing the show, usually is months in advance… so be searching ahead of time to be able to get in, get juried (if required) & to get your stock up to par for a show, especially if it is a 2 day one, for restocking. Ask about how they advertise & the amount of advertising they do, to see if pride is taken in the event. Normally if show has been in affect for awhile there is a round-about head count of attendance. Next, getting all the information on day, time & place… there is a time that is designated for set-up, you need to know this & make sure that you & party in charge are prompt on this, very important. Usually you are assigned a booth location, if available before show date, stress to the individual over the show it would be helpful to get that information & any other needed like is there electricity available, etc. 

 As a brick & mortar shop owner, I have to make preparation for the duty that is being left behind, whether that be scheduling someone to stay at the shop or would it be better to close the doors, if so; a sign with returning hours is good.  

What are some important items to remember to pack for a business road trip?

 Well, I start making my list weeks ahead, knowing if I don’t there will be something forgotten. Just as I think of things, I jot them down. My mind is racing & as time is running out, you get a little careless, and not to say… rushed. I have been known to write on my hand until I get to my list… Here are a few that you will find jotted down: receipt books, business cards, brochures, any advertising material that you may have for an up-coming event or gathering, tissue paper for wrapping, bags, cloth/material for covering boxes/crates when building up displays, etc. Now for set-up: cordless drill, screws, hammer, nails, glue gun/glue sticks, my paints & brushes… and something I always seem to leave behind… chair/stool for sitting in when needing a break.

 Now… my husband always has his list of things to pack… battery charger, tools, cables, flashlight, ropes/bungee cords, etc  

How much time do you allow getting everything ready to go?

 A least 2 days ~ 1 day to make a visual of what I will be taking, sometimes that includes actually drawing on paper how I want my layout to look like or do I have a theme. Second day we begin to load the truck & trailer. 
(This is the beginning of loading our trailer We start with the large items filling every hole and crannies. Pictured : Old Original Goat Cart.)

When you arrive at the show location what is to be expected of you?

 First off, we normally register; get badges, signs & location of our booth. I like to meet & greet old & new friends that are vendors while I find my way to the spot we will be spending the next few days.

 We then find the nearest entrance to unload. Of course, the furniture & all the big pieces come off the trailer first. After unloading, it is very kind & polite of you to pull your vehicle to a parking spot or a least give room for someone else to unload, “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you”. Now is the time I start working my displays.
(Loaded and ready to hit the road. 2.5 hour drive to our destination)

Can you share with us a little about setting up, the time involved?

 Wow!!! This is the time that I get a wrench, tighten feeling in my stomach, no matter how many times… it is still there, probably due to the fact, I want the displays looking there best, I really fret about it. It normally takes me around… 4-5 hours for a 12 x 12 size booth to really do what I feel comfortable with for the customers.
(Arrived at the show. Larger pieces are unloaded first)

Is this an overnight multiple day show? If so, how do you prepare and plan for accommodations?

 Yes, this is a 2 day show, with us leaving out the day before, making it 3 days for us being gone. Of course, finding hotel accommodations ahead of time is the very smart thing to do. But with this show, we didn’t & we were blessed to find one about 10 minutes from the show location. I highly recommend that you do make reservations, a lot of times there are so many events going on in larger cities that hotels are filled.

 There is light packing when it comes to your personal needs. All the room is taken with merchandise & treasures, so we pack the bare necessities. It is needful to bring a cooler along for those days when it will be hard to get away from your booth & customers.
(Our space before organizing and completing set up)

Any advice you can give to businesses thinking of taking their business on the road for shows?

 Plan ~ do your planning, especially when going a distance. It is hard to turn back when you are on a strict schedule & time waits for no one.

 I say… go for it! It is an awesome tool for marketing your item or items & promoting your business. After EVERY show I have done… I always came back pumped up & excited about what is happening at Beehind Thyme.
(Everything is complete, we had pleanty of room and didn't bring our walls)

A Special thank you to Pamela and her husband for sharing this insiders look at taking your business on the road. Please take a moment to visit Beehind Thyme
Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares

353 Lone Valley Rd

Campbellsville, KY 42718

270-789-3143 / 270-469-0026

Web Site coming soon!
Shop & Garden Hours: Tuesday thru Friday 10am-5pm EST / Saturday 10am-4pm EST… Open by appointment OR by chance at other thymes.

Monday News Week of November 17th!

Good morning everyone and welcome to Vintage Indie.

It's been an exciting morning around here. I switched things up a little publishing this week's giveaway first this Monday morning so be sure to enter!

This weekend was a blast, my favorite kind of weekend spending time with family, reading, baking cake & cupcakes. I hope this serves as a little reminder that its the small things in life that mean the most. Give attention to those and the rest will come. Going back to our roots of family and our history is more important today than ever. I think we've lost sight on all of these things which should be the foundation of every day life. I'm reading a great book that I've only just begun but I think it's already having an impact on me. Keeping Your Family Strong in a World Gone Wrong. It may not be your style of book, but I think it's worth shot just as a reminder of what family values really mean to you.

This week I'll be highlighting things that I'm thankful for and I'll ask you to participate later on. I hope you'll enjoy me again this week on Vintage Indie when we support family style, small business owners and those making the best out of life with their handmade creations and their love for vintage.

Have a great week! Newsletter coming soon this week, be sure your signed up!

XOXO Gabreial

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Art Category
Alicia C. Photography provides unique and elegant imagery with exceptionally affordable rates. Alicia enjoys working with candy colors or darker gothic themes for modeling and fashion portfolios. However, she offers traditional photography as well for clients who are interested in conventional imagery. Fine art prints are also available for purchase upon request.

Gina From Boutiques

Lilly*s of London*ish is an eclectic mix of jewelry, paper crafts, collage, assemblage, crochet and other goodies, perfect for your gift-giving needs. Whether it is a gift to yourself (always fun!) or for someone else, you can choose from French-themed goodies, like Marie Antoinette assemblages or gift tags, bracelets and earrings with vintage beads and much more. Items are always changing.

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The Daily Swank - You had me at h..

You had me at hat, is today's Daily Swank. You may not know this but I love hats. My husband seems to think I look good in them accept I can't find anything around here I liked until yesterday. I spotted these perfect little hats over at Etsy from Piper & Paisley.


If I could I would have one in every color and pattern. I love this one though, almost my top favorite the Gerttie. They say if you want to be warm then you want Gerttie on your head.

Ok, ok I couldn't just choose one. I'm also hearting this one called Gillian .

If you are looking for even more styles head over to Piper and Paisley today.

(Honey, If you are reading this, I want one of each)!